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Colt Defender BB Pistol

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The Colt Defender BB Pistol has an all metal construction and a built in 16-shot BB magazine. The spring powered grip release and the CO2 compartment in the grip make this pistol extremely easy to operate. A fixed blade front sight makes aiming a breeze.

Colt Defender BB Pistol Features
  • Looks & feels like the Colt Defender compact 1911 firearm
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges (fits in the grip)
  • Built-in 16-shot BB magazine
  • Fixed front & rear sights
  • All-metal construction
  • Double-action only
  • Accessory rail under the barrel
  • Unique grip release to access CO2 cartridge
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Colt Defender BB Pistol
83 Reviews
63% (52)
20% (17)
13% (11)
2% (2)
1% (1)
65% Recommend this product (54 of 83 responses)
By Ferd
Good looking.
November 22, 2019
Nice solid pistol. Simple and easy. At my age, accuracy is more my issue than the hardware.
By Jim S.
Chicago Metro
A great choice
August 13, 2019
I was not looking for a lookalike gun when I chose the Defender. I have eight real handguns so that was not my purpose. It was the best package for what I needed and that was to put a lot of steel on my targets. My targets being, stray dogs, racoons, coyotes and feral cats on my property. And for that purpose the Defender is great. It is very accurate and hits hard, it also holds a charge for a long time, so I feel confident at 11pm when I spot some intruder on my patio and pick up the Defender that it will work. Can't ask for more than that.
ProsAccurate, hits hard, holds a charge.
Best UsesTarget shooting, varmint hunting.
By Dave
Grand Rapids, MI
The Colt Defender I bought about three years ago turned out to be lightweight plastic, like a squirt gun. Broke soon. Bummer. Bummed.e a squirt gun.
June 25, 2019
Would not buy cheap plastic crap again.
ProsLooks OK.
Best Uses?
By Dave
Colt Defender BB Pistol
December 13, 2018
Very pleased with this gun. Weight is just right, looks good, pretty accurate, and all metal construction
I have 3 co2 pistols and this one is my favorite.
Good on co2 usage
ProsAll metal. Nice weight. Good co2 usage. Pretty accurate from 30 ft
ConsNon-eject magazine so you can't buy extra magazines for it
By christian
detroit mi
good gun
November 8, 2018
what bbs do it use?
Best Usesshootin
By Ed
Nice airgun
September 26, 2018
For the price is a good airgun,
Well made , the co2 lasts a long time
By Derrel T.
What a deal
July 3, 2018
This pistol will,remind you of an actual hand gun. Great balance and accuracy
ProsFeels good in your hand
Best UsesTarget practice
By Jenny
Noord/Tanki Leendert, ARUBA
Nice gun
January 15, 2018
Looks like the real thing. Very nice and feels good in the hand. Did not test it yet but will review after that.
By Ronald F.
Great item.
December 27, 2017
Quality item at a great price.
By Romilio
Arcadia, Florida
Poor Manufacturing
December 25, 2017
The gun is great, I enjoyed shooting it and all but after about the third time i went to reload the gun, the slide broke. By this I mean that whatever keeps the slide from sliding out, is broken. It is now very uncomfortable to shoot.
By Dominique
Charlotte, North Carolina
It's amazing
October 18, 2017
The Colt Defender is a great bb gun. It shoots amazing. Me and my friend shoot everything with it.
By Paul F.
Beeville, TX
Colt Defender BB gun
August 14, 2017
The only item I want to get is the one I can not get. I ordered an Air Veturi 4500 air compressor weeks ago and I am still waiting. I need this compressor to power up my brand new PCP air gun. With the demand for these compressors someone should be making them someplace. Give me the address of the plant. I will drive there and pick one up myself. I will be happy to review it.
ProsLike the new arrangement for the BB mag and the power caplet. It looks good and feels good in the hand.
ConsI have some doubts about the guns accuracy, but that could be me. I am not a good pistol shot.
By Hank M.
Citra, Florida
Great little pistol to practice with!
February 10, 2017
Good little gun to practice up close targets. Does jam if overfed with BBs. The grip is somewhat flimsy and does not always lock securely. Really like the overall look, weight and feel. Not a toy, does hit the target with a good bit of power for such a small pistol. I do not recommend waving this around Law Enforcement do to the Authentic nature of the piece.
ProsGood up close plinker!
ConsJams on full BB loads.
By Mar
Great for the price
November 23, 2016
Good gun for the buck! Feels like real gun!
ProsFeeks like real gun! Like the weight. Like the accuracy!
ConsMust be extra careful when closing or you could break the handle sliding door. Could be a bit more powerful.
By Tod G.
Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Nice weight,decent quality,poor accuracy...
November 22, 2016
