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Beretta PX4 Storm BB & Pellet Pistol

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Beretta PX4 Storm BB & Pellet Pistol

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At Airgun Depot, we sell thousands of airguns, but if you are looking for a versatile airgun, the Beretta PX4 Storm is for you! This airgun gives you the ability to use pellets or BBs, putting the power in your hands! The PX4 Storm is a perfect for target shooters and airgun enthusiasts. Our customers say that when you add on the co2 cartridge (not included), the PX4 Storm not only shoots, but also looks and feels like the real thing.

Because it shoots pellets or BBs, just pick your ammo and you're on your way! With the 8-shot rotary clips, this repeater ensures that the PX4 Storm will keep up with your trigger finger! Finish one clip and flip the magazine over to release the remaining 8-shots.

You can easily load a 12-gram co2 cartridge in this gun's grip, giving you the ability to release numerous shots before even thinking about a refill. This gun has an accessory rail underneath the barrel. Just like with a handgun, you cock the Beretta Px4 Storm with every slide action, which gives you that feeling of power many other air guns only dream of achieving. After you start, you won't want to stop, make sure you stock up on tons of ammo, co2 cartridges and then just have a blast!

Your Beretta Px4 Storm purchase includes one 16-round magazine to get you started. Be sure to order extra ammo and co2 cartridges because if you are an airgun enthusiast, once you start, you will not want to stop!

90 Day Warranty
At Airgun Depot, you receive the typical 60 day warranty through the manufacturer and our 30 day warranty.

Note: There is a misprint in the Beretta Px4 Storm's manual that states the gun has an operational slide release lever, this gun does not have one.
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Beretta PX4 Storm BB & Pellet Pistol
166 Reviews
67% (112)
21% (35)
7% (12)
2% (4)
2% (3)
51% Recommend this product (84 of 166 responses)
By Peter B.
Beretta PX4 Storm BB & Pellet Pistol
November 22, 2019
It's virtually the exact same size as the real PX4 Storm, and the weight is just a scant 3 ounces lighter than the real firearm, but it's not noticeable to the feel. Other than the rear slide decocker, which is fixed and no red dot (can paint one) on the air gun, virtually all other aspects look and feel the same as the real one. The only possibly differentiations, and I say possible difference, which most, sans those in the know would see, while most would not notice, is the barrel in the slide assembly when in battery. The air gun has a round barrel chamber while the real one has one of the few rotating barrel chambers currently on the market, as well as a very large right side real safety under the top fake safety, which of course, the real one does not have.

