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Gamo Pointed PBA .22 Cal, 14.4 gr - 100 ct pellets

Pros & Cons: Lead-Free Ammo

If lead pellets are the most accurate and best for airgunners, why do we need lead-free options?  Well, some states have passed laws banning lead hunting ammo of any kind. Additionally, because of the concern over the toxicity of lead ammo, many youth shooting programs have been shelved as they simply can’t compete using lead-free […]

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Air Arms S510 XS Stealth Carbine Air Rifle

Are Expensive Airguns Worth the Money?

Airgunners have an unprecedented array of choices for high-powered, precision airguns.  While in times past shooters would need to spend well over $1000 to get into the game, today there are more and more entry-level airguns that, on paper, produce similar performance and accuracy as more expensive products. So when does it make sense to […]

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Weihrauch HW50S

Monthly Recap May 2023

We have a great lineup of new products and old favorites you may have overlooked to get you excited to get out and shred some paper or take out some pesky rodents. Enjoy. Exceptional Craftsmanship If you want a gun you can pass down to your kids and grandkids, look into getting Heirloom Quality European […]

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Air Arms S510 Tactical pcp air rifle

Newest Trends for 2023

With Shot Show squarely in our rearview mirror, we get to see which companies bring all the cool new airgun tech to market.  Some new trends have been developing over the last few years, and given what we saw at SHOT, they are still going strong.  So, let’s take a little time and check out […]

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Airgun Tuning for Best Performance

Like most things, airguns can be tweaked to get that “something” extra in either accuracy, power, and shootability.  Sometimes you can get two of those and, on rare occasions, all three.  In this article, we’ll look at some of the top tweaks you can use to get the most out of almost any airgun. Know […]

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3d printed parts for airguns give easier upgrades

Tinker Time with 3d Printed Airgun Upgrades

Airguns lend themselves well to tinkering.  You can do the same with firearms, but it’s often much more expensive, and testing after our tinkering often means the cost of ammo and time to take a trip to the range.  What if we could tinker and never leave our garage?  And better yet, what if we […]

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Hunting pellets rws superpoints

Best Hunting Pellets in 2023

Not all pellets are created equal.  There are pellets built for competition, general target shooting, and plinking. But there are also pellets purpose-built for hunting. In fact, we have an entire section of our site devoted to hunting pellets.  Let’s talk about some of the best hunting pellets you can buy in 2023.  But before […]

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AirForce Edge .177 caliber target air rifle

Monthly Recap April 2023

Are you looking for a rifle that will help you become a better shooter? This post is full of air rifles that will help you take your shooting to the next level. They have the accuracy and precision to help you go beyond the target and become an epic shooter. When Precision Is Your Goal […]

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raccoon - pest control with pellet guns

Best Air Rifle for Raccoons

Regardless of the pest, you are looking to control, you need to have the right gear for the job.  That starts with knowing your game.  Next, you need to know the environment.  With that data, you can start to look at options for the right airgun for the job.  Today we’ll be looking at raccoon […]

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Beeman commander pcp air rifle - survival airguns

Top Tips for Choosing Survival Airguns

What makes an airgun a “survival airgun.”  It’s a pretty good question considering so many folks are buying them for an SHTF option.  Whether you are a full blown prepper or someone who just wants always to have the option to get in some trigger time, it’s important to know what’s going to “survive” as […]

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