First of, don't take this review as being a BAD one... because I actually like this pistol. I did purchase the refurbished unit, so I expected some signs of repair or finish issues. I DID NOT see anything to suggest that this pistol was refurbished. Very nice finish and as I opened the grip panel to load the CO2 everything seemed fine. I like the way the BBs are loaded into the pistols frame instead of having a magazine.. actually very easy to load compared to others. Then went to slide the grips back forward to conceal the CO2.. That is where I would say there is an improvement needed,the latch on the release doesn't hold up to the spring force that is in the grips action to open the slide. I suppose that a person could take the spring out and use it without . But the grip has a tendency to open because the spring is too strong or the release latch is too weak. Now on to using the pistol. It has plenty of power I would guess at approx. 425 fps. Definitely enough to go through vegetable cans at 15 ft. Now as for the accuracy.. Mine shoots low and right and since sights are not adjustable.. you will have to compensate. But really, for the price I paid and the value I got . I am completely happy. This is one of many products that I have purchased from And I always am satisfied. The customer service is very good and the shipping time is usually 2-3 days. By the way this pistol non-refurb goes for around $60.00 almost anywhere.. I paid $30.00 for the refurb on sale. Like I said ... Completely happy!!
ProsMetal construction, nice finish and abundant power. Nice weight to it and fells good in hand. Not bad on CO2 consumption. Probably about 80 rounds per CO2 powerlet.
ConsNon adjustable sights. Poor engineering on the sliding grip for the CO2 storage. Great idea, just bad execution. Spring is too strong or release catch is too weak. But the trigger feels ok and the safety works well. None of these Cons were "unexpected"except for the grip release issue.
By Mike
New Port Ritchey,FL
Looks new
November 7, 2016
Tjhis is my second refurbished Defender. This gun looked new I couldn't see
any signs it was a refurb. My son has shot the one I got him least 2,500 rounds
without any only a week.I have purchased many refurbs without any probs..
ProsInternal 20 rd mag .gets a lot of shots,mostly metal
ConsNone I have found
By paul r.
good starter gun
November 7, 2016
I was surprised with the accuracy of this gun
Proskeeping the gun on a soft shot makes it a good starter gun
Consthe gun doesn't shoot hard enough,2 co2 cartriges would help
By Norm P.
miami, Fl.
As advertised
October 28, 2016
This colt defender has the heft of the real piece and has smooth action. its balance is perfect and when i use it for target practice it hels me with my pistol shooting (the real type) Thanks AirgunDepot.
Prosas above...
By Peter
Palatine, IL
5 years and finally broke.
October 16, 2016
I loved this gun but had to order a replacement today. Last week after about 5 years the screw that the co2 cartridge sets into at the seal broke in 1/2. Nobody seems to care when I send e-mails asking if I can buy a replacement. Gun worked flawlessly until this happened. The sliding handle you need to open to replace cartridge and reload the BBS is a little cheesy and comes off after use but you get used to it. Great feel and packs a good pinch for a co2 BB pistol. I wish I could have gotten the part to fix the one I have but no luck, no response from Umarex or anyone else. I guess under $10 a year for the gun is not a bad deal.
ProsGreat feel, good power, fairly good accuracy once you get used to how it shoots.
ConsSet screw where the co2 cartridge rests in will eventually break in 1/2 and nobody cares to help you get a new part. Handle is a little cheesy.
By Jim
Milwaukee, wi
Nice gun for the price.
October 3, 2016
I ordered this pistol, just because I liked the looks, It shoots fairly hard, I can't commet on the accuracy, as I have bad eye sight, also, it has nice weight to it. I just wish that it has more power . It is a nice gun over all..
ProsNice looking, good power.
ConsToo much things molded in.
September 15, 2016
I purchased this for my son and right out of packing it worked flawlessly
He had no problems and no jams.
ProsAll metal, Built in bb clip, Has a nice feel to it
ConsNone"I wasn't crazy about the packaging that's all
By Vincent
San Francisco, CA
Colt Defender BB PIstol a Thumbs Up!
September 7, 2016
Recently bought another BB pistol for more $$ from another online website which I haven't been thrilled by. I saw the AirGunDepot ad for this item & took a chance. This pistol is an absolute bargain.
Compared to the other major brand BB pistol this Colt is metal and looks like the real thing. As for being "refurbished" my gun arrived wihtout a scratch and looks as though brans spankin' new. It also functions flawlessly and much better than the "new BB pistol I purchased elsewhere. For this price you'd better buy one before they run out.
ProsMetal construction, dynamite looks and operates smoothly without any glitches.
ConsAbsolutely nothing negative I can say about this pistol.
By vincent
millbrae, CA
Whoa! Colt Defender BB pistol a Bargain.
August 22, 2016
Saw a sale on a "refurbished" Colt Defender BB pistol at a ridiculous price thru Airgun Depot. The picture looked great and a few reviews peaked my interest. Got it few days ago and it is a great looking pistol and finish and for being "refurbished" looks brand new with no marks/scratches of any kind. I recently bought another bargain pistol on sale for close to twice what the Colt Defenser cost and there is no comparison - this is something all guys will like once they see it. Design is very simple & good and same velocity as a CO2 pistol I just paid 4-X's as much for [specs say 440 FPS but independent tests say close to 500 FPS for first 10-12 shots on a fresh CO2 cartridge [Nice!].
ProsLooks, solid construction, simple design.