Therefore, nonetheless, this is still an excellent piece if one has a real PX4 Storm and has opportunities with inert training sessions and wishes to train with the same air gun as the real deal; in this case this particular Beretta model.
ProsVirtually looks, feels and acts like the real deal. The photo comparison shows the two together, however, the real PX4 Storm has rubberized grip tape added to it, so it appears a little different from the air gun, but underneath, again, it's virtually the same design as the real one. Not impeccably the same, but close enough, and in this case close enough to also group with hand grenades and horseshoes.
ConsNone, unless you're a nitty, picky sniveling, whining baby that is.
Best UsesFor use in inert tactical training courses and teachings, aside from just plain ol' plinking, having fun and taking out small animals to put food on the table if you're in to that.
By Denis
Lévis, Québec, Canada
Good pellet gun.
August 22, 2018
Good shooting pellet pistol.
The grip is good.
Nice kickback !
The full auto mode is awesome !
By Todd
Larkspur, CO
Must have!
April 30, 2018
How do I keep this short? Wanted to improve my semi-automatic pistol skills. After considerable research, I overlooked the negatives and chose the PX4. 100% pleased. Realistic, well conceived, engineered, and built. Accurate. As this is not a self defense weapon and intended for practice, I have no problem with the safety or how the Co2 cartridge loads. I actually like the way they work. Despite that it gets less shots per cylinder than some airguns due to the blowback, I'm still getting over 50 good shots per cylinder. Compare the cost to 9mm ammo, which most people can't shoot in their backyard anyway. I shoot this almost every day and my speed and accuracy are improving dramatically. The slight blowback is just enough to require re-sighting after every shot, but it will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. Of course, due to the nature of Co2, power will drop some with continuous rapid fire. The power rebuilds after a short rest if the temperature isn't too low. None of us ever wants to draw our concealed 9mm on anyone, but if the need ever reared its ugly head, I'm confident the skills I am gaining with the PX4 will make this scenario second nature. Besides, it's just plain fun to shoot! Get the holster and at least one extra mag. Use a drop of Pellgun oil every other cylinder and use recommended pellets. Don't use BBs. Airgun Depot customer service is great! Thank you!
ProsPretty much everything.
ConsAlthough sights are very precise and easy to see, adjustable rear sight would be nice.
Best UsesTarget practice and making a handgun use second nature.
By Matthew
Fremont, California
Not very accurate, but a good practice piece
April 29, 2018
I got it to be able to do in door practice. I have the real thing. This gun is far from a tack driver, but it's good enough for my purposes, and I'm glad I got it.
ProsFeels a lot like the real thing.
ConsNot terribly accurate, uses up co2 pretty quickly.
By Robert W.
Chico CA
Very happy with this purchase! Works well makin for hours of fun plinkng.
April 24, 2018
after fighting the packaging (I like boxes) I love the PX 4 Storm pellet/bb pistol.
By me
me testing
April 2, 2018
my review on Beretta PX4 Storm BB & Pellet Pistol
By bob
nice feel,accurate.
January 31, 2018
pistol has a nice feel to it,not cheap.slide can be tightened with spring tension.
plenty of power out of the gate,gas system is hit or miss.have wasted a few cylinders
clips will fall out on recoil,overall nice plinker..
Consgas system could be improved.
By Ken
Mesa, AZ
Works perfectly for target practice.
January 1, 2018
Directions are not clear on loading a new CO2 cartridge. Rotate the plastic base clockwise, then insert the CO2 catridge and tighten the thumb screw. Then put the cover back on and rotate the base anti-clockwise to puncture the catridge.
ProsNice feel to the gun, slight kickback. I feel it was still the best choice.
ConsSafety could have a better design.
By douglas r.
Baretta storm pellet gun used for draw and fire practice
December 1, 2017
overall it is a pretty good replica of my baretta, it is good draw and fire practice and definitely cheaper and easier than making it to the range every day
Prosweight is close to the real gun. it is double, single action like my baretta so it does a good enough job for training, I have been able to improve my draw and fire time
By Jaycee
Gilroy, CA
plastic feel
September 13, 2017
Good looking gun but too much plastic, feels bad.
By Ryan W.
Good shooter
August 3, 2017
Iv now our a couple hundred rounds through my px4 and it is a really solid accurate gun, and the blowback is great, my only problem is that it has with any pointed rounds, and the magazine catch does not hold the mag in place
ProsLooks great Great blowback Accurate Very solid
ConsMags don't stay seated Jams easy
By Robert S.
Rockford, Illinois
Good Value for training
July 13, 2017
I purchased this weapon to study for my CC permit qualification. For this purpose, it is ideal. The trigger is respectable. The sights are easy to acquire, and on target. It fires above and to the right of the mark, but I attribute this to my inexperience with the weapon. The last time I fired for qualification was 40 years ago, with a military 1911. I need more pistol practice. The refurbished weapon was in excellent condition. I was a bit unsure of the CO2 engagement, but it worked perfectly. After about 32 rounds (2 magazines), the pressure drops and the blow-back weakens. This sometimes fails to index the rotary clip to the next round, allowing a shot without a round in the barrel. A "Slide lock-back" on the last round or in the case of an empty breach would be an advantage. But, the weapon is entirely satisfactory, for the purpose of practice. It is more powerful than I had anticipated, for the first few shots. It is a good platform for teaching gun safety, range etiquette and marksmanship (accuracy, target acquisition and trigger control) . It's also a lot less expensive to practice your pistol marksmanship on a "backyard" range. I would like to see a manual slide "Lock-back" function, for the purpose of training, even if it is not automatic on the last round. (This goes to better range etiquette training)
ProsRealistic form, balance and weight, Good accuracy of shot placement and Economical to shoot. This is a good practice platform. The "dot" sights are excellent. The safety is a bit difficult to release, but good. The reversible feature of the magazine is an excellent idea. I had no problem with the magazine locking in place or ejecting easily.
ConsSometimes the rotary magazine does not index to the next round, allowing a "dry fire." No way of knowing if a round has loaded. Counting your shots is not a solution. The rotary magazine is "Good," but not "foolproof." This is still a good little gun for the price.
By cww
Dover DE.
nice gun .. bad gas system
June 18, 2017
The gun works great and I like the feel.. however the gas system is bad that I will NOT recommend until they fix this mess.
ProsGood feel .. solid feedback / blowback feels real...
ConsGas cartridge piercing system sucks royal.. a cam lock system like the Sig Sauer Max gun would be great.. the current spin / crew tightening system is a pain to work.. and sometimes is not positive at sealing the CO2 Cartridge in place.. thus gas leakage and waste of a cyl.
By Anthony m.
Des Moines,iowa
On.the PX4 co2 air atlm
June 14, 2017
I collect air pistols and older hp calculators and probably fired just about every one if them manly crosman/ daisy/marksman , and alot more ..but this PX4 is a great one!, And deserves to be in any air gun collection
ProsIt speaks for it's self!
ConsFor some the safety might be a problem but that's a small crowd.. but I will say Beretta should had made it with more fps 500+!, Why they held back isn't can compare it against the Sig's and of the big names and it is a superior air pistol
By Richard
Milford, Massachusetts
uses co2 up fast
January 18, 2017
Handles nice, accurate and feel like a cartridge pistol when the slide recoils, but, safety is hard to engage and did engage. The one I got seems to misfire a lot. That is when you shoot the pellet stays in the magazine. I have a different pistol with the same style of magazine with less problems. Believe the "use no pointed pellets", I got the magazine stuck by mixing a few up with the others. Had to pry it out. Most of the pistols I have the magazine drops out too easily, I have had them drop out unexpectedly. This one does that too.
ProsFeels like a cartridge gun
ConsUnreliable and uses up co2 fast, safety hard to use.
By Matt
Chicago, IL
Good practice for novice shooters of the PX4 Storm firearm
December 5, 2016
Eye protection is a must.

