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Compensator for Beretta CX4 Storm, Hammerli 850, Umarex EBOS and Walther Dominator

Compensator for Beretta CX4 Storm, Hammerli 850, Umarex EBOS and Walther Dominator

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Muzzle Brake detachable compensator adds stability and a tactical look to the gun, while extending the length. The front sight sleeves over for a friction fit, additionally there is a set screw to secure the compensator to the barrel.

Compensator is compatible with the following models:
  • RWS 850 Magnum
  • Beretta CX4 Storm
  • Umarex EBOS
  • Walther Dominator
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypeBarrels
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Compensator for Beretta CX4 Storm, Hammerli 850, Umarex EBOS and Walther Dominator
22 Reviews
82% (18)
14% (3)
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91% Recommend this product (20 of 22 responses)
By Mike
June 21, 2018
I put it on my 850 magnum and the fit was perfect easy on and install
ProsGreat for the models it's made for
Best UsesFor dressing up barrel when the front sight is off and if you wrap elect. tape carefully it can reduce the sound a bit.
By Grady
mostly for looks
May 19, 2018
does cut noise level a little,wrapped it in bike inner tube someone recommended and that helped
Proslooks good,will suppress noise with modifications
By David
Vista, Calif
Great compensator!
February 1, 2018
The compensator is a cool addition to the 850 mag. I wrapped gorilla tape very cleanly around it covering the holes which looks awesome not cheesy at all. The sound is next to nothing! Incredibly quiet!
ProsLooks amazing, excellent as a suppressorwhen wrapped.
ConsA little expensive for what it is.
By Roger
Bethlehem, pa.
Quiet shooting
January 17, 2018
Takes quite a few shots before it quiets the gun down but that is fine.
ProsVery easy to install. Lightweight. Great desighn
By gregory
Upstate NY
well made and simple to install
December 23, 2017
I gave it only 3 stars as it doesn't seem to muffle the sound much but hey, looks cool as hell.
By Westgl
Excellent Compensator looks great
November 30, 2017
This compensator is for a Hammerli 850 .22 cal i wanted some to be stealthy when shooting in my yard, i see other used electrical tape wrapped over exterior. This is Unacceptable and looked very ugly and though glue would un adhere during warm summer. I went to bike shop asked for all thier old mountain bike inner tubes they gave me 4 each for free. Took them home and cut from one end to first mounting screw. I wiped some coconut oil inside inner tube to make it easier to slide over compensator. It fits tight but no problem. I wiped some coconut oil on exterior of compensator cover to clean it and lube it. Looks Great, and is wisper quiet.
ProsLooks great with a rubber cover on it (see above) much reduced sound with a rubber cover on it
ConsNone it's a decent compansator and worth the money
By Vic
Bakersfield. California
Excellent product
June 12, 2017
Put this compensator on my hammerelli 850 I 177. Really made the airgun more accurate. Some noise from airgun is reduced. Airgun was already back yard friendly but the compensator did help some
Would recommend to anyone. Also adds to appearance of airgun.
ProsEasy to install had to move front sight but not a problem there is a second hole to mount front sight
By Stephen C.
Bought two and they both made a difference
June 7, 2017
I purchased one a few months ago and fit it onto a RWS Model 54 .22 that I have almost 11k shots on right now and mounting was a breeze except for the stock barrel shroud ended up being short after installation so I wrapped the barrel and break with a cloth camo tape to conceal the small gap. I Literally dropped my group sizes from what was a dime size group already with that gun at 25yds to very close to hole in hole consistency groups as soon as it was mounted. It did make a noticeable difference in noise buffering as well but I did wrap the break with cloth camo tape as stated earlier which covered the outside holes so that may be part of the reduction in noise as well as the break itself. I ordered a second break for our Diana 56TH which is very new still under 2k shots on it and the same benefits were seen with this gun as the prior gun.
ProsIncreased accuracy....slight noise buffering....light weight.
Consadded length to the gun
By Gary
Sugar Land, Texas
Compensator for Hammerli 850
February 23, 2017
Looks neat....a bit overpriced for what it is. I thought it might quiet the sound a bit, but even with the ports covered, it seems to be about the same as without the compensator.
By John E.
Grand Prairie, TX.
Awesome looking Compensator
January 23, 2017
I have one of these on my Beretta CX4 Storm and another on a EBOS. These are metal, not plastic, and very good build quality. 2 hex screws, so they stay in place. Great design really complements the gun.
ProsBuild quality & look. 2 hex screws to keep in place.
ConsOn the EBOS, you have to get it set on the barrel just right or it sends the bb's flying wildly.
By Warrior
Add a Bada$$ look to the Cx4 Storm
October 29, 2016
Seriously, I got this compensator for its cool look. It adds more length to the barrel, so much that my Beretta Cx4 Storm does not into its OEM plastic storage case. Not a biggie because I didn't like the case anyway. I opted for a Bulldog 40 inch tactical case that has pockets to carry stuff like extra mags and stuff.
ProsLove it; well made.
ConsAdds extra length to gun
