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Benjamin Marauder, Synthetic

Available in 0.1770.220.250.1770.220.25Ambidextrous, All-Weather Stock With Adjustable Comb
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Benjamin Marauder Premium Combo, Synthetic
Benjamin Marauder Premium Combo, Synthetic
Includes a Benjamin Sling and Centerpoint 4-16x40 AO Scope
How do you make a great gun even better? You listen to the customers and do what they asked! In this case, that's adding a synthetic stock to one of the most popular precharged pneumatic rifles made today. Crosman listened and not only put a synthetic stock on the Benjamin Marauder, but they gave it a vertically adjustable comb, too. You'll get a lot of powerful shots that will let you rid your backyard of pesky birds and critters. Don't worry about noise scaring your prey or alarming the's one of the quietest air rifles ever made.

Synthetic Upgrades
  • Improved valve and a depinger, get 32 shots per fill
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock with vertically adjustable comb & reversible bolt
  • Trigger is moved back for more comfortable hand positioning
Benjamin Marauder, Wood Features Diagram Features
  • 10-shot repeater with auto-indexing feature
  • Single shot tray available for this caliber
  • Can be adjusted for different velocities
  • Internal shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun
  • Choked barrel delivers superior accuracy
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger...and the trigger is metal!
  • Raised aluminum breech for easier loading of circular magazine
  • 11mm Dovetail Accessory Rail
  • Built-in air pressure gauge (manometer)
  • Uses compressed air up to 3,000 psi *
  • 215cc Air Reservoir
  • Gun comes set at 2,500 psi air fill; to fill to 3,000 psi
  • Air reservoir ends with a male quick-disconnect Foster fitting for fast refills (requires a female Foster quick-disconnect adapter to fill from a scuba tank or hand pump)
  • Includes: .177 Cal Synthetic Marauder, 10-Round Magazine, and Sling Swivel Studs

*The owner's manual states you can fill the gun with air or CO2, but that is incorrect. Please fill your gun with high-pressure air only.

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Benjamin Marauder, Synthetic
15 Reviews
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By timothy
my second marauder
December 7, 2018
Ok, the first rife in .25 was a leaker but airgun depot staff sent me the return info immediately and other than a snafu at ups it was excellent. I received the new rifle with a complimentary 10 for 10 test. the second box was damaged, obviously dropped and on the barrel end no less. I called airgun depot and told them I would test the gun before shipping it back if needed. I used the Benjamin domed pellets for break in and no issues with accuracy. I was getting 15 or 16 shots with each fill from 2700 to 2100. One hole groups out to 30 yards. I decided to try a local indoor range with a 50 yard high power section. I was not disappointed. was getting better grouping than the 30.06 shooting next to me and no sore shoulder either. After retrieving my target I had several other shooters asking about the rifle. I added a bipod and a 6x32 power scope (overkill) but really want to take this gun out to a 100 yard range when the weather cooperates (cold and windy). If your interested in a pcp that wont break the bank and shoots lights out this is your gun. I also have a m rod in .22 that shoots great just not past 50 yards.
Prosprice accuracy power
Consweight (but not heavier than other pcps)
Best Useshunting plinking
By Garry
Clifton Springs, NY
Great Starter rifle
August 26, 2018
I have had my .25 cal Marauder for over 2 years. This gun is as good as my Crown out to 50 yards
ProsDeadly to 50 yards Great starter PCP
Consheavy, shot count, mechanically loud, suppressor won't help
Best UsesGreat pest control or just plain target shooting
By Ronn
December 20, 2017
I've had my marauder for two years now and must say it is one he'll of a pcp rifle dead on all the time and powerful. I have a hatsan bullpup but all ways reach for this one first easy to use.
ConsNone that I can find
By Pete F.
Bakersfield, ca.
My 25 cal. Benjamin Marauder is awesome
November 22, 2017
I love the accuracy, I have mine shooting at 821 fps. I tried a few different pellets, but it is hard to compete with a a rifle that will put eight pellets in the same hole at 50 yards.( And I mean the same hole) I shoot the JSB Match Diabolo Exact KIng .25 pellets in both of my rifles ( My other rifle is the .25 cal. FX Bobcat, the latest version - 873 fps). I was shooting off my bench, I don't care if anyone believes me. I saved my target , what is really wild is that I could literally watch the pellets in flight go right in the same hole. It was amazing, I put a Leupold Vari X 2 3x9x40 Custom dial system on it. Just range it, set the turret and shoot. I have taken lots of rabbits and a whole bunch of Eurasian doves with it, The Benjamin Marauder in .25 cal will put the smack down on small game, it hits them hard.
ProsI like the magazine with the eight shots, and the fact that I can get off 16 shots before I have to refill to 3000 psi. I hear a lot of people say that is not very many shots, this is a serious hunting rifle. The cottontail rabbit limit around here is 5, valley quail is 10. So I don't have a problem with that. When I am target practicing I just set my air tank on my tail gate, it only takes a minute to fill. I also like the bolt action and it comes with swivel attachments so you can put your sling on it. This is my hunting rifle for small game.
ConsI just wish the bolt action was easier to pull back to get a pellet in the chamber. It is pretty tough for an 8 year old, heck it is pretty hard for this 65 year old. If they fixed that they would make a whole lot of people very happy. Still a very nice accurate rifle. I wish I knew how to attach the picture of my target so everyone could see it. That was truly an amazing experience watching those pellets go in the same hole.
By Dan
.22 Marauder
June 22, 2017
I posted this for the scope/sling combo but feel it should go here as well for anyone interested in just the rifle. However I would suggest the combo unless you already have a scope picked out.