The frame is composite plastic. But the real PX4 storm also has a composite frame. The slide is metal.
3 dot sight, just like the real one. Hammer feels and functions close to the real PX4.
The recoil is much lighter than a 9mm PX4, but it does a good job simulating it.
First shot double action, following shots single action. I can pull the trigger or the slide back for first shot single action.
The decocker does not function, so the trigger has to be released manually for double action once the slide cycled.
The trigger pull double action not as smooth as the real PX4, single action is pretty close if I don't let it reset to the first stage.
Slide lock and release also does not function on the left side. On the right side, slide lock is moved a bit back, and functions as a safety.
Very easy to load pellets. And once figured out, so is the CO2
It does fit my PX4 holsters nicely.
Overall, for beginner shooters of the PX4, or PX4 Compact that don't get out to the range very often (like my self) this is an inexpensive alternative to work on sight picture and trigger control. The feel is pretty close.
Pellets do not penetrate thin plywood, but they to bounce back. Safety glasses are a must. I did not use bbs, nor do I want to.
About 32 useful shots before pressure drops. About 50 shots total per CO2 cartridge. A bit over 1 per shot.

It's not as fun as shooting at the range, but I think this pellet gun can and will improve my fun at the range.

Now the other side.
If you have never shot anything other than a $30.00 daisy, you will enjoy this gun.

