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Top Airguns for Groundhog Hunting

Before we start tossing out options for airguns, let’s take a look at our prey. The typical groundhog reaches about 8 to 9 pounds. In contrast, your typical squirrel tops out at around a pound. When looking at the right airgun for taking game, you need to make sure that you can put enough energy […]

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Are Airguns Considered Firearms?

The question of whether airguns are or should be considered firearms comes up more often than you may think.  When considering the old youth standards like the Daisy Red Ryder or Crosman Pumpmaster, it’s not hard to see that Airguns are NOT at all firearms.  But as you get into the newer, high powered PCP […]

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The Slippery Slug Slope

In 2020 we saw the two big pellet makers, JSB and H&N, bring small bore airgun slugs to market.  What does this mean for the airgun industry?   Airguns that shoot slugs are by no means new.  Airgunners have been shooting slugs or solid projectiles for hundreds of years. So what’s all the fuss about anyway?  […]

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Picking the Best Airgun Ammo

If you are new to airgunning, you may not know how important it is to find the right ammo. It starts by understanding what ammo is best suited for a particular purpose. Some ammo, like wadcutter pellets, are ideal for punching paper. Domed pellets are usually best suited for long-range accuracy. Then there is hollow […]

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What’s a Plinking Rifle?

There are airguns for precision shooting and air rifles for hunting. While both can also be fun to shoot, there are some airguns built just for getting out and having fun and we call these: plinking airguns. Joys of a Plinker Many airgunners start out looking to achieve that perfect one-hole-group with every airgun they […]

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Our Favorite Airgun Targets

Shooting paper can certainly be a rewarding pastime.  It’s just how it’s done, right?  Not necessarily.  With their low power output and use of soft lead pellets, pellet guns open up a whole world of targets well beyond the paper variety.  Let’s take a look at just some of the options out there for airgunners […]

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Gun or Glass, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we spent more of our $1500 budget towards the airgun, and now, we’ll flip things around and pair a Benjamin Armada and put more towards the optic, in this case a Hawke Sidewinder FFP. Benjamin Armada, .25 Caliber The Benjamin Armada is essentially a Benjamin Marauder with an AR […]

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Top Airgun Technology in 2020

The year 2020 will go down in history for many reasons. Probably none of them will be airgun related, but that does not mean that we didn’t see some great tech come out this year. Let’s take a look at a few things that have improved airgunning here in 2020. Power Plant Combo The top […]

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Gun or Glass, Part 1

In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at a pretty important question.  With a limited budget and accuracy being the most important goal, is it better to spend more on the gun or the scope?  In the past, this wasn’t even a question. You’d put the money into the gun because to get maximum […]

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Self Defense Training with a Replica Pistol

Want to become a better handgun marksman? CO2 replica pistols have been a mainstay in the airgun industry for decades and are perfect for honing your skills.  Recently companies have enhanced their usefulness with all manner of items that help shooters use them in new and exciting ways to train. It starts with the gun. […]

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