ConsNone so far -really like it.
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
Three Star Pistol
August 18, 2016
I bought the refurbished model on a lightning deal. The gun looks brand new out of the sturdy box and bubble-wrapped bag. I actually prefer this method of packaging over the hard plastic formed containers being used on most pistols. The Colt is really a nice looking little gun, worth having on that basis alone for the price. It feels nice to hold, good weight, trigger fits my hand. The handle is designed to slide open to expose the CO2 loading space and on the other side of the handle, the built-in BB clip. That's where the problems with mine began. First, the handle popped off the spring that pushes it out. It pushed the handle right off its track. Easy enough to reinstall, just be careful when pushing the spring release button from now on. OK, that's solved, now let's load the BBs. The top of the spring slide tab doesn't protrude enough to get a fingernail on it to move it down to the detent space that holds it open. I use the tool that came with my CZ75 to hold it down and lock it. I loaded the BBs easy enough, clipped the handle back in place, took it off safe, and fired. I couldn't find the first few holes in the target, but moved to 10 feet, fired again and discovered they were very low. I installed a small laser, started again, and got a shotgun pattern in the first four shots. Then the gun started shooting blanks. I opened the handle, brought the spring down, the BB string straightened out, released the spring, and fired the next 10 with no issues. I did that several times. Several times the gun stopped shooting the BBs until the last 8-10 BBs fired with no issues. I learned not to load with more than 10-12 BBs for trouble free operation. Accuracy was poor, even with the laser. I'm not the best shot, but I'm not bad either. I have 29 pistols. This one is near the bottom of the list in accuracy. Most guns have a personality; this one does too, for sure. I'll figure it out. Not sure what to do about the accuracy issue, and the other stuff is not a reason to return this one. Three stars out of five, minus one for accuracy, minus another for the fiddly nature of the handle and the misfires.
ProsGood looks, nice to hold, pretty good trigger.
ConsHandle slide is a good idea, not well-executed on my pistol. BBs tend to misfire when the clip is filled to capacity. Needs a laser for any kind of accuracy, and even at that, not so good. Recommended only if you are looking for a bargain, but a Daisy 426 or 415, Baby Desert Storm or Brodax are better choices for about the same amount of cash.
By Arizonian
Metal conducts & hold cold as well as heat
May 14, 2016
Had the gun for over a year fired several thousand rounds through it. Usually great shooting, but take note the Co2 will cool the gun quickly making it shoot like a pea-shooter. I usually use two pistols &/or a hair dryer. Yes run the dryer on the METAL gun briefly, and the little bit of inconvenience will pay off greatly. Get it on sale, it still only a bb gun.
ProsAuthentic sometimes to a fault, shoots great.
ConsThey are not real & they break easily, if you can't repair it, throw them out. It doesn't pay to have it fixed and you could get hurt. The machine pistol, I converted into the meanest looking rifle type machine gun. It feel once, and took months to get it workable.. Forget umarex they are not sending you replacement parts. make one or break it. The p-38 if it comes off the slide like my real one, good luck the company is not going to tell you anything (liability) maybe some nice person (guy) on the web might help you. Loading is over complicated. learn
By Matt
Lancaster, NY
Great little gun!
April 27, 2016
I have had this gun for around five years now. I have since then started collecting higher end CO2 pistols. Although this gun has no blowback action and no working parts, it's still one of my favorites in my collection. The all metal body gives it a realistic weight and feel. The BB's and CO2 are very easy to load. I actually wish the spring loader for the BBs on my more expensive pistols were as easy to operate as this one. It hits targets hard at over 400fps and is very accurate. It's one of the smallest pistols you can get that is all metal and has a good solid feel to it. At $50 or less you can not beat it. And in my opinion blows away other pistols in this price range and, some even more expensive. Happy to have it in my collection!
By Richard D.
Gold Canyon, AZ
Disappointing for Colt
April 20, 2016
I liked the gun at first, looks good, shoots good, feels good. But after the first co2, every other one after that leaks cause it's not sealing. So now it's a paper weight.
ProsLooks and feel
ConsLeaks co2 after 1st canister.
By James
Edina, MN
Excellent Choice
February 22, 2016
My first BB pistol (I own 9mm and 45 Auto and .22lr). Shoots flawlessly to date. Easy to load. Very cool design with great Colt looks. Very fun to shoot. This gun did not disappoint. I love it!
ProsQuality heavy metal construction. Decent accuracy. Great Colt 1911 looks. No separate mag. to pay for or lose, Very simple and compact to operate. CO2 lasts a long time since non blow back design.
ConsNone really for the money. Grips feel a little lose in your hand and it is a little annoying but not bad, and is offset by the awesome "sliding grips" and easy self contained system. Some won't like the barrel decal, I don't mind since I'm sure it helped keep the cost down.
