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umarex sa 10 pellet/bb pistol

10 of the Best Semi-Auto BB Pistols

If you like shooting pistols, you’ll love what semi-automatic BB pistols offer.  The CO2 power plant system works great to simulate the semi-auto action of a traditional firearm.  In this article, we’ll look at some of our favorites.  Our suggestions are in no particular order, just products that we feel will put a smile on […]

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why are airguns expensive?

Why Are Airguns So Expensive?

The question “Why are airguns so expensive?” comes up often in our industry.  Here in the US, we are used to firearms like the Ruger 10/22 with a starting cost of about where we see entry-level PCP airguns. Given the power, flexibility, accuracy, and fun factor brought to the table by the Ruger 10/22, we […]

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Olympia Light wadcutter precision pellets

Top Precision Pellets

We spend a lot of time discussing hunting pellets and slugs, but we seldom discuss precision pellets and which deliver the best performance.  Today we’ll take some time to look at what makes a “precision” pellet hit the mark.  Let’s get started. 10-meter Precision Pellets Some of the most accurate pellets in the world are […]

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Seneca Dragon Claw II Dual Tank, .50 cal

Monthly Recap August 2023

Summer is winding down and it’s the perfect time to go outside to do some shooting. Whether you’re preparing for hunting season, shooting targets, or having some plinking fun, there is an airgun that gets the job done right. Powerful and Accurate Wood Stock PCPs Wood stock PCP air rifles offer a few advantages. First, […]

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Gamo Swarm Viper Gen3i break barrel air rifle

Best Gamo Air Rifles

While many manufacturers are creating breakbarrel airguns for the general use, entry-level airgun market, there’s one manufacturer that continues to provide innovative solutions.  Gamo USA, and their recent Gen 3i series, is a great example of what we are talking about.  Gamo’s focus on Adult Precision Airguns isn’t limited to PCPs but translates all the […]

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pellet vs bb

Can You Use Pellets in a BB Gun?

The term airgun includes any “gun” that propels a projectile with air.  Given that covers a lot of different products, it’s understandable that folks can think bb guns and pellet guns shoot the same ammo and are interchangeable. But that’s not the case. What is a BB? While most BBs are considered and sold as […]

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Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun

What Are Some of the Best Semi-Auto BB Guns?

Semi-auto BB guns are a ton of fun. It’s not surprising that there are so many on the market and that so many manufacturers continue to create new offerings for airgun consumers.  With so many options, we wanted to draw some attention to some of our favorite models.  Our choices are not presented in a […]

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Beeman Model 1085 QB II CO2 air rifle

Most Powerful CO2 Rifles

It’s interesting how so many airgunners are focused on power.  This is not a new phenomenon by any stretch, and it makes sense.  If you use your airgun for more than just target practice, you need to know how much power it produces to ensure it can and will get the job done.  CO2-powered airguns, […]

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Air Venturi RovAir 4500 Portable Compressor

How to Choose the Right PCP Compressor

If you like to shoot PCP airguns, you already know that having access to high-pressure air is key.  While compressors capable of hitting 4500 PSI were few and far between several years ago, that’s not the case now.  Today, airgunners have various choices ranging from entry-level to commercial, each with unique benefits and shortcomings. So […]

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Norica Viriatus 2.0 BP bullpup air rifle

Monthly Recap July 2023

Summer is sizzling and hunting prep is in full swing. Drink lots of iced tea and lemonade to beat the heat for the next few months while you shrink your groups. And if you’re looking for something new, or need to restock, we’ve got some new stuff for you to consider. Compact Yet Powerful Gain […]

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