By David
Bass Lake, CA
Works Great , Looks Great
October 19, 2016
I installed this on my 850 , wrapped it with a little black elect. tape and all I hear is Click and Thwack at target !!
Proseasy to install, looks great , really quieted down my 850
Nashville, TN
Love it
February 24, 2016
Fitted my Hammerli 850 with this compensator. Wrapped it in vinyl electrical tape. All you can hear is the trigger click and the target getting thumped.
By Michael
temple, texas
beeman rs2
March 20, 2015
Put one on my. 22 rs2. Was a little concerned about internal clearance so I ran a .25 drill through the center, probably unnecessary. Shimmed it tight with a wrap of receipt paper. Wrapped it with electric tape. Works as well as everyone says.
ProsWorks great. Well made, easy to install. Gun seems to be a little more accurate now, probably the extra weight on the muzzle.
ConsWish it was a little cheaper. I have one on all my guns.
By james
plano, TX
Modify for Suppressed Sound
December 11, 2013
This thing is easy to install and will suppress sound if modified. I wrapped it in Scotch Professional Grade Super 33 vinyl electrical tape and then covered that with standard electrical tape to clean up the appearance. It will eliminate all sound except for the click of the trigger.
Proseasy to install well built
By Robert
Charleston, WV
Quiet City :) BAD TO THE BONE :)
November 29, 2013
Got it for my Hammerli 850 77 cal. Wrapped electrical tape around it finely back to front. Looks great sounds sound ....I mean..... hammer and hit are all you hear. Gun rated 3 but I would say 1 with this. Amazing Brake how sweet the no sound :):):) I don't know what it's made of and do not care. It does it's job and looks BAD TO THE BONE!!!!!
ProsMakes gun sound invisible. Airgun Depot has great prices!!!
By Gizmo
Council Bluffs, Ia
Mostly For Looks
May 6, 2013
Main reason for buying was mostly for the finishing looks for my rifle. It has given my RWS 850 that flash it needed. Like wearing a expensive suit and the Compensator being the high class tie.
ProsI like the looks, the built quality seems to be good the packaging was very good the price was a little steep for what it is. I did not notice any difference in sound when shooting but that's fine with me as I shoot inside my 2 1/2 car garage with both doors down. I didn't want to put tape or any other item on the compensator that to me is not why I bought it for. I mostly wanted to finish off the looks and it has done that for me. So why ruin the looks by tapping it all up I understand that some will be shooting this outside for hunting and will need to do what ever to make there rifle a little less noisier. I'm shooting this on my RWS 850 for target shooting only.
ConsPrice seems a little high but then again people spend tons of money on car rims to get that special look. So spending what I did seems to be a good buy in my book.
By Audon
San Diego
Silent sniper
January 21, 2013
I love this compensator. all you have to do is cover the holes with electrical tape and you have a really quiet suppressor. I Owen a hamerlie 850 airmagnum. I use this gun for varmint control. My neighbors don't even notice!! I usually do my shooting at midnight. My YouTube Chanel 6854155 have a videos using this compensator.
ProsEasy installation, and provides the Allen tool for the two screws.
ConsPrice, but I got it for $15 using my rewards points :) Best program from AGD.
By Jason
Aurora, OH
Compensator for Beretta CX4 Storm, RWS 850, Umarex EBOS and Walther Dominator
July 8, 2012
Cool little item. I am using it on my Umarex EBOS. A little expensive for what it is, I made some mods to it so it works more efficiently. I had to drill out the exit hole to a larger size because the bb's were contacting the edge of the hole. I added some expanding foam to the ports on the muzzle side to quiet it down and covered the ports on the exit end with black duct tape. This make the EBOS a much more quiet gun. Plus it LOOKS really cool.
ProsGood looks
ConsA little pricey.
By Ben
Compensator for my RWS 850
December 4, 2011
This is apparently the same piece that (sans holes) is marketed as a silencer overseas. It bolted onto my .22 RWS 850 air rifle(great plinking gun, btw).
By Mike S.
Good product
September 29, 2010
If you slip a piece of tubing over the outside it makes a fantastic suppressor. Check laws in your area.
By Xiaolong
Very Good
October 26, 2008
This compensator is very good, works very well with the RWS/Hammerli 850. designed for heavy gauge barrels (0.60" inner diameter of the compensator), before buy verify the diameter of your barrel, just to be safe. Deflect CO2 gases excellent, very easy to install. Very Recommended!!
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By Living_Laser from United States on March 13, 2012
What is this primarily used for? Its just for looks thats way overpriced for a aluminum cylinder. Why not just use a tin can and put holes then theyd be twins.
By Staff on March 14, 2012

It is mostly for looks though it can dampen noise a small amount.

By Robert from New Orleans on April 5, 2012
Will this work with the px4 storm?
By Staff on April 11, 2012

No it will not fit that gun.

By ralph from adams, TN on November 17, 2011
will this fit a umarex ebos.

By Mario from Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 23, 2011

Yes of course. See the demo video in this web page.

By Edwin from New york on January 16, 2012
Dose this fit for a Umarex EBOS Tactical BB Rifle

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