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Quiet Air Rifles: Sound Suppression Technology

Airguns are generally seen as much quieter than firearms. But, as their power has increased with time, so has the shot noise they can produce. As the noise has gone up, the desire to keep airguns as quiet as possible has also gone up. Manufacturers have taken different approaches to minimize any sound coming out […]

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Expert Picks: Accessories for the New FX Impact M3

The FX Impact is very appropriately named. Few airguns have made such an “impact” on the US shooting market as this platform. It was one of the first mainstream airguns with modularity as a focus. It allowed shooters to customize, tune, change, and remake the platform to their liking. Now with the M3 available, let’s […]

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Top Full Auto BB Guns of 2021

In the world of firearms, most people never get the opportunity to experience shooting full-auto. Fully automatic firearms are heavily restricted and very expensive.  So what are your options?  Fortunately, several full auto BB guns on the market do an excellent job of delivering the full-auto fun experience. In this article, we’ll take a look […]

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100 Yard Accuracy

When talking with folks about what they are looking for in an airgun, they often talk about 100-yard accuracy.  And we are not just talking “pie plate” accuracy at 100 yards, but groups averaging 1 MOA. The harsh reality is that many firearms can’t do 1 MOA at 100 yards, so asking that of an […]

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Which Gamo Swarm is Right For You?

Gamo rocked the airgun world back in 2017 with the first truly reliable, mass-market auto-reloading system for breakbarrel airguns they dubbed the Swarm.  It had been done somewhat in the past, but never at this level of reliability and functionality. Nearly all the other major airgun manufacturers are still playing catchup over four years later. […]

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Our Favorite Break Barrel Rifles

Being asked to pick out a favorite break barrel rifle is a lot like being asked to pick our favorite ice cream. Sure there are some flavors that we may like better than others, but the entire market is full of some really good airguns. We bet that you are having a hard time picking […]

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Top Pellet Guns for Hunting Squirrels

One of the most destructive backyard critters are those cute little squirrels. While they are “cute,” they cause millions of dollars of property damage every year.  They continue to be one of the driving forces behind airgun sales for this very reason.  So what are some of our top picks for hunting squirrels and keeping […]

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Finding Your Max Hunting Range

Knowing the effective hunting range of any given airgun has been one of the most asked questions in the airgun world.  It goes without saying that airguns are a great tool for small game hunting and pesting.  With modern big bore airguns, this question becomes even more relevant.  So how do you know your max […]

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History of the Girandoni Air Rifle

Big bore PCP airguns are a new thing, right?  You really couldn’t be more wrong!  When folks find out that airguns have been a major part of military history for centuries, they often look like deer in the headlights.  The most iconic big bore PCP airgun has to be the Girandoni air rifle. Never heard […]

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How Much PSI Can a Hand Pump Produce?

So what kind of pressure can you reasonably get from a simple hand pump?  That’s easy.  Today’s hand pumps can hit 4500 psi.  Next article… or is there more to the story?   Let’s go back 12 years. In 2008, Benjamin (Crosman Corp) released the Benjamin Discovery, and the airgun world was changed forever.  It was […]

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