This is my first PCP and I have to say this rifle is quiet! The pellet hitting the target makes more noise than the gun! I set up a crony and with 14.3 grain Crossman pellets it is averaging about 865 fps right out of the box, and is consistently there for 32-35 shots and then the pressure is down to 2000 psi from a full 3000 psi fill. That is 24 lb/ft of muzzle energy. The first 25 shots had a standard deviation of 14 fps. Threw a couple of 18.21 grain pellets through it and they were running about 800 fps. I've done some reading on about all of the tuning that guys do to these guns, but I am going to leave it alone for now, it is right where I want it to be.

I don't know where the bullet drop points are going to be as far as distance yet, but it has them. The trigger is nice, no immediate plans to adjust it. It has a long smooth light creep, then it comes to a clear stop (the second stage), and then breaks easily with no creep.

I did have a couple of pellets jam between the bolt and the magazine, which made it hard to get the magazine out to clear the mangled pellet. I read on a forum that if you cock the gun with the muzzle pointed down, this will not happen. Only a couple of people had this concern. The rotary magazine automatically rotates to the next pellet when the rifle is cocked, making for easy follow up shots.

I have the Benjamin pump and it is a workout. It takes about 75 pumps to go from 2000 to 3000 psi. If you weigh 150 lbs or less you may not be able to compress it all the way, I basically lock my arms out and use body weight to pump it. I plan to get a 4500 psi tank in the near future.

The gun does not have iron sights so you will need a scope, and if you are going to be in the field you will want a sling.
By Carlton
Spring, TX
Off the charts
May 15, 2017
Correction to previous review. .22 version purchased Still going strong. Purchased 2 extra mags. Still no leakage and very accurate and quiet. No sign of a refurbished product.
By Brad
Salt Lake City, UT
Excellent gun for the money
November 12, 2016
I've had a Marauder .22 Synthetic for nearly a year. It has some great advantages, with a few drawbacks. Overall, for the price, it's a great entry level gun. When I bought it, the Maximus wasn't out yet, or I'd have given it a serious look along the way.

I wanted a magazine fed gun, that was QUIET. So, to get started I bought the hand pump, gun, pellet and glasses kit. The hand pump lasted, or should I lasted pumping up the gun with the hand pump, about three fills. I still have the pump as a backup, but the effort to pump the gun is just too much to make shooting enjoyable. If you want the pump, that's fine, but plan on spending another $300 and getting a 4500 PSI bottle with fill tube. It makes filling SOOOOO much easier.

Gun is accurate on cheap ammunition. Just got back from the range ans was shooting 1 inch 10 shot groups withe Crossman Premier Domes. It's one of the least expensive and at 25 yards, extremely accurate.

As an introduction to PCP, you can't go wrong with a Marauder Synthetic. Great gun overall.

As an entry level gun, it works extremely well, and could serve as a primary gun for many years to come. In my case, it just increased my appetite for lighter, shorter overall and more accurate. Even with these shortcomings, I'd recommend it in a heartbeat, especially for younger shooters that will be working from a bench. For walking around hunting, it's a bit heavy for young shooters, but for bench it's great.

If you look at the picture, it's a 10 shot group, unfortunately the two side by side low were a "Double Load" but even with that, they were not that far from the aim point
The second 10 shot group does have one flier, and I wish I could blame the gun, but I pulled it.

It likes Crosman Premier's. Tried several other pellets but keep coming back.

