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The Benjamin Trail NP2 .22 Synthetic – Part 2

Getting ready for some bench work...

Before you can really do a proper review of an airgun, you need to be certain that you are through the prerequisite break-in period. That will be shorter for some and longer for others. Generally speaking, gas ram driven airguns tend to need less time than their metal spring powered cousins, so I’m not expecting to have to spend too much time “fix’n to get ready” to really see this NP2 come into its own.

Trail NP2 .22 Cal Synthetic

Trail NP2 .22 Cal Synthetic

Really nice trigger…

Perhaps the strangest comment that I can make, and one that I thought I would never make about a Crosman/Benjamin break barrel, is that it has a really nice trigger. The pull weight is not adjustable. Mine came in at exactly 5 pounds. Now, before you get concerned about how I could claim it’s a great trigger and have a 5 pound pull weight, let me tell you the rest of the story.

New Trail NP2 Trigger - in a word: Awesome...

New Trail NP2 Trigger – in a word: Awesome…

The issue that’s plagued Crosman / Benjamin break barrels in the past was the very long, heavy, and rough 2nd stage. That is ALL gone with the NP2. The first stage is a bit stiff, but the 2nd stage has ZERO creep. I mean none. There may be 5 pounds of pull getting to the 2nd stage break, but then all you need is a whisper of additional force to continue the shot. This is such a dramatic difference from anything I’ve ever tested in a gas ram or spring gun from Crosman. Their Remington NPSS trigger was better than the standard trigger, but the NP2 trigger is much better than the NPSS from years ago.

Back to the adjustments…

Like I mentioned above, the trigger tension is NOT adjustable. The position of the 2nd stage break is adjustable. You can go from a long 1st stage to no first stage. I started with the trigger screw all the way in and adjusted outwards 1/2 turn at a time. Fully bottomed out there was little to no first stage and a heavy 2nd stage break. That’s not what you want. At 1 1/2 turns there was a substantial first stage take up and then a pretty crisp 2nd stage break. I gave it one more 1/2 turn and found my happy place. There’s a very substantial 1st stage, but then there’s basically a hair trigger pull to complete the shot. That’s just the way I like it. Continuing past that point started to create a situation where there was no first stage and it just started creating more and more creep in the 2nd stage. So, if you like a discernible 1st stage and crisp 2nd stage, look at about 1 1/2 to 3, counter clockwise rotations of the trigger screw from fully bottomed out, to find your optimal trigger setting.

NP2 Trigger Adjustment

NP2 Trigger Adjustment

Please remember to only adjust your trigger in a safe environment and pay very close attention to where your muzzle is pointed at all time. Something we should all do anyway! I did not encounter an over-adjustment situation that caused any safety issues, but you never want to take that chance. Also, and this is very clearly stated in the paperwork, NEVER DRY FIRE the NP2. You will immediately void the warranty. When you are setting your trigger, be sure to always put in a pellet and safely discharge the rifle.

Initial shootability…

Shootability is a term that I use and it always comes up as an error in my spell check. I’m not sure where I heard it, but it basically speaks to how easy and enjoyable a product is to shoot. The Synthetic NP2 is average on the shootability scale. The synthetic stock in noticeably hollow. There’s also a very distinct “ring” sound when the gun is fired. The recoil is far more than I expected, especially given how the new NP2 technology was promoted. I hope to test the wood stock version at some point as it may be that the wood stock, being far denser than hollow synthetic, will absorb those negative shooting characteristics. With all that said, the rifle is very light, easy to cock, and easy to handle. As with anything, there will be a give and take.

NP2 - Second Gen Nitro Piston

NP2 – Second Gen Nitro Piston

Scope is on target…

Here’s another phrase that I was not expecting to say: “The bundled scope does a really good job, even at close range.” I was not enthusiastic about the NON-AO scope that Crosman decided to bundle with the NP2, but I have to give my hats off to the optics designers on this one. I’m able to get a nice clear sight picture at 10 yards with up to 7+ power magnification. In the past, anything above 3 or 4, would have been too blurry to use.

Center Point 3-9x32 - Bundled Optic Done Right

Center Point 3-9×32 – Bundled Optic Done Right

Wrapping up Part 2

My look at the NP2 has been a roller coaster so far. My initial rifle was damaged in shipping. I was not sure how this replacement was going to be when I first opened it up. Initial testing has some major thrills and a few spills. So far, the thrills outweigh the spills. Next I’ll settle in for some pellet testing and then it will be off to the range. Keep an eye on the blog for part 3!

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