By LarryT
New Albany, Indiana
Great gun for the price, shoots hard
January 15, 2016
This is a very fun to shoot gun.
I have a real defender and the size and weight are pretty close.
This gun shoots pretty hard and so far groups about 3" at 30 feet.
Be careful loading as fully loading to 18 sometimes fails to load.
It feels like it will hold up a long time.
ProsLook Feel Shoots hard and accurate Easy to load
ConsFull capacity on bbs sometimes is hard to get it to function
By Kathie
Bandera, Texas
Colt Defender BB Air Pistol
October 15, 2015
I bought this to get comfortable again with handling and shooting a pistol. I bought some Copperhead BB's thinking that since they were expensive they would be best to use. Was I wrong. These BB's kept jamming my pistol and I went down to loading only 8 BB's and it still jammed. I called AirgunDepot and was told to return it. I really didn't want to mess with all that and my husband, an avid shooter, told me he thought it was the copper BB's. Of course being a woman I thought he was wrong. He went and bought some Daisy BB's and this pistol hasn't missed a beat since. I am surprised how accurate it is. Turned out to be a great buy.
ProsLove the weight making it feel like a real pistol so I can get use to handling the weight when I go back to shooting a real pistol again. Very affordable price. Easy to load.
ConsThe grips are a bit too big for a woman's smaller hands.
By wayne h.
bonham texas
great gun
July 5, 2015
Just bought my colt today. It's hard to find around here because everybody wants one.great gun to shoot but I was a little depressed when I saw it only shot 410 fps.I still got it because colt makes great guns. I would still recommend this gun to a friend because of that. Does anybody know if you can beef up the power on it?
ProsIt's a colt. Awsome pistol.
Cons410 fps wish it was stronger.
By Ville P.
, Finland
PErfect quality & price combination
October 10, 2014
I once had this pistol, the Colt Defender .177. It has probably been the most accurate an cheapest co2 pistol i ever had. 5/5
ProsAll metal, feels right.
ConsNo adjustable sights. mine was perfect from the faactory ;)
By Hank
Bowdon, ND
Good Plunker, All Steel
May 4, 2014
This is a Great Little Pistol, Real Feel And Look for a BB Pistol, There is no clip, so you have to load directly into the gun into a force feed chamber, and is very easy, shoots decent for a BB pistol, well made, ideal for a person wanting to learn to shoot, co2 lasts quite a long time,
Prosfun to shoot, all steel, good feel
Conscould use more power, a clip would be nice
By Mike
Refurb Defender.
May 4, 2014
I collect 1911 airguns so I purchased this at the refurb price just to have it in the collection.
ProsFun to shoot. Looks good.
ConsLots of non functioning parts, but ok for the refurb price. Can't expect to much for the price.
By Joe
New City, NY
Good gun until it started leaking
September 14, 2013
Shot well and I liked the feel of the gun. Used it for about 1 year and then it started leaking air. I investigated and found I could order a new seal, don't bother, replaced the seal and it still leaked.
ProsGreat feel and fairly accurate.
By Doug
South Dakota
Very nice Colt style pistol
August 7, 2013
Handles like my real 1911s. Almost all metal construction makes it similar in weight for practice at target shooting zombies (yes I'm using the grandkids zombie targets). Lot cheaper shooting BBs than 45s. Very accurate, but then I'm use to the Colt 45s which have pretty much the same sight pattern. I've installed an extra laser sight from my full size parts box which really makes it dangerous on the zombies!
ProsOn quick look could pass for a real Colt 1911 Very good accuracy
By Bongoman
Southeast US
I like this BB gun
June 7, 2013
This one feels like a real gun in your hand or holster. Mine has a smooth trigger feel, not too hard, and has good accuracy. I can hit most everything I aim at in my backyard - 20 to 25 yards. Lots of fun, not terribly loud, but you can tell what it is from the sound. Pretty good sights, no adjustments.
ProsGood metal feel, accurate within its useful range. Smooth double action, easy to keep on target.
ConsGrip, which slides back to open and reveal the CO2 cart. on one side and built in BB clip on the other, is a bit loose feeling when it is closed and locked, but not a major problem. Doesn't feel like it will accidentally open.
By Eddie
Rockford, Illinois
Fun for all
April 21, 2013
A nice pistol that is fun to shoot. It has good power and the c02 seems to last forever. The accuracy is so so.
ProsFun and powerful
ConsNone it's bb gun
niagara falls ny
March 26, 2013
Great Co2 pistol for the money. It uses very little Co2. You get about 90 shots per Co2 cartridge. Very hard hitting pistol.
ProsI like the compact size of the gun. Hard hitting, glass bottles don't stand a chance with this pistol.
By Rusty K.
Durham, North Carolina
Colt Defender BB Air Pistol
March 14, 2013
After shooting approx 500 BB's without any problems, the pistol began discharging 2 BB's for each single trigger pull. If I shoot the pistol 3 times, 6 BB's are discharged. Does not do this for all firings just 50% of the time.
ProsEasy to load gas cartridge with minimum gas leak.
ConsDischarging multiple BBs with a single trigger pull.
By Hal
Chicago, IL
Good value for the money.
February 20, 2013