This is one of the best investments I've ever made as I love to shoot, and this allows me to do so without breaking the bank.
ProsAccurate Uses inexpensive ammunition and is still accurate. 1 inch groups at 25 yards today, using Crosman Premier Domes 14.3 grain in .22. Magazine fed and magazines are around $15 or so, so replacements can be purchased easily. Gets 30 to 40 reliable shots per fill in .22 Trigger is adjustable, excellent two stage. Good scope mounting system Gun is more accurate than I am. overall excellent value at around $500 and you can spot them on sale for less Extremely quiet shooter as well. Measured at a bit under 90db, so definitely back yard friendly All ammunition traveling sub-sonic so makes it even quieter
ConsLong at over 40 inches Heavy. My gun, with scope and bipod runs close to 10 pounds Bolt pull is very heavy. Need to brace the gun against my chest and pull the bolt hard, as you are compressing an approximately 10 pound spring. You get used to it, but it takes effort.
By Keith
So much more than expected
August 2, 2016
First, I am as green as you can be in terms of this airgun revolution that I am learning about and need to give a shout out to Air Gun Depot (AGD) - in particular - Matt in sales. Too cool for words, and he is spot on in his suggestion to buy the Marauder 25cal. After trying the Hatsan 125 22cal break barrel for a week or so, I was left unsure about my purchase and called AGD to ask if the daily adjustments in sighting to obtain tight groupings were normal for the 125. After a brief discussion, Matt had me convinced to try the Benjamin Marauder 25 cal and said the Green Mountain barrel is what you want so I quickly provided my credit card info and impatiently waited for FedEx to arrive. Two days later my package arrived! Opened the boxes, mounted the scope, and started pumping, and pumping, and pumping.... Finally 3000psi! Paced off 30 yards to start with and flung my first pellet. Nothing on the splatter target and to be honest I thought I might have a dud on my hands because certainly this thing can't be this quiet. Went out to the target, put a large piece of cardboard behind it so I could get a better feel of where the pellet is going. Fired pellet #2 - low and to the right... ok now I know where we are at and within the first 14 shots I had it hitting whatever I was pointed at (or so I thought) pellets 15 and 16 dropped off a tiny bit..... PUMP (repeat pumping) to this time 3200psi, and performed the power modifications described in the users manual. After a few clicks here and there, this Marauder is absolutely insane! It is like a laser beam. Anything within 85 yards is hit every time. Bulls eye on targets are not even challenging now. Now I am picking off the letters of the target makers effortlessly. The only complaint is that this thing is too good. I don't feel the need to pick it up to see if I can hit this or if I can hit that. I know I can, and that is kinda cool. Especially for a guy who hasn't fired any kind of firearm in over 25 years.
ConsSynthetic stock could be a little less plastic feeling. Would be awesome to have an interchangeable pressure air tube with fill valve
By Kim
Belgrade Mt.
A tack driver
May 31, 2016
This is my first airgun, its a 25 caliber,and i didnt know what to expect. After sighting it in, three shots at 30 yards a little over 1/8th inch group, three more at 50 yards just over 1/4 inch group and 1 inch drop from 30 to 50 yards. I was really surprised with the accuracy. Can't wait to take out some little critters with it.
ProsSuper accurate.
ConsA bit heavy.
By aaron
Hampden, ME
August 6, 2015
Let me first say, I have many .25 PCP'S. I own many Hatsans, Benjamins and JKHanns. This rifle is the most accurate PCP I own. Hands down. A nice 6x24x44 scope and this rifle will cut holes at 50 yards with no problems. Stay clear of the Armada if you want consistent shots.Loves JSB's. Lightest rifle I have and good ergonomics. You might want to invest in a good scuba tank or compressor.
ProsBest accuracy Ive seen for a 500 dollar gun.
ConsGet a scuba tank.
By Christopher
, Charlotte , NC
Exellent Rifle
March 3, 2015
Great Deal with good scope, absolutly love this rifle !!
ProsShoots accurate Lighter synthetic stock Comes with decent scope.
By Sid
Newark, Ohio
Excellent value for this combo!
December 16, 2014
I purchased this Marauder combo in .177 cal. and performance of this rifle is great! I already owned a .25 cal. Marauder that was very accurate and was powerful enough to use for raccoon and groundhog hunting so I decided to buy another for smaller game. I have shot several different pellets through the .177 and it shoots best with heavy pellets in the 10.5 gr. range. JSB and Crosman domed work the best and they chrono at about 950 fps. shooting the rifle as it came from the factory. The Centerpoint scope is very clear and the illuminated reticle helps in low light conditions. It's hard to beat the Marauder for the price.
ProsAccurate and quiet, made in the USA.
By Neil
Chrisney, IN
This gun in this caliber (25) ROCKS!
July 9, 2014
I have two Marauders, the other one is a .22 and as much as I love that gun, this one is on it's way to being my favorite air rifle!! I have over 10 varieties of pellets and so far there isn't a one this gun does not group well!!!! Trigger break is excellent out of the box, and with a little tweaking of the hammer spring and air valve I hope to really get the most out of my air charge.
ProsBy and large, this gun is a hunter and well worth the money spent for an accurate and pellet friendly air rifle.
ConsThe bolt does drag a bit when cocking it after firing a shot, but I suspect with some buffing on the surface, and a bit of lube this should pass.
By Melissa
lexington, ky
Scope mounts do not fit the Benjamin Marauder 22
June 3, 2014
When offering a bundle package (air rifle & scope) you'd think that the scope/mounts would be compatible with the corresponding air rifle it is being offered with. This does not. It was very disappointing to purchase a package and the scope mounts don't fit. The Benjamin Marauder 22 has a dove tail mount rail of a little over 11mm. The scope rings only go down to about 13mm or so. They are way too big to even think about fitting. So I had to order from another source and wait another week to even be able to use my rifle.
Other than that - I'm happy so far with the performance of the rifle, but can't give a full feedback on accuracy/performance until I can actually see what I'm targeting.
Prosfast shipping & good product, made in USA (air rifle)
ConsBought as a bundle (air rifle & scope) and the scope rings aren't compatible with the air rifle.
By Santos T.
Tucson Az
Happily Impressed
May 13, 2014
I bought this rifle as a package with the scope two magazines (clips) and an extra set of scope rings. The price point for the .25 cal rifle was at the cusp of my budget making me consider a smaller caliber but I went big anyway. Expect to spend an additional $300 on a good quality air pump for this Mrod. Upon un boxing I was pretty happy with the overall packaging of the product. It was well supported with the foam packing and sturdy shipping box