If you shoot high powered pellet rifles, quality airsoft, or paintball, you will not be impressed.
By Matty B.
So. Dartmouth, MA
November 22, 2016
. Accurate, comfort, great blowback, nice weight.
ConsPrice a little high should come with spare clip.
Gloucester Va.
November 21, 2016
nice blowback and price.
By Manuel R.
Brownwood Texas
Great Shooter
September 22, 2016
I bought this thinking why not, now I am very glad I did. This gun shoots fantastic, the blow back action makes you have to realign sight for second shot. Makes for realistic practice. I have sot over 500 pellets since I got it 2 weeks ago. I love shooting this gun.Also people complain about not getting many shots. Well I get an average of 50 hard hitting shots and 14 decent shots for total of 64 shots per co2. I shoot the 7.4 Crosman grain destroyer for first 32 shots then the RWS 7 grain wadcutters the other 32 shots.. This maintains consistent velocity and point of aim to the end of co2. So overall I am very happy with my PX4 Storm. I gave it 4 stars because the magazine release is way to easy. If you just touch it by accident the magazine drops out. So learn to shoot without touching the release button which is also not a bad idea for live fire shooting. I definitely recommend this gun for anyone looking for some realistic type shooting without the bang.
Prosgun it very realistic looking, weight is like a real gun, handles like a real one too. overall great feel and balance. very accurate at 10 yards and shoots great out to 20 yards.
Consmagazine release a little to sensitive. otherwise it would get 5 stars.
By Bill
kensington, CA
fun shooter
July 29, 2016
Fun to shoot, magazines are plastic which is annoying
Consplastic magazines
By John
Ithaca NY
A fine piece
June 24, 2016
This is a fine reproduction of the actual gun. It is innovative in its ability to fire pellets which need to be docked in order to fire, hence the wheel on the clip.
Excellent blowback. Well thought out system, one of my favorite guns.
ProsBeautiful replica with creative magazine mechanism. Nice blowback.
ConsOpen space in grip below clip (maybe original has this too). Makes the otherwise comfortable grip feel odd. Does allow quick reversal of clip for another 8 shots.
By Jake K.
Magazine ejecting - solved!
April 8, 2016
I have found that the magazine can easily eject itself when the gun is knocked. This is easy to fix. Remove the small black crosshead screw which retains the magazine release catch and pull out both halves of the catch. On the right hand side, see the tunnel through which the retaining screw locates. On the inner face of the tunnel is a moulded circular plastic ridge. Very gently file this down until the tunnel end is completely flat, with the ridge removed. Now the catch will go deeper into the butt, retaining the mazagine much more tightly.
ProsLight, positive action, double-ended magazine. Very fast to fire and easy to use. Good safety, easy to apply one-handed and really needs to hands to release - good safety move
ConsHeavy on gas - no more than 50 shots.. A weakness in the magazine release catch has a fix described above.
By Marjaana
, Finland, Ranua
The best air pistol you can get!
January 31, 2016
Amazingly accurate and really cant see the outer difference betveen the 9 millimeter pistol and this. Cheap, durable, accurate, very good replica!
ProsAccuracy, close to the gun it replicates, blowback action is great, mags work perfectly
By jim p.
now here's a gun
October 9, 2015
great shooter
Prosheavy real nice gun
By Majiik E.
Baltimore, Maryland
Great Pistol, Fast delivery. Two thumbs and big toes up.
October 2, 2015
Got my Px4 Storm today. (joy) it's branded (refurbished), but other than being able to tell that the previous user was left handed, the pistol appears new, not brand new, but new.
Shot a can and an orange juice jug, the speed and force from the pellet was extreme. If the weather was better, I would still be out there, shooting cans. The sights are slightly off but, that's a small thing to a giant. Trigger pull is gud, but I need to get used to it.
I truly want to babble on about how nice this pistol is, but, I WON'T. But, let me just say this. If you have one... You know that what I'm saying is true... If you don't have one... WHY NOT?
Prosalmost everything operation wise, shoots lovely, nice blowback and it feels good in the hand.
ConsThe safety is a bit annoying, needs a locking slide (open) , slide release should be working, needs a decocker,
By donye
September 9, 2015
By Don
Not Excited
July 24, 2015
I haven't brought this pistol out for over a year because of my disappointments. It's loud and, IMO, it's weak. Secondly or thirdly, get ready to got through some CO2 cartridges. It reminds me a bit of the old, cheap ink jet printer that I purchased that went through cartridges at a rapid rate. I can't blame anyone but, myself, of course. Would never buy another CO2 powered air gun. I'm very satisfied with Airgun Depot, though. They do deliver, expeditiously, what you order.
Consloud (metallic repeat) weak
By Igor D.
Chicago, Illinois
Awesome Pistol to start with!
July 15, 2015
Realy great gun. Before I bougth it I had a doubt about blowback system air efficiency, but it turned to be very acceptable - 64 shots per 1 CO2. Solid weight, but grip part could be heavier. Nice blowback for the first 16 shots, feels pretty much like real firearm. The only problem I had with this gun was the magazine release button, which whittled down a bit and self released the magazine after each shot. I unscrewed the button and filed down the little tip on a cylinder so it sits lower and that solved my problem.
ProsGood price CO2 Efficient (for a blowback gun) Sturdy Accurate Well built
ConsNon reliable plastic magazine release button (easy fixable)
By Chance
Dallas, TX
Great Buy; takes a lot of CO2
July 13, 2015
The appearance and realism of the gun is unmatchable. Although, the gun isn't very accurate, I set up a couple targets in my backyard and the iron sights on the gun were horrific, I'd recommend buying an under barrel laser attachment if you plan to shoot pellets. Other than that it's an outstanding product.... 4 stars
ProsGreat Price Outstanding Realism DOUBLE MAGAZINE (Both side 8 shots) Shoots pellets and BB (Although BB is more accurate) Realistic Blowback Drop Magazine Has the weight and feel of a real gun
ConsPellet shot is inaccurate Uses a lot of CO2
By Chris
Nice Beretta
June 30, 2015
the 380 fps is fine the beretta just don't have a long range shoot but overall it's a great gun
By cesarone
June 29, 2015
feels good and solid in my hand. its a quality built air gun for the price.
Prosgood quality build and materials used.
By Dean
Pensacola FL
mags jam
June 24, 2015
Bought one for grandson, after 3th magazine mag stuck in gun and had to return it. Received replacement and 4th shot with new gun , had same problem. Returning for different brand
Consheavy trigger pull, mags jamed
By Brian
May 29, 2015
I love this thing. Its built very solid. I get thru roughly 3 1/2- 4 magazines per Co2. Great trigger. Accuracy is not bad. I can put a whole mag in a can at 30'.
ProsVery nice piece. Solid built
ConsTuff saftey, but i guess thats the reason for em
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
Great Gun for the Price
May 3, 2015
I love collecting guns, I have 12 so far, this is one of my favorite Pistols, Been shooting it almost everyday for last couple months. I find it to be pretty accurate, more accurate then my Colt 1911 22LR at 10 Yards. It looks real, feels real, has a nice kick to it with the blowback, and makes a nice "Crack" when you fire it, little louder then most my other Air Pistols and like that. Only issue so far after 2000+ Rounds is the springs on the magazine that hold it in the gun are giving out and not holding the mag in the gun. Would recommend if you buy this gun to not load the mag until your ready to fire the gun, the springs will last longer.
ProsLook, Feel, accuracy, kick, fun.
ConsEats C02 pretty quick, I get around 50 shots per Cartridge. And after a while the springs on the mag wear out, not to big of a deal though, mags are cheap.
By Kiran
As good as the real firearm
March 27, 2015
This pistol is as good as firing a real fire arm. The best part I love in this is its blow back. The recoil gives a solid feeling of the power and gun. Also its accurate at 10 mts distance. Easy to load BBs and pellets.