Quality, fit, and feel are good. Good value for the money. Accuracy could be better, but so could my aim.
ProsVery authentic with nice heft.
ConsNo adjustable sites, more power and accuracy, but it is a BB gun.
By Mike R.
Great Defender Look A Like
February 5, 2013
This is one accurate little gun. At 40 ft, no issues hitting all rounds in the Middle of a silhouette dirty bird target. It is a bit awkward at first, just how you access the magazine and load it. However it loads faster than the Crosman c-11, the Winchester 11, and the Tanfoglio Witness. I have been able to put 4 cycles of ammo through this with one Co2 cartridge. It truly does sip Co2, even at 20 degrees outside. Back to accuracy. This little gun hits better than all the blow backs. If you are looking for a great gun with great accuracy and a nice "feel," this is a great choice.
ProsJust about everything.
ConsThe STICKER on the mag port area is a bit annoying. I think Umarex could have figured something a bit nicer than a sticker.
By michael
pinellas park, FL
great trianing pistol
January 25, 2013
I bought this gun from the airgun depot over 6 months ago. It works exactly as described and does make a safe training pistol. I have a real colt 45 and start new shooters with this gun and then switch them to the blowback winchester 1911 model. After making sure the person I am training is comfortable and follows all gun safety rules, I take them to an actual gun range. I have had great results. The gun functions perfectly and served a very useful purpose.
ProsIt does work as advertised. I have not had any malfunctions after over 6 months of occasional use.
ConsI do wish the trigger and manual safety were just like an original colt 1911.
By Sammy S.
Northeastern, USA
Fun gun to shoot fast
October 30, 2012
Nice weight, metal frame. Fairly accurate. I love how compact it is. Fits perfect into a crosman holster.
ProsExcellent quality Fast for a Co2 BB pistol Reasonably accurate Great a self defense weapon Compact and packable
ConsGrip is a bit cheesy.
By Sammy S.
upstae, SC
October 29, 2012
Serious target shooters need not apply! Unless of course, you are looking for a little fun! The Colt Defender is a compact weapon that's feels great in your hand. The frame is all metal lending to a very realistic feel. As far as accuracy goes, at 20 yards a pie plate is riddled like swiss cheese. At longer distances, a pizza box becomes a decent target, especially with taped on balloons. In my opinion, this BB gun is surprisingly accurate, even with the occasional fliers. After all, its a smooth bore. In the fun factor department, the little colt scores a perfect ten! 16 shots will rip out of the barrel as fast as you can pull the trigger! If a stray, "unwanted" animal were to cross your side of the fence running? WOW! You'd have 16 shots peppering their path, laying down a serious hurting. BB's are a bit tricky to load, found that the grip feels cheap while open, and good when shut. So far, no problem with mine. Gas seals good. Always leave it empty. Very fun compact to stuff in your backpack while hiking. Would be very good choice as a deterrent for an large "animal," that might have made the decision to do you harm. Only weak point worth mentioning are the grips. I like how it feels in the hand, seems cheap plastic comes to mind when I take a look at it open. I average about 80 shots or more before a fresh Co2. Overall, if I had paid $30 more for it, I'd still be happy. I think this is a steal under $60.
ProsFits perfect into Cosman's little holster they sell at wally world. Powerful. You can see silver BB's like tracers. Fast!
ConsCheap plastic grip. Not accurate enough for squirrels.
By Josef L.
Astoria, Oregon
Was Great for a couple of months
August 23, 2012
I bought this, from someplace else , for my girlfriend to let her have some plinking fun and to get her use to a nice realistic gun feel in her hands before I buy her a real one . Anyways, This was VERY accurate and she was getting about an inch and half groups all the time at 25' . Really liked seeing her hit a can and keep it rolling with each hit after another. Now , however , it has lost its accuracy for some odd reason . Too bad the sights are not adjustable like the 357 I bought from here . I have cleaned this gun , oiled , tried just about every BB I can find , and still no luck . aiming at a bulls eye on a 8" target it hits every where all around . After about 100 shots it more looks like I shot bird shot though a shot gun . Maybe me and her are doing something wrong but I doubt it . I ordered a new Beretta Elite II Co2 BB Gun from airgundepot which will be here in the morning , so hopefully she'll be happy with that one .
ProsRealistic feel Easy load BB's in slide out in handle Convenient co2 installation in grips Realistic look
ConsNothing really My above main review might be user fault so it's not fair to down grade a product based on my own problems Would have been great to have adjustable rear sight
By Ronz
Worth the $$
May 23, 2012
The Colt Defender has a real nice feel and is quite a solid pistol. Much more metal and less plastic than most I have seen in this price range. Have put about 200 rounds through it in the 4 weeks I have had it. Pretty consistent and good accuracy for a pistol with a real long trigger pull. The reloading process is a bit awkward at first but after a few times you can figure out a good way to do it fairly quickly.