First impression of the rifle was pleasing it felt good holding it. The weight is noticeable but not a deal breaker. It came with a 1000 psi pre-charge indicated by its on board nanometer allowing me to dry fire it and see how loud it was and was pretty impressed with it considering it had no pellet load. So sound quality checked good.

Mounting the scope was a breeze. I used my bubble levels to make sure the rifle & scope both had as little cant as possible. The scope rings provided had a set screw that screw vertically into one of two pinhole on the rail to eliminate any slipping of the scope ring to which I thought was great considering the rails itself had no stops like a picatinny style rail. Definitely room for improvement on the rail. But functional.

My pump hadn't arrived yet but I was eager to get a few rounds off at 25 yards to adjust & zero my scope. Thanks to my dive shop "Desert Divers" here in Tucson AZ they quickly got me up to 3k psi due to the rifles quick disconnect foster fitting it was easily done with no worry of any special tools.

The Center Point scope adjusted quickly & held. Overall optical quality is good however the illumination lights up the entire inside of the scope tube instead of just the retical. The flip up dust covers are plastic nothing special but I'm glad they were provided although when focusing the scope you'll find the front flip up will change position in relation to where it flips open but what can you really expect from a $69 Walmart Scope. So scope checked average but useable.

Shooting the rifle was unbelievable! Having used the Benjamin discovery as my first PcP (Pre charged Pneumatic) the trigger on the Marauder was smooth & almost effortless. The recoil was null to the point where you could follow your pellet through the scope never losing aim of your target. The accuracy is remarkable it's very consistent it hits right where you aim at!!!! boy does it pack a PUNCH! So shooting checks excellent!

Loading the clip reads a bit funny in the manual but easily done. The bolt action & feed of the pellet is smooth and a very convenient way to load the rifle as opposed to a break barrel single feed. Shooting it I noticed a pinging noise but after some research I bought a "Depinger" and eliminated the after shot nuisance noise.

Overall I am very impressed with this rifle's performance & kit price point after having used it in my opinion it's money well spent & you won't be disappointed.
ProsQuality Accuracy Usability Performance Price
ConsRail could be improved but not necessary as the rifle has no recoil but perhaps for better aesthetic on the synthetic stock rifles. Scope accessories are sub par and illumination of the whole inside tube can get annoying but the scope itself is highly functional.
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Benjamin Marauder, Synthetic
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1100 fps
    Mag Capacity 10
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 1000 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
    Mag Capacity 10
  • 0.25
    Caliber 0.25 Cal
    Velocity 900 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
    Mag Capacity 8
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1100 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
    Mag Capacity 10
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 1000 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
    Mag Capacity 10
  • 0.25
    Caliber 0.25 Cal
    Velocity 900 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
    Mag Capacity 8
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