Always buy extra magazine to have more fun with this beauty.
ProsEasy to load ammo Easy to shoot. Gives a real gun feeling Solid recoil as good as fire arm This is really a best pistol for the price
ConsTo very to easy to load CO2. It takes more time to load CO2 cylinder and lock it. The sights are not so great and so the accuracy matters. Only for plinking
By Holly
nice gun
March 25, 2015
bought few months ago and have shot a few times still cold here in N,E, so velocity is down but over all gun is made well and true to the real gun, accuracy is good though goes through c02 quick due to the blow back. Gun is fun to shoot and well worth the money
Prostrue to real gun weight and feel
Consco2 goes quick
By Thomas
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
To much fun to even begin to explain but a must have!!
March 5, 2015
This gun gives a real life shooting experience.
By sandra m.
atlanta ga
Love this and I have never owned an air gun
January 28, 2015
So easy to use. But becareful, this looks like the real deal. So could be mistaken for an actual gun. But easy to shoot, still learning how to use it so far I love it.
ProsEasy to use. Uses both bbs or pellets
ConsLooks like real gun needs something to distinguish that's it is ait gun
By dave
Bakersfield, CA
PX4- On the Money
January 1, 2015
Realistic weight and feel. This PX-4 adds realism to my pistol practice without spending extra money on going to the range and ammo. This model makes it possible to practice in my back yard and still have a solid feel to it.
By John
Gainesville, Fl
Nice gun but their are better ones available.
December 29, 2014
Like the gun, the feel and accuracy but it continues to fire when it's out of ammo wasting co2. The price is good and it shoots both bb's and pellets.
ProsNice solid feel, good balance, shoots 16 rounds by flipping the clip. Shoots bb' and pellets.
ConsContinues to fire when out of ammo wasting co2 gas.
By John
La Mesa, CA
One Smooth Gun!!!!
November 29, 2014
Great gun with an excellent trigger pull and very realistic blow-back. This is a must for every collection. Very accurate and one of the few guns that shoots both pellets and BB's. Buy extra magazines!! Soo much fun to shoot!!
ProsThe 3 dot sights, the smooth trigger and the very realistic blow back. I was shooting empty shotgun shell casing from about 12 yards (36-40 feet)
By Xander
Corona, CA
Extremely Realistic
November 17, 2014
This gun had very good preformance and was very accurate. The blowback on it was extremely realistic and I would highly recommend this as a substitute for weapons training.
By Daniel E.
Georgia USA
October 31, 2014
Great product for the price!
By Jim
Western Oklahoma
Beretta Storm
October 23, 2014
Realistic weight and feel. This PX-4 adds realism to my pistol practice without spending a lot of money on .40 cal ammo. Also can practice in my back yard instead of going to a range and spending more money.
Prosweight and feel, and flip-over magazine.
By dillon
i own one and love it
September 20, 2014
once you buy one you will be satisfied with the durability and the functioning of the gun. This is not a cheaply made gun, well worth the money
By OG E.
July 29, 2014
Great shoots bbs and pellets but needs to hold more ammo
By Edward
Awesome pistol
July 8, 2014
This is my second Co2 pistol from Airgun depot. I'm a newcomer to the Co2 powered air guns and it has become a passion. I base my buying decisions solely on the description and ratings that Airgun depot provides. I have yet to be disappointed. The PX-4 Storm is weighted properly. The craftsmanship is top notch. Functionality and accuracy is what you would expect from the actual firearm made by Beretta. I have firsthand knowledge since Beretta has been my trusty sidearm during my deployments. I will continue to buy from you folks...your customer service and especially your lightning fast shipping has me hooked.
ProsWeighted just right with outstanding blow back. Trigger pull is dead-on for me. No problems with accuracy.
ConsNot enough time in the day to shoot at targets.
By Deborah
Weston, FL
June 12, 2014
i have good times with it
Prosits great and fun to use
Consuses a lot of co2
By Fred
Northern Maine
Worth the price
March 30, 2014
I've barely used the gun, but I've been asked to give the review. I can only say at this point that it is fun to shoot with the blow back action and it's a nice-feeling gun to shoot. The white dots on the sights are helpful, but I wouldn't consider it too accurate at 22'. It seems like a quality pistol that is quite realistic. Got about 50 or so good shots; kept firing, but power faded over the next 10 shots.
By Mark
Morton Grove, IL
Nice pistol for the price
February 14, 2014
I wanted to get this pistol because of the blow-back feature in a pellet gun. The instructions not great, but standard for the price point. The pistol is mostly all metal. Feels very hefty in hand. The magazine is like the Daisy/Winchester stick with a rotary magazine on each end, and gives you 8 shots each. The CO2 cartridge loads into the grip and provides added weight. Both single and double action, and single manual safety. The slide functions like it should, but does not remove from what I can see. The trigger has a good feel, crisp break, and in single action is very good. Trigger actually feels like it has a two step operation. Applying the safety de-cocks the hammer. The sights are not adjustable, and that is too bad. Very wide rear aperture may have been designed to make up for this flaw, so that you can adjust your sight picture for the particular pistol. The blow-back feature does take a lot of CO2 pressure, so that the canisters do not last more than 50 or so shots. I found that with a fresh CO2 cartridge the force of blow back is very high. And this does diminish after 15 shots or so. I find that I am consistently shooting to the right and slightly high with a fresh CO2, and while I admit it could be my technique, I am suspicious