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Ruger Talon Part 1 – Aesthetics and Basic Function

.177 breakbarrel airgun with suppressor and lightweight composite stock
Ruger Talon .177 Caliber

Ruger Talon .177 Caliber pellet rifle, imported by Umarex USA

So far 2013 has been a great year for airgunners. There are so many new products hitting the market that its easy to lose track. Umarex USA has certainly hit the ground running releasing several new airguns filled with new features. The new Ruger Talon is one of these new products. Some of the new key features are the new SilencAIR suppressor and Weaver scope rail. So lets go ahead and take a look at the TheRuger Talon from Umarex USA.

The Outside

The Ruger Talon takes the reliable Ruger Air Hawk to the next level and then some. Lets start with the new ambidextrous stock. It feels incredibly well-built and theres no hollow sound during the shooting cycle. Theres very aggressive checkering on the grip and forearm that seems to almost grab your hand and is one of the first things noticed by anyone that picks it up.

The rifle ships with front and rear fiber optic sights, which is not new for this product line. What is new is what resides under the front site which is the new SilencAIR Suppressor system. This new suppressor really reduces shot noise and is a great addition to this platform. As a quick caution, youll want to pay attention to the front fiber optic component, theres no cover so any bump or mistake in the field could lead to a broken front sight. The rear sight is micro-click adjustable for windage and elevation.

Ruger Talon Scope Rail and 4x32 Scope

Ruger Talon Scope Rail and 4×32 Scope

Also new is the integrated Weaver rail. This is something that all airgun manufacturers should embrace immediately. Scope slippage is a known problem on spring airguns and utilizing a Weaver rail eliminates this problem once and for all.

Umarex USA bundles a 4×32 scope with this rifle. If there is a weak point in this package its right here. Theres noticeable distortion and you can watch the crosshairs dance around the target depending on your eye position. This greatly limits the accuracy of this rifle. Definitely consider upgrading the optic at the time of purchase.

TheRuger Talon continues to use the same trigger system found in the old Ruger Air Hawk, which is modeled after the old RWS T05 trigger. The first stage can be a little springy and the second stage can be a little spongy. Fortunately, theres an adjustment that allows you to adjust the second stage. Once adjusted it pulls cleanly at 3 lbs. 10 oz. Umarex USA held on to the same automatic safety located at the rear of the receiver which engages when you cock the rifle. Its not unduly inconvenient and its placed where both lefties and righties should have easy access.

Basic Operation

TheRuger Talon is a break barrel airgun that incorporates a traditional metal spring for the power plant. The cocking stroke is very smooth and the shooting cycle is even smoother. In fact, my test rifle was so nice, that I contacted Umarex USA to make sure that it was a spring gun and not a gas piston. Sure enough it is a traditional metal spring.

Being a single shot, breakbarrel airgun, the process is fairly simple. Here are the basic steps to load and fire the rifle.


Cocking the Ruger Talon .177 Air Rifle

First cock the gun by pulling down on the barrel until it locks into place. This will cock the gun and engage the automatic safety. When beginning the cocking stroke, the barrel may be hard to open. Dont smack the top of the muzzle on the suppressor, rather grab the barrel where the suppressor and the barrel meet. This will prevent any misalignment of the suppressor due to improper use.


Loading the Ruger Talon Airgun

Next load the pellet into the breach. Always be sure to secure the barrel with your off hand while you are loading the pellet into the breach. The rifle has an anti-beartrap mechanism, but safety is always most important. Once youve inserted the pellet, go ahead and close the barrel.


Release the Ruger Talon Safety

To fire, aim the gun at your desired target and release the safety.


Fire the Ruger Talon .177 airgun

When you are ready to fire, gently squeeze the trigger.

Although it uses a traditional metal spring, the cocking and shooting cycle of theRuger Talon is very smooth. Despite the quick and smooth shooting cycle, the rifle seems to be fairly hold sensitive and the bundled scope certainly makes consistent accuracy more difficult than it ought to be. Proper use of the artillery hold, along with a lot of practice, is going to be critical.

This wraps up Part 1 of this review. In Part 2 well look at performance and accuracy. Well also take a look at just how important it is to learn to have a consistent hold and trigger control.

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