Enjoy shooting it and happy with the purchase.

ProsSeems to be very well constructed with a lot of metal rather than plastic. Looks and feels a lot like the real thing. Got about 160 rounds from the first CO2 cartridge over 3 + weeks, was impressed with that!
ConsLong trigger pull.
By guyg
upper darby,pa.
Colt Defender fun
April 23, 2012
Pistol is well built ,lots of metal.Feels like the real thing.Good Quality, A fun gun for plinking.Accuracy is acceptable.The price is sweet for such a quality built gun.
ProsAuthentic looking Colt.Great Quality build.
ConsBB follower is a bit tricky .It takes a couple of tries to lock the "bb follower spring.Once you get the hang of it works fine.You have to use 2 fingers to lock the reloading spring.1 to push it back,the other to keep it from snapping back,while you get to stay in reload mode.Hard to describe but you will love this gun.
By skidog
Rockford IL
colt defender
March 14, 2012
nice weight to it but shoots to the left and right alot handle is to flimsly
Prosmostly metal construction
Consthe plastic on the handle moves to much.
By Joe B.
Lawndale, CA
Colt Defender refurb BB Air Pistol
March 10, 2012
Shoots well for a refurb. Good weight; feels like the real thing. Downloaded some targets from the net. Found a good one of Bin Laden to shoot up.
ProsGood weight. Shoots well. Empties without any jams; quite smooth. Good value for the money.
ConsOne blemish but to be expected with a refurb. Did not like the loading system; it felt clumsy. Would have been better with a clip style feed.
By Jerome
Nice Look, Nice Feel.
March 9, 2012
This pistol feels great in my small hands, looks good too. I bought both the Beretta Elite II and this Colt. The Beretta is the better of the two but needs a bigger hand for the large grip. The shooter should be able to operate the entire pistol with one hand so the other hand can reach for the next magazine to load.
ProsLook, weight, construction.
ConsTough to load.
By arturo
Calexico, CA
February 20, 2012
This handgun is a very good weapon it feels real and it looks real. This hand gun is very good for its price its faster than others and better than others i highly recommend it.
By John
Colt Defender BB Pistol
February 7, 2012
I was absolutely thrilled with the quality and workmanship on this gun. It's weight is perfect and feels like the real thing. The "Colt" lettering is clean and straight. The chamber cover appears to be real but is a well placed brushed aluminum style decal. I found it very accurate to shoot and it's safety well placed for safe operation. With the safety on, the trigger can be pulled all the way back with no resistance and will NOT fire. While shooting, the trigger pull is long but didn't bother me. The C02 was easy to install since the grips slide back out of the way and then flip back allowing complete access. The C02 tightening screw is hidden in the bottom of the grip for a realistic look and has a spring to keep it tucked under. It's screw handle is just a bit small but still manageable. The weaver rail allowed me to install an NC Star red laser on with no trouble. If you're looking for an inexpensive fun shooter, this is it. If you're looking for something with levers and gadgets look for something else. I gave it four stars because I did have an issue with the C02 hissing for a few seconds after installation but Airgun Depot's customer service was amazingly quick to address my concern.
ProsIt's weight, accuracy, clean lines, fun to shoot, realism.
ConsNo movable parts other than grips.
I love my Colt...
February 2, 2012
Just received my Colt and MP5 in the mail today unpacked them, and started shooting a couple rounds with the Colt in the backyard. Whew!!! I tell you this packs power 500fps indeed or more than that. GUN SAFETY!!! Easy to reload the CO2 and BB's. The weight of the gun is excellent. Can't wait for the CP99 and Dan Wesson revolver. Thanks for a super quick and safe shipping AIRGUN DEPOT!!!
ProsEasy loading of CO2 and BB's (Guaranteed) Realistic look (Finish) and weight Great power for a shorty... : )
ConsNONE... I just love my Colt : )
By Adam
West Yarmouth, MA
Great Gun
January 25, 2012
I received it today and put two co2 cartridges through it already! For being a refurbished this gun is in great shape, the only flaws are a few spots where the paint is rubbed off. I was surprised at how quiet it is, I have another co2 pistol that's twice as loud as this gun. This gun is very easy to shot! I'm looking forward to putting more co2 and bb's through it.
By Henry
Atascadero, CA
solid gun
January 25, 2012
easy to handle great weight and balance, almost perfect replica aside from the no hammer function. very enjoyable for plinking and target shooting. i would say to use high quality steel bbs to maintain accuracy.
Consno moving hammer or slide
By Malcolm C.
Tulsa, OK
Colt Defender
January 2, 2012
How is this CO2 air pistol different from the Daisey Powerline which looks much like this pistol and has about the same amount of capacity? It shoots 480 feet per second.
By G M.
Dayton Ohio
great gun
December 29, 2011
Shoots great, functions great, great accuracy, would reccomend this gun to my friends
Consno dislikes as far as the gun goes however Fed EX was slow delivering as usual 5 days 400 miles
By Pete
Palatine, IL
Awesome pistol
December 9, 2011
I just got one of these yesterday and was plinking with it today. Feels great in your hand, Nice weight and balance. Hits hard and is very accurate. Nice little gun.
Pros Metal construction, has nice weight and feel. Easy to install CO2 cartridge and bb's. Accurate.
ConsPlastic grips. If they were hard rubber, that would make this gun just a little nicer.
By Randall
Lebanon, CT
Excellent deal
December 4, 2011
A friend and I have been putting this excellent pistol through its paces shooting targets. The pistol I received is like new, works perfectly, and is a joy to shoot. It's an accurate shooter, and feels solid in hand. I like that it doesn't have a removable magazine, but a quick and easy loading slot that's part of the handle, and the grip locks into place. Since I've had problems with Copperhead BBs in this, and my Makarov, I use Daisy zinc coated BBs without problems. The sights are bold, making for easy sighting For the refurb price, it's a steal.
By odds e.
richlands va
take my advice
December 2, 2011
ok well i was really picky about my gun. i wanted a revolver then a rifle then a shotgun, i finally relized i want a pistol. now ima desert eagle guy i saw this gun and i just wanted it. it looks great it shoots AWESOME! when u shoot it hits exactly were u aim, if u miss ur just a bad shot. if ur thinking bout getting this gun VERY VERY SMART TO DO SO!
Prosshooting, accuracy, sights, build in clip, looks, weight its all perfect
Consno complaints
By Randall
Lebanon, CT
solid and accurate
November 27, 2011
The quality and accuracy of the Colt Defender ranks among my other two favorites, the Makarov and the Crosman C41, both all metal like the Colt.
The sights are bold, making for easy aiming. Like the Makarov, the Colt doesn't favor Copperhead BBs, but shoots trouble free using Daisy zinc coated BBs.
Plenty of shots are had from each CO2 cylinder, which load easily.

