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Safety Gear

With any projectile sport, safety steps must be taken to ensure that no serious harm comes to any of our customers, friends or family that purchase from us. The items listed on this page will help you to make sure that you have a fun and more importantly, a safe time. All of these goggles are rated with the ANSI rating system to show there protective strength. It is highly recommended that when airsofting, target shooting or hunting to wear a form of eye safety. Ski, dust, wind, sun goggles and sun glasses are not rated for this kind of protection and may shatter if shot directly or indirectly. If they are made of hard plastics they could damage the eyes further than what a bb or pellet could do on its own. Things such as paintball masks with goggles, shop goggles, Z rated eye glasses and sun glasses, ballistic lenses work excellent