that the blowback is faster than the pellet can leave the barrel, so there is a significant tendency to pull up, and cause the shot to hit high (depending on your own tendency). Not having fired a real pistol of this type, I cannot say if the blow back effect is properly mirrored by this. After about 24 shots, the CO2 pressure drops off so that the blow back becomes very tame, and the muzzle much more controllable. Perhaps after further break in this will change. I have the Walther CP88 4" barrel, with no blow back, and that pistol is dead on accurate. You get what you pay for. I have the Colt Air soft blowback 1911, and that is a fantastic shooter, with much more consistent blowback but firing lower fps and plastic bbs. In this case I wanted the blow back feature in a pellet gun, and that is what it delivers. I am not sure if the accuracy problem is with me or the gun, and it may be that it is me more than the gun. If anything, if I can learn to control the blow-back of this pistol, then it will have done its job.
ProsVery nice heavy metal construction, with excellent look and feel. Blow back operation is cool. Fires pellets, low cost.
ConsQuickly depleted CO2 and this leads to a Variable blow-back effect due to the loss of pressure. Fixed sights.
By Steve
Birmingham, AL
My 1st Pellet/BB Pistol and I really like it.
January 16, 2014
I am very happy with it. Put over 2,000 rounds through it since December 1st, 2013. Pretty good accuracy and lots of fun to shoot. It occasionally "throws" a shot off target, maybe 12 to 15 inches. Does not happen on every magazine, but it happens often enough to make me believe it is the gun and not me. Could have something to do with the low cost pellets that I use or the way they are loaded. Not bad enough for me to give it a "Con." The "blow back" action is cool and worth the extra CO2 in my opinion. Rapid fire is not possible because it takes three or four seconds for the pressure to build back up after a shot. (I understand that this is the same with ALL CO2 pistols, not just this one). I get 4 %u2013 16 round magazines (64 shots) on one CO2 cartridge. You can get 5 or 6 magazines, but it shoots really weak after 4. Bought 7 extra magazines, which gives me a total of 8. I load them while I watch TV, then they are ready when I get ready to shoot. I have already recommended this gun to a good friend.
ProsLot of fun for a pretty modest investment.
ConsNone, other than the normal limits of CO2.
By choco
px 4 storm nice pistol
December 17, 2013
wow! impressed me with the first magazine (16 shots) new co2 bottle,very powerful at first loud bang first 8 shots, co2 held up well for the first 3 magazines. shot at 9 1/4 yards distance good and accurate. shot nice 2" groups first magazine and as I went on for the 2nd and 3rd mag my shot groups got closer. shot a little high and to the right I used some cheap daisy precision max pointed had to push the pellet in the plastic clip so it wouldn't fall out.
with the new co2 cartridge I got about 50 good strong shots the last 8 shots the blow back wouldn't engage the hammer I needed to do it manually to finish off the magazine. I think its a very nice pistol fully loaded with co2 cartridge and fully loaded magazine it weighs the same as the real firearm, THE FIRST PX4 STORMS made by Umarex had the slide catch which would hold the slide back the newer versions do not have the slot on the slide, if Umarex would have left this option on the px 4 it would have made it more realistic.
Prosnice pistol shoots a little high and to the right umarex should have added adjustable sights
Consblow back runs through co2 fast, umarex eliminated the slide catch on the slide on the newr versions
By Dave
Los Angeles, CA
Great gun!
November 21, 2013
Great size and weight. Very portable. Wonderful clip.
ProsGood for plinking and general use. Feels good on your belt in the holster. Truly a great value for this much pistol.
ConsI only give it a 4 star rating as the gun burns through C02. I expected it; not a problem
By Jerry
Beretta PX4 Storm Blow-Back
November 15, 2013
Received PX-4 refurbished the other day. Had to get pellets and Co2, forgot to order with the gun. Put a new cyl. in and loaded the clip and I was off and running.
Gun works fine. The blow-back action works great so far. Don't even know It's a refurb. unit. The sights are off a little but not a real problem.
If you get a chance to try one I think you will be surprised at how well it performs with pellets or BBs.
ProsEasy to load and fire.
ConsA little hard for me to turn the cyl. thumb screw with my big fingers. Not a real big deal, just takes a second longer.
By Spencer
Raleigh, NC
Think I got a refurbished model
November 9, 2013
When I got the gun out of the stupid plastic box the ones that you need a nuclear explosion to open the gun looked real shot straight plus it came with 500 pellets however within a few weeks I ran out of ammo and looked into buying bbs a lot less expensive and they fit the gun so I thought what do I got to lose however I bought steel core bbs without knowing and it harmed the rifling inside and now the damn thing can't hit the broad side of a barn plus when it dose hit something the bbs bounce back and hit you (very painful) and I have several welts from where I wasn't even on the receiving end it seems I'm getting more hurt than the target plus the magazine is plastic and doesn't stay in the gun so when i shoot the recoil knocks the mag out and leaving me wasting 10 cents of Co2
Prosgreat price if you get a working one comes with 500 RSW pellets
