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Adjusted .25 Marauder and a windy day on the range.

I love it when a plan... well you know...

I know I left you all hanging with the last article and frankly that’s part of the fun of writing these blog posts. In this part 2 we’ll take a look at how our newly adjusted .25 cal Synthetic Marauder did on the range. My hope was to be able to stretch things out to 50 yards. But, I had some serious cross breezes going when I got out to the desert so I brought it in a bit to 40 yards.

Marauder Shooting on the range

Shooting the Marauder out in the Desert

Here’s the plan

The basic plan was to adjust our .25 cal Marauder to flatten out the shot curve and to give us more usable shots. In the end our extreme spread went from nearly 100 fps across 16 shots, down to 20.8 fps over 16 shots. That a MAJOR improvement. Now well see if the JSB Pellets are still going to shoot true for us at a slightly lower velocity.

Here are the parameters for this test. I’m going to top off the Marauder using our Air Venturi Fill bottle and then shoot 4, 5 shot groups at 40 yards. Im not going to top off the Marauder between groups because the whole point here is to see how it will perform across a typical day of hunting. I think 20 shots is very respectable out of a .25 cal PCP, so that’s our mark.

Video speaks volumes

Rather than put up some static images, I thought I’d interject a bit of video into our blog post. Here are the 4 groups shown in real time. I’ve not edited out the “dead air” between each shot because I wanted to keep this a literal as possible. As I mentioned in the title, the wind was really blowing. The first group fell a bit right of the bull. I took a guess and adjusted the point of impact for the next 3 shot groups.

Group 1 – shots 1-5 @ 40 yards – .526″ CTC

Group 2 – Shots 6-10 @ 40 yards – .648″ CTC

Group 3 – Shots 11-15 @ 40 yards – .966″ CTC

Group 4 – Shots 16-20 @ 40 yards – .895″ CTC

As you can see from those groups, I think we’ve got our Marauder performing right where we want her to be. Now, be sure to take a look at the “Part 2″ video on this gun as well. We got a little better conditions and were able to stretch things to 50 yards. Are you curious how we did across 2 8 shot magazines? Be sure to watch the video and find out!

Do you have; questions, comments, suggestions? Use the comment section below and let know what you are thinking. Don’t be shy! We want to hear from you.

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