ProsSolid and secure feeling in hand. BBs easier to load than with pistols with removable magazines. Value
By Alex
Colt Defender
November 13, 2011
1st and fore most... Airgun Depot ships to FPO/APO meaning they support us overseas. It may not seem like a big deal but wait till you're station in some far away land where they don't habla and then tell me how you feel about...
ProsAs for the pistola... Heft is all there, on target and good seal on the gas. I left a tube in for two weeks and fired countless BB's on the same tube.
ConsThe grip is a little on the loose side and is very noticeable when pulling from a holster, however once on point with a firm grip you don't notice it. All in all for the price I paid not a bad deal and I'm happy.
By jimbob
good gun
July 16, 2011
good gun. lots of shots per co2 cartridge and fun to shoot
By Mark
Great for money
June 14, 2011
Arrived pretty much indistinguishable from new. Works well.

For me I wish I'd put the extra into either the px4 or cp99 blow back pistols but that is to have the blow back operation more than a quality issue.

Love the all metal build and can't imagine a better bb pistol for the $$
By Andrew
Colt Defender
May 25, 2011
Great value considering the price. Everything feels of quality except for the plastic handle. Relatively accurate shot.
By nick
colt defender
May 14, 2011
This gun is really good great power had it for over 7 months now and it still works GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
By Tom C.
Colt Defender BB Pistol
April 6, 2011
Feels like the real thing, Powerful
By Phillip
colt defender air gun
April 5, 2011
Arrived as advertised, looks brand new, appears to be very accurate.
March 18, 2011
This beauty lives up to its name -- within week of purchase, my shepherds and I were attacked at night by a pair of aggressive dogs running loose in the neighborhood -- happily, I was carrying my Defender, and I fired off several shots that hit their mark and had them running -- This pistol has heft and firing power and due to its superior balance, feels extremely comfortable to hold -- Long live Colt.
By 123
colt defender
February 25, 2011
great gun for the money. accuracy is pretty darn good. getting this gun will not be a let down! this firing REPLICA has an all metal body. i get around 100 rounds per crosman co2 cartrige. this gun is cheap and desearves to be more expensive. buy it today!
By Howard T.
Refurbished Colt Defender BB air pistol
February 23, 2011
All as expected, arrived quickly, great condition, accurate. Very Pleased with purchase
By Mark
Refurbished Colt Defender BB Air Pistol
January 20, 2011
The condition of this refurbished air pistol was far better than I anticipated. The only blemish I found was a 1/2 inch long scuff mark. The pistol shoots great. I get about about 80 shots per cartridge. The sights are almost dead on. This is a joy to shoot.
By Tyler
Awesome Pistol for an Awesome Price
December 15, 2010
I had bought this gun from a local retailer about 6 months ago, and while I absolutely loved the gun, at the time I needed the extra money for myself. I ended up returning the gun.