Consbullets bounce back and harms you more than the target (very under powered) DONT USE STEEL CORE BBS despite the box saying that it uses bbs don't trust it it ruins the rifling in the barrel making it very very very inaccurate magazine doesn't stay in its slot when you shoot recoil knocks it out of the gun wish it came with another magazine 16 shots isn't really enough you need about 2 more mags know issues about it gobbling up Co2 its actually really loud I don't know if that's your think or not but its pang is really annoying its not a nice noise its like metal scraping against metal needs gun oil worth the 2 bucks buy a bottle will last you a life time small differences between the real thing and this I wish it had a slide locking feature and I wish the safety wasn't "fake" (there is a real safety but there is a fake one on the slide that always on fire) even more under powered when Co2 is low there are too many cons to make this gun worth the money buy something from Gamo I've heard from friends that they make the best air guns on the market
By Efrain
Pompano Beach, FL
November 9, 2013
First I would like to commend on Airgun Depot and it's customer service, fast shipping and personal attention. This company is at the same level as Amazon in customer service and attention, I have had excellent experience with both. Secondly, I have to say that this pistol arrived in AS NEW CONDITION, no scratches, looks like new out of the box. It shoots with a lot of power and it's only a matter of getting used to the sights and aiming which will determine accuracy. As far as the power is concerned, it is very powerful and I know I'll be able to "scare" predator animals from my yard. I recommend purchasing this pistol to every one since a refurbished saved me $30 and it works perfectly. Be sure to follow all safety instructions and please, oil the tip of the CO2 cylinder for a tight, leakage free seal. Enjoy and have fun.
ProsVery powerful, reliable and precise. With two clips (the one with the pistol and an additional one at $10) it is a lot of fun for continuous shooting. Weapon feels almost like a real one and the blow back action is amazingly real. The look of it is identical to a real one, excellent replica.
ConsNon found yet.
By Pedro
Quincy, MA
must have
October 5, 2013
I love this gun, have had for years, now buying a second. I have 4 extra magazines to make the fun last that much longer. It's a perfect pellet replica. Blow back is an add on. Good to have 1 in your collection.
Proseveything !
San Jose CA.
September 17, 2013
Well, I purchased this about a year or so ago. Looked like new out of the Box, However after 200 or so rounds the Magazine would fall down and not fire the next round. I would have to push the magazine back in the handle to get it to work again and of course what I was trying shoot had Flown away. It "ALWAYS" shot off target, I would have to Aim Low and to the bottom Right to be close to Target. At Times it would Miss Fire / Not shoot the pellet and once again the Target had Flown away????? It Now Sits on the Bench as a Thing of the Past. I don't use it any more!
ProsLooks REAL, I would be careful showing it off, It could be easily mistaken for the REAL THING! Nice Looking, Cool Blow Back Operation Like the real one.
ConsEven at the Discount Price for the Refurb, I would have expected it to be More accurate and not have the Issues it does. Not sure what to buy from this experience as I am just Burning my $$$$$$ up. Just Not worth the Trouble. Would NEW have been any Better???? I have no idea, However, I just don't think so. Sorry. I can not and won't recommended this Product.
By Sergio
Iquique, Chile
August 21, 2013
Very good buy, exceeded all my expectations.
By Dennis W.
Tacoma WA
Beretta Storm
July 20, 2013
At first sight, the gun looks like the real thing. It is an intimidating replica for someone that would be looking at it from the other end.
ProsVery sturdy and more accurate than expected for a hand held pellet pistol.
ConsThe predator polymag .177 caliber pellets will not fit into the 16 pellet clip. The plastic tips that protrude in front of the pellets makes the pellets too long for the clip.
By Bruce
Wonderful Blow-back pistol
April 26, 2013
Gives the true feeling of an actual handgun. Great for practicing draw and targeting at the fraction of the price of going to the range.
ProsSturdy construction (not cheap). Feel and weight solid. More than just a plinker.
By Richard
Remsenburg, NY
Extremely realistic gun
April 11, 2013
A solidly built replica of the Beretta PX-4. Fires and feels like the real thing. Not made out of cheap plastic. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Accuracy was a little off but I've only fired several rounds and will try other pellets when I get a chance.
ProsSolid Reasonable price Very realistic Fun
By Gene
Vallejo, CA
April 2, 2013
The fixed sights on this gun just plain take all the fun out of owning it. It is not as accurate as people say, if they shot an accurate gun they would never go back to this junk.
By Paul
Cape Cod, MA
Nice gun
March 9, 2013
This is a real nice gun. It is nice quality, looks like the real thing, and has a nice weight and feel. The gun is accurate and I like the blowback feature. The mechanism to install the cartridges is a little tricky to get right so you are not wasting air. With the rifled barrel, I have only shot pellets and found it to to work every time, no misfires or jams using the Gamo 177 match wad utter pellets. Everyone who has tried it has been impressed by it. A good gun for your collection!
ProsNice quality Looks and feels like the real thing Blowback feature Excellent value for the money
ConsMechanism for CO2 cartridge installation is tricky.
By tewcifer
santa clarita, ca
looks and feels like the real deal
March 5, 2013
Reliable and solid air pistol. Great for target shooting and teaching someone the ins and out of shooting.
By David
McKinney, TX
Super Fun, Low Price
February 1, 2013
This pistol is too much fun! It's inexpensive, true to the real thing, and quite accurate. It has a bit more plastic than I expected, but it is stout and has top quality molding. There is no sprew, no marks, no finish irregularities - it's an amazing molding/finishing job. It is metal where it counts. All in all, a quality pistol (made in Japan), and well worth the money.

