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CO2 Pistols

When you want to mix things up and add something a little different to your arsenal than you might already have on hand, our selection of CO2 air pistols is a great addition worth considering.
These are one of our customers’ favorites and for a few great reasons. Customers love our wide selection of CO2 pistols because of how much fun they are to shoot. Most of these pistols are semi-automatic and fire BBs, pellets or both. With one 12-gram CO2 cartridge, you can usually get about 40-60 shots. You'll also find a large selection of replica pistols, both modern and historic. They look and feel just like the real thing, but the cost of ammo and CO2 is a fraction of firearm ammo. If you're looking for a fun pistol plinker or a historic replica, a CO2 bb pistol is perfect for plinking in the yard, target practice or just having fun. But remember that CO2 is very temperature sensitive and for best results shoot your CO2 pistols when the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Aside from this aspect, CO2 air pistols are a favorite option for shooting fun that is easy to handle for both beginners and more experienced shooters.

We offer a range of options for adding CO2 air pistols to your collection. Choose from your favorite brands on the market today such as Colt, Crosman, Winchester, and many more for performance you can count on. Choose from several differences in the details on these CO2 air pistols such as different power plants, firing modes, velocities, and more to get the right fit for your skill level and preferences. Whether looking for a revolver style with a throwback style or a more modern and updated style, there is an airgun in this collection for your needs. Add one to your collection today and get back in on the action with your new addition!
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