This week I decided to reorder the Colt Defender after receiving a gift card for Christmas.

I love this gun... Period, and of course I recommend it, so lets just go into the pros and cons of the gun itself.


>Heavy and Realistic Feeling- The feeling of holding this gun is just breathtaking. The whole gun is constructed of metal (the grips are made of high quality plastic), and it weighs about 1.7 pounds and feels great to wield. This gun actually weighs nearly as much as the real Defender.

>Looks- Everything about this gun mimics the real Defender. The only things missing are the signature Hogue grips and the Single-Action trigger, but I find that Double-Action is a bit better than Single-Action anyway.

>Accuracy- Because there is no Blowback involved, the accuracy is great. 1-2 inch groups every time. The front sight also has a white dot painted on for target acquisition.

>C02 Consumption and Velocity- I can get in between 80-100 shots off a single C02 canister. The velocity tops off at around 440-475 FPS, which means that the gun "COULD" be used for basic defense.

>Holster Compatibility- Due to the realism, this gun fits all standard holsters, as well as concealed carry ones.


>The only con I have for this gun is the built in 16-shot magazine. Although it would alter the design a bit, the addition of removable mags would make for easier reloads.

Also, the gun arrived promptly in three days after shipment. A tip of the hat to Airgun Depot for their excellent service and their fast "within 24-hour" shipping times.
By Jari
Colt Defender BB Air Pistol
December 12, 2010
Looks and feels great. Robust and solid. Value for the money.
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