The magazine is an elongated rectangular plastic unit with a built-in rotating 8-shot cylinder-type mag at each end. Simply load each end with pellets, eject, flip and insert the other way for the second round of 8. The mag wheels are plastic and not removable, so if you purchase this one, I'd get an extra mag or two. It's just too much fun.

The Co2 cartridge sits in the handle, inserted through a pop-off cover on the rear of the hand grip. Inside the Co2 chamber, is a threaded wheel to adjust the tightness of the seal on the Co2 cartridge. Piercing is accomplished by the fixed-length turn of the bottom latch attached to the grip. The inner adjustment wheel makes certain that you can fully seal the cartridge with the 1/2 turn of the bottom-grip lock. You'll get much more use out of the Co2 cartridges if you put a spot of RWS Chamber Oil (silicon based) on the tip of the Co2 cartridge before inserting it.

It is lighter than most in its class, and from a hobbyist's point of view, it looks like one of the safer pellet pistols for younger novice shooters.

It is packed in an American-style, hermetically sealed, theft-deterrent, industrial strength plastic bubble pack (the kind that will flay your hands upon cutting open, without care). It comes with no case of any kind, no ammo, no Co2 (obviously). However, all these are cheap and easy to acquire.

I bought this Beretta along with the Sig Sauer P226 x-Five from Airgun Depot, to see what these entry-level Co2 pistols were like. Both are quite reasonably priced, but really, they are two different animals. The SIG (Taiwan) has more metal, but I cannot say its build is quite as good as the Beretta. The SIG is smooth bore, and steel BB's only, but is every bit as accurate as the rifled-barrel Beretta. The SIG is slightly more costly. The Beretta is lighter, and allows for both pellets and steel BBs (which I'm not certain I'd do, given the rifled barrel).

I shot it the night I received it, and it was 25 degrees F outside. I did not notice any decreased propulsion account of the cold. Shooting at night with floodlights, it still put all rounds in the standard pellet rifle target at 5 yards, with zero evidence of drop.

Very good gun, and I'd do it again.

All of mine come from Airgun Depot, and I'm more than delighted with their prices and service.
ProsVery low price for this class of pistol, excellent quality, and excellent accuracy.
ConsGetting it out of the thief-proof industrial-strength package without bleeding to death.
By Dennis
Cherry Valley, MA
Nice air pistol for the $
January 18, 2013
I have used this gun just for picking the chip monks off my wife's bird feeder, however I did note 2 times when you load the clip on either end & center some times with out you knowing one fragment / pellets would fall into the gun. As always you should use this gun as if it was a real fire arm. I took the clip out and looked very close into the clip on each end, and no pellets were in the clip. I noted 2 pellets were inside the gun. This was not safe,why ? did I ck this, I found a diffrence in the co2 power noise. I pointed it to a safe place down on the deck and fired the gun & yes both fragments came right out. The only way this could have happend is just the movement of the gun the pellets fell out into the gun. With the above absorbed, just counting 8 on each side it was gun safety that paid off in this case. I looked very close to see if the clip had any cracks none were found.
ProsThe gun is nice looking & on target feels good to hold. I had no issues with the CO2 loading when you load it tighten with your thumb on top of each other and when you close up the bottom tab in place you will be good to go.
ConsThe handle is not a tight fit & yes eats up a lot of CO2 as most of them do anyway. Please be aware of the clip loader as I informed you.
By Tom
Winston-Salem, NC
Great Value, poor accuracy.
December 15, 2012
I was expecting a referb to be good as new except maybe blemishes. I hope the new ones are more accurate than this. Close examination shows that the blowback action, which is really cool, reduces the accuracy due to the front sight being moved (in relation to the barrel) every time it fires. I'll keep since it is "close" to the target but mainly because it is so "close" to the real weapon. The look, weight, feel, single and double action is really remarkable. Using BB's or pellets is cool too! This item when new, costs quite a bit more. This one is reduced due to refurb and is also on sale.
ProsThe look, weight, feel, single and double action is really remarkable. Using BB's or pellets is cool too!
ConsThe blowback action, which is really cool, reduces the accuracy due to the front sight being moved (in relation to the barrel) every time it fires.
By Mona
Hammond, in
nice pistol...
December 8, 2012
I'm happy with what I purchased. However, when I saw that I had been double charged, it made me not want to order from them again. Issue was resolved but too much unnecessary time wasted.
By francesco
Limache, Chile
good gun
November 18, 2012
I'm surprised with the grip, weight and shot. The accuracy is ok!
ConsCould have more joules to enjoy.
By Paul
Lake Forest, CA
Beretta PX4 Storm Co2 BB and Pellet Pistol
November 4, 2012
I am very pleased with this pellet pistol. It delivers high velocity for a handgun. This weapon met all my requirements - High velocity at 480fps, semi-automatic with 8 round quick release magazines, rails for mounting my laser sights and reasonably priced at Airgun Depot.
ProsGreat looking and realism.
ConsOccasionally a round does not launch and remains in the clip. I does not jam though, after 400 rounds.
By J
Great piece!
October 4, 2012
I bought the PX4 to practice without having to go to a shooting range. It is a great looking toy and shoots great. I own two real Beretta and this one comes so close to the them that it feels like you are handling the real thing.
ProsLooks real, shoots great, and feels great.
ConsHaven't find one
By Benjamin M.
New York
A very realistic gun
September 25, 2012
Nice and it shoots all kinds of pellets and BB's.
ConsCover for the magazine
By smallguns
very good
September 23, 2012
I love this gun the blowback is awesome. Can't wait to buy more. I highly recommend!
ProsEverything, there is nothing I don't like about it.
By Fausto
El Paso Tx
Beretta Px4 Storm
September 19, 2012
This is one of the best Co2 pistols I have ever shot.
One Co2 canister last about four clips.
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