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Great Airgun Pistols for After the Holidays

Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket?

So you unpacked your stocking and ironically enough, there were socks stuffed where pellets should have been right? Well, after you’ve written all your thank you cards, yes even for the socks from Grandma, it’s time to take a look at what airgun deals may be out there to relive that burning sensation in your back pocket. So, in this “Where to spend my Christmas Money” article, we’ll take a look at some of my favorite airgun pistols for around $100.

Revolvers are always a great option

Dan Wesson .177 Caliber 2.5" Co2 BB Revolver- Silver

Dan Wesson .177 Caliber 2.5″ Co2 BB Revolver- Silver

We always want to get the most bank for our buck. But what’s the best value out there for your $100 dollars that you have to spend. Personally, I love realistic working airgun pistols, the more realistic the better. Some of the MOST realistic airgun pistols are going to be the Dan Wesson Revolvers. There are many models around $100 and they offer a realistic weight, a cylinder with individual shells, and a very smooth firing action. These pistols have really made an impact in both the airsoft and airgun worlds and if you ever have the chance to handle one you’ll know why.

Another great revolver in this price range is the all metal Smith and Wesson 327 TRR8. It operates a lot like the Dan Wessons, but it goes all out tactical with weaver rails top and bottom. The all metal construction really makes this a great feeling pistol. Performance and accuracy is not bad either, pushing metal BBS at or just over 400 fps in my tests.

The last revolver I’ll mention here is a new version of the venerable Crosman 357. It’s the new Crosman Vigilante 357 CO2. This version takes the original 357 and turns it up to 11 and then some. It comes with a 10 shot pellet magazine and a 6 shot BB magazine. Crosman’s kept the adjustable rear sight and added a front rail for accessories. The best part is that the price is way, way under $100. So you’ll have plenty left over for ammo and CO2!

Semi-auto, blow back pistols are great for firearm training, general proficiency, and all around practice

Sig Sauer X-Five P226- Full Metal BB Blowback Pistol

Sig Sauer X-Five P226- Full Metal BB Blowback Pistol

Keep your eyes out for a new product from Umarex. I mentioned this CO2 pistol in my recent article about American Airgunner’s visit here in my studio. It’s the Beretta M84FS CO2 BB pistol. This little gun is awesome. It’s very much like the real gun with all metal construction, positive blowback, and a great “POP” sound when it fires. I really like this little gun and can’t wait to review it early next year.

Another great semi-automatic blowback pistol is the SIG Sauer P226 X-Five CO2. The all metal construction along with super realistic detailing makes for a great practice piece. It utilizes a drop out magazines that holds the CO2 as well as the BBS. Having additional mags just extends the fun and means you can always have a fresh, warm CO2 cartridge send those BBs flying downrange.

If you would like a bit more accuracy and even more “punch” from the blowback recoil, the Beretta PX-4 Storm is one of the best out there for under $100. This 16 round CO2 pistol is accurate, has a great trigger, and had a very firm recoil, which adds to the training “realism.” I’ve been a fan of this gun for years, and having had the chance to work with one just recently, I’m still a fan. It’s a really nice gun for the money.

Makarov Co2 BB Pistol

Makarov Co2 BB Pistol

What can $50 buy in an airgun pistol these days?

If you don’t have quite $100 to spend but still want to get in some quality trigger time, consider the Colt Defender BB pistol. It’s all metal with a fixed slide, so no blowback. It is unbelievably frugal on the CO2 and is just a lot of fun to shoot. It’s quite heavy and sized to mimic the actual firearm. It’s a great value at around $50.

There’s also the Makarov CO2 BB pistol, while not under $50, it’s pretty close and delivers a lot of value. The all metal construction and frugal use of CO2 make it perfect for taking into the back yard for an afternoon of plinking fun.

What do you need to make them “go?”

Daisy BBs 6000ct Bottle

Daisy BBs 6000ct Bottle

All of the airguns in this article run on CO2 and use either BBs or Pellets. CO2 is pretty generic so I tend to go for the lowest price per cartridge. The Crosman 40 pack of 12 gram CO2 cartridges is about as low as you’ll find, coming in around $.50 per cartridge. When it comes to BBS, I really prefer the Daisy Zinc coated BBS, or the Umarex Precision BBS. Take my advice and steer clear of the Crosman Copperheads unless you plan to shoot them all in a short period of time. If you leave them sit, they’ll rust and go bad on you.

Some of the airguns mentioned shoot pellets rather than BBs. Finding the right pellet is always a challenge, but if you stick to quality ammo, you’ll be a lot happier with the results. I really like the H&N Field Target Trophy pellets and also the RWS Hobby pellets. Both seem to work really well in my CO2 Pistols.

Well, I hope this article helps you relieve the burning sensation from the extra cash in your pocket. If you’re looking for something different, remember there’s a lot more available on And, their friendly staff is always there to help. Just give them a call and let them know what kind of shooting you’re into. If pistols are just not your thing, not to worry. In our next article, we’ll look at what rifles you can get on a tight budget!

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