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Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank, 88 Cu In, EZ Valve

PCP Tank With Unregulated EZ Valve
  • Code: PY-A-4708
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This handy carbon fiber tank is small enough to tote around in the field in your backpack while hunting or eliminating pests. The new EZ valve now makes filing your rifle or pistol even easier! It now features two gauges on the valve, one to measure the air pressure in your PCP and the other showing the tanks pressure. Since the tank is filled to a pressure of 4,500 psi and the valve is unregulated, you can utilize every last pound per square in the bottle. With the EZ Valve, all your fill functions are in one place. Filling is as simple as, screwing down to open the valve, fill your PCP airgun, unscrew to stop the airflow, and always remember to bleed the line before removing the fill probe or disconnecting the foster fitting.

Air Venturi 88 cu-in Carbon Fiber Tank with EZ Valve Features:
  • 4,500 psi max fill pressure
  • 88 cu-in
  • EZ Valve
  • Valve is unregulated
  • Slow flow valve
  • Includes fill device with high-pressure stainless steel female quick-disconnect fitting
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Accessories
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By JohnSeptember 20, 2019

For $400 it would be nice if it came with the required adapter to get it filled at a dive shop. Or at least, unless I missed it, some notification that another item is required.

By SethUSAJune 27, 2019

This is a must have accessory when you go out shooting for the day. You need to bring your gun, ammo and this

Small, but carries a good amount of air

Wish it had some sort of handle or case for carrying it tends to roll around the floor of my jeep

By Eylton O.August 25, 2018

Purchased this bottle as part of an order. The bottle appears to be of top notch construction using high quality materials and fittings. Please see pic for a look at my completed order Greg helped me to finalize.


In my case I would prefer the bottle to be factory set at just over 200 bar output

By ToddUSAJanuary 18, 2018

Perfect for tossing in the backpack or light enough just to carry along to the range or woods. I really like it. Holds enough air for plenty of top offs.

Light and extremely portable


By DanielUSAJanuary 16, 2018

Just received today, I am impressed with the quality of this tank. It is very small, but convenient to carry in the field. A nice day tank when out and about.

Small, convient, easy to pack. Well made.

Small, limited fills, $$&

By miltonUSAJanuary 8, 2018

Small and easy to carry in a backpack for a quick charge.

small and easy to carry two tank in a backpack.


By RickUSAJanuary 1, 2018

It works good keeps you from overfilling your rifle

Light easy to use

But only fills to about 170 or 180 bar.

By SamerUSADecember 16, 2017

2 issues: 1 is the fill station has many issues. My first one leaked air. I am returning it. Second one I bought the open/close knob came off. Seems to this knob is just super glued to the screw very poorly constructed. second issue is this tank will fill your PCPs to only 200-250 PSI max so plan on topping off any PCP that takes 300 PSI. Only fully fills the Wildfire which takes only 200 PSI, the rest need a manual top off with a hand pump.

Few, just the fact that it will do fills to 200 to get things rolling

See above

By RodneyUSANovember 22, 2017




By Willie L.November 11, 2017

Tan is good .

You can us the tank to fill or stay on the gun . Adding more psi to the gun

I like to see a larger tank

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What's the cubic feet of the 88 cu in tank? I'm want to use a fill calculator to see how many fills I would get with it. I've searched everywhere, but just can't seem to find an appropriate conversion from cu in to cu ft. Converting volume from 88 cu in to cu ft shows 0.05 cu ft but I know that is incorrect. Thanks.

asked Bernard Orosz from USA

How many times can you refill the rifle tank on a texan as with this tank?

asked Ryan Houde

how do you refill this tank?

asked k

How many times would this refill a dragon claw .50 cal or similar?

asked american journeyman

Hola soy de argentina mi pregunta es , se puede regular a 200 bar de salida , ya que la quiero usar para un rifle pcp

asked Fabian Perez

Do they make a cover for this small tank?

asked Dennis from USA

Will this work to fill a 9015 anschutz air rifle

asked Jeff Switalski

Is this a refillable tank? Does it operate like a propane tank and you can refill it or once it's empty you need to buy a new tank? Thanks!

asked Emily

is it refillable

asked john

How many times can u fill your gun with a full tank?

asked Linda from USA

How often can I refill a Hammerli AP 20 Pro from this tank. How many shots per refill?

asked Patrick from USA

hacen envios a mexico?

asked tomas

what do you fill the tank with can you fill it with a regular compressor

asked Randy

a competitor says this size tanks can fill up my Benjamin Marauder nearly 30 times! Is that believable? He also said that their tanks are used but have new valves & hoses so they are certified. Comments?

asked Dale Wolfe

What's the average cost to fill this tank..... I'm still using my hand pump.

asked Roscoe from USA

Can you change the regulatedoutput pressure. I am purchasing a gun with a tank pressure of 3600 psi?

asked Bob

Has anybody tried filling one of these with a Air Venturi G-6? Portability, and distance to fit stations is an issue. Budget as well, as i already have the pump :-)

asked dividable

I am total novice with air tanks. Where do you get the tank filled? How many times can you fill the 3000psi Marauder .25 cal before you have to refill the tank?

asked Richard

Can I change the pressure to 3000 psi? I use a modified mrod that needs 3000.

asked Benjamin Reese

How often do these tanks need to be hydro static tested.

