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Hawke Vantage RD 1x20 Red Dot Sight

Top Must-Have Accessories

So you have a brand new airgun, or maybe you’ve got one with a few miles on it.  Either way, many shooting accessories can take things to the next level.  Whether it’s a new optic, bi-pod, compressor, or reactive targets for the backyard, there’s bound to be the next shooting accessory that makes your airgunning […]

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beeman p17 pellet pistol

Our Favorite Affordable Backyard Airguns

Airguns are ideal for shooters who want to get in some needed trigger time.  Today, we’ll look at some ideal backyard shooters that won’t break the bank.  We’ve picked some pistols, multi-pump rifles, CO2 airguns, breakbarrel airguns, and even a budget PCP.  Let’s get started. Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol The Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol is […]

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Hawke frontier scope

How to Pick the Right Scope for Your Airgun

When it comes to getting the most from your airgun, it’s important to have an appropriate scope for the task at hand.  Not all scopes are ideal for all shooting situations.  For example, if you are hunting various ranges in the field, then a first focal plane scope may be the best fit.  On the […]

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Diana RWS 460 Magnum

Top Diana Airguns

Diana airguns have been around for decades.  They offer some wonderful options for airgunners at all price ranges. Additionally, they offer CO2, Spring, and PCP airguns.  If you are looking for a new airgun, then consider one from Diana.  Here are our top picks.  Diana RWS 460 Magnum Let’s start with the most powerful springer […]

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Crosman AK1 full auto bb gun

Top BB Guns on Amazon That You Should Buy from Airgun Depot

We know there are many places where you can purchase airguns. Amazon is a “prime” location (pun intended).  But there’s something to be said for getting your next airgun from a company that specializes in the sport. Not only can we make sure that you get everything you need right out the gate, but we […]

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snow covered back yard

Monthly Recap January 2024

When the winter blues have got you down, and your backyard is all covered in snow, there’s no better time to take your airgunning indoors for some plinking and practice. Whether you clear some space in the garage, make a range in the basement, or clear a path in a spare room, an indoor plinking […]

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AirForce Texan LSS Hawke Scope Combo

How to Practice for Long-Range Shooting Success

It wasn’t long ago that the prevailing opinion about what was “long-range” with an airgun would have topped out around 50 to 75 yards. The market has certainly changed a lot over the last couple of decades.  Now, even affordable PCP airguns are expected to deliver consistent accuracy at a minimum of 50 yards, and […]

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Hatsan Mod 95 break barrel air rifle

The Pros and Cons of Breakbarrel Airguns

Airguns send pellets, slugs, and BBs downrange using high-pressure air or CO2.  But there are many different ways to make that happen.  When it comes to the best bang for the buck, it’s hard not to put spring guns, specifically breakbarrel spring or gas piston airguns, at the top of the list.  When looking into […]

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Top Picks for Young Shooters

Gun safety starts with helping young shooters know the ins and outs of how to handle a gun properly, and airguns are a great way to get them jump-started.  They are much safer to use for teaching first-time shooters how to understand muzzle control, trigger control, target acquisition, and shot placement.  Additionally, because they are […]

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Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE break barrel air rifle

Top Nitro Piston Air Rifles

Many years ago, spring airguns were all powered by coiled metal springs. They were effective in generating good energy for minimal effort on the part of the shooter.  But they also had certain drawbacks.  When not implemented properly, i.e., worse on lower-end springers, metal spring airguns tend to buzz and recoil in 3 directions.  The […]

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