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SHOT SHOW 2014 – Day 3 – Umarex Fuel and Action Pistols

Umarex Moves ahead in the Action Pistol Category

I was able to squeeze in a little time this morning over at the Umarex Booth. These guys are not only a bunch of fun, they are passionate about airguns. While last year they really pulled out all the stops with their new line of breakbarrels, this year its all about Action Pistols.

Whats an action pistol???

The term Action Pistol was new for me today. I may have heard it before but Id never really put two and two together until now. An Action Pistol is a bb or airsoft pistol that tries to mimic, as closely as practical, the weight, feel, and function of a true to life firearm. I mentioned a couple of these in my article about American Airgunners trip to my studio. I found out today that those were only a couple of the new guns that are coming out in 2014.

Who doesnt love the old 1911

WWII 1911 Commemorative Limited Edition Pistol

WWII 1911 Commemorative Limited Edition Pistol

The 1911 is one of the most beloved pistols of the modern day. The fact that the same basic design is still practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing over 100 years later, speaks to why its truly a legend. The first 1911 variant I saw was the 1911 Commander. This is one decked out 1911 for sure. Great all metal feel and weight with everything to spec. This is truly great 1911 replica that I personally cant wait to get my hand on.

The second variant was the special limited edition (only 500 made!) WWII commemorative 1911. This pistol is a beauty. Its also all metal and true to 1911 specs and features, but its been carefully aged to look like an heirloom piece of history, right down to the worn wooded grips.

For those that are interested in something a bit more modern, Umarex is releasing the PPS. This is very true to the very popular conceal carry favorite from Walther. Ive had a chance to spend some time with this airgun and its a dream to shoot. I would imagine that this will become a great training tool for those that prefer smaller frame handguns. It is very comfortable in the hand, shoots true, and gives a great crisp feedback from the metal blowback slide. Keep your eye out for this one for sure.

What about a new rifle you say???

Umarex did not want to be the only one at the playground without a new rifle, so theyve pulled out the stops with the new Fuel. The Fuel is a breakbarrel airgun that comes ready to play. Lets look at some of the features that Umrex used to “fuel” the Fuel. First, youve got an all new thumbhole stock. While that in itself may not be all that new, what is NEW is the integrated bi-pod. There are so many people that want to add a bi-pod to their spring gun. Most try and add one to the barrel which just does NOT work with springers. Now the proof will be in the pudding, but Im told that this new bi-pod system is going to really help shooters get more accuracy out of their airgun. The powerplant on the Fuel is the Reaxis Gas Piston system that pioneered the reversed ram position with the compression part of the gas ram riding along with the piston. This delivers more energy and less friction. The Fuel will also incorporate the SilencAir airgun suppressor, an adjustable 2 stage trigger, and a 3-9×32 scope thats easily mounted to a Picatinny scope rail. Expect to see the Fuel available sometime late May. Right now the Fuel is only going to be available in .177, but I hope we can convince them to release a .22 version down the road.

New Umarex Fuel .177 "sniper" airgun!

New Umarex Fuel .177 “sniper” airgun!

Wrapping up Day 3

Well this wraps up Day 3 of the SHOT SHOW. For the final article Ill focus on a variety of products and accessories that Im sure you all will enjoy. For now, thank you for hanging with me here at SHOT 2014.

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