asked Ronald Bassett

Do I need any other attachments to have the tank filled at a dive shop or paint ball store?

asked Bruce from USA

How many fills can I get on my Texan .45?

asked Scott Pipkorn

I am looking into PCP Bolt action rifles adn GAMO made it affordable.Can you refill from a home compressor I see no Question how to refill this tank your self !

asked Vrmnt Hntr 45 from USA

Despite what many educators say, there really are stupid questions and I'm hoping this doesn't fall into that category. My question is how do you fill the Air Venturi tank? Can you fill it at the gas station or with an air compressor? Any and all help is appreciated.

asked Michael

where do i fill this tank .what kind of air do i use

asked Joseph from USA

Can you fill this tank with a hand pump?

asked Donald from USA

My local scuba shop does not have the fitting to fill this tank up. Which of the adapters do I need?

asked gabo

can i hook the fill prob on the impact and fill it

asked sam from USA

is it possible to increase the fill pressure from 2900 to 3200 or 3500 for my impact?

asked Bryce Evans

Can you refill the tank itself... by yourself? With your own air compressor for example

asked Justin Berkey

How or where do I get the Air venturi carbon fiber tank field with 4,500 psi

asked John Barker

Can this tank be fill with the Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump

asked Keturah Stallworth

can u fill it with a airventure g-6 hand pump. no fill stations around me witch is werd liveing in WIS

asked mel

How do you fill this tank?

asked John from USA

I have the Hatsan Filler hose from my Hatsun turkish made hand pump. It has the probe fitting at one end to the rifle tank and a 3/16 inch male threaded at the other end. What do I need to adapt this hose to the Carbon fiber tank seeing that I do not have any foster quick release fittings.

asked Alex

can you refill this tank with a pneumatic air compressor?

asked daniel rivera

If you have a disco and use this to fill it. About how many fills do you get?

asked john from USA


Martin from USA

24 Refills - if you fill to 2,000 psi and refill when the gun reaches 1,000 psi.

Joseph from USA

Here is the tank calculator

Vincent from USA

28 fills


I do not know how much air your Disco holds , but it has to do with how large your tank is on the gun and how much pressure it will hold and or how much you fill the tank up to on the gun to get it to shoot like you want it too ! There are quite a few variable's that go into filling a gun and how many shots you will get . But I can say that this tank holds up to 4500 PSI and that will allow you to fill a tank on a gun that let's say only needs 2000 or 2900 or 3000 PSI to get full many more times than a tank that only holds 3500 or less that you are filling out of. I hope this helps you some as I will do a little research on the Disco to see what it uses and try to update this in the future

Rocky from USA

you would get around 20 refill in the Disco with this.

Joseph from USA

You should get about 20 fills if you fill at 1100 psi to 2000 psi. Regards

Daniel from USA

This is air Venturi Carbon fiber for all air rifes pcp ?

asked Khaled

It only fills to 2200 psi on my tank and 2500 psi on my friend tank. It fails to fill even to the 2900 it says it dose. I think Air Venturi or Nijja must recall all these tanks and fix this problem.

Vincent from USA

Yes it will work on just about any PCP , you just put on the fill plug of choice for your gun on the tank .

Rocky from USA

how many gun refills on a Benjamin marauder can you get per tank

asked terry

Here is the tank calculator

Vincent from USA

You will get 11 fill from this tank filling a marauder to 2900 psi and refilling at 2000 psi. See link to fill calculator chart and look at drop down under airgunner for tank conversation chart from cubic inches to cubic feet and then use that cubic feet number to input into fill calculator. Mike

Mike from USA

please inform when the airtank will be available

asked William Lichon

William, We are being told this particular item will be back in stock on March 13, 2014. Hopefully that answers your question. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Can a scuba shop or fire dept. fill this tank with the above attached valves?

asked Bill Lichon

A fire department may be able to fill if the connection is the same as their SCBA bottles. I'm with a volunteer department and we have a cascade system, so I may buy one and try it.


Yes..Scuba Shop in Denver , CO fills mine

Marilyn from USA

Scuba shop should. As for fire departments some may, need to ask and see. Another place is where I take mine to is my local fire and safety business. They fill scuba tanks.


Yes also an air soft or paintball

Wyatt from USA

Did this tank come pressurized.

asked Scott

Kenneth; no the cargo hold pressure has nothing to do with it, you can put the filled tank in outer space if you want. The reason is the FAA is super paranoid, like if somehow the the valve got broke off. Hard to imagine but bound to happen sooner or later.


It has nothing to do with a cargo hold not being pressurized, the tank is perfectly safe in a complete vacuum. It's the danger if it were damaged causing it to explode or shoot off like a rocket. Like some other item hitting it an breaking the valve which could easily rocket it through the side of the aircraft, even bringing it down. So I'm sure FAA has very strict rules about them, and ground delivery like UPS no doubt has insurance issues. As far as I know only specially equipped and marked commercial vehicles are allowed to carry then under pressure, like welding tank delivery trucks etc. Personal use is fine, but get caught on the road with it filled after the test date or expiration and you're screwed.


No these tanks do not come pressurized due to the fact,that they are high pressure tanks. If they were pressurized to max and shipped by air in a non pressurized cargo hold on a airplane they could explode . so therefore due to safety precautions they are shipped with no pressure what so ever . I hope this was helpful to all concerned. In my research on this matter this was the information I was given.

kenneth from USA
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