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AirForce Texan Air Rifle

Monthly Recap Post November 2022

Holiday shopping has begun! Surprise all the airgunners in your life with these top holiday picks. Shopping Made Easy Check out our Gift Guide for great gift ideas, from the latest to the most affordable, we’ve got the gifts you’ll love to give. Got a full-auto fan? We have the best full-auto airguns available now. […]

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Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE break barrel air rifle

Top 10 .25 Caliber Rifles of 2022

For our top ten .25 cal airguns for 2022, we’ll focus on airguns that deliver key features we find critical for shooters looking for more range and power.  Our choices will be based on sales volume, reviews, and our own subjective opinions. Because each person may have a different budget and use case, we’ll list […]

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FX Dreamline Sporting Airgun

Top Sporting Airguns

Let’s start by identifying what we classify as a “Sporting Air Rifle.”  Sporting Air Rifles are small bore airguns, between .177 and .25 caliber, designed to hunt small to medium game and pests.  We are not looking at big bore or large game airguns for now, but we may cover that in another article.  Moreover, […]

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Crosman 1322 air pistol combo with premiere pellets

Top 10 .22 Caliber Airguns of 2022

It’s that time of year again; time for our top airguns of 2022. In this article, we’ll look at our top ten airguns based on sales volume, reviews, and our own subjective opinions.  In short, all these airguns are great. Because each person may have a different budget and use, we’ll list them by cost. Please […]

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most powerful air pistols

Most Powerful Pellet Pistols

Airguns have physical limitations that make them operate very differently from traditional firearms.  To have a powerful airgun, you need pressure, volume, and enough barrel length for all that to work.  This makes it much harder for a pellet pistol verses an air rifle.  They have limited space for a high-pressure cylinder, limited volume for […]

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Top Pellet Guns for Hunting Squirrels

We all love those fluffy little critters when we are out at the park with our families.  Their cute little tails and fun personalities as they chase each other around trees and through the grass.  But, while those cute little squirrels may be fun at the park, it’s a whole other situation when they chew […]

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Barra 400E Electronic BB Gun

Are Electronic Airguns a Hit or a Miss?

Normal airguns are all run by typical mechanical actions like bolts, springs, hammers, and valves.  And then there are “next-gen” airguns that use a blend of electronics and micro switches.  These new airguns have raised many questions about their durability in the field, longevity, and straight-up fairness in competitions.  Since we love airguns, we guess […]

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Is the Magnum the Fastest Pellet Gun

Today we’ll step away from our favorite discussion between FPS and FPE and focus on the fastest airguns on the market.  Ok, so we’ll need to talk a little about FPE, but only so we have a frame of reference.  What is FPS? FPS, or feet per second, is the typical measure used by airgun […]

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Create an airgun club

How to Start Your Own Airgun Club

In order to keep airgunning alive, we need to have new folks coming into the sport.  You might think this would be easy,  but it’s not, as it’s getting harder to find places for people to go shoot.  However, it’s not impossible, and as someone who has done it in the past, I’m pleased to […]

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SIG Sauer MCX Gen 2 Air Rifle

Monthly Recap: October 2022

The bar for excellence has been raised again. Not only for function but also for form. Here are a few highlights that you might have missed:  SIG for the Win When you want a training replica that matches your firearm, nothing comes closer than a SIG.  Winning a rifle contest was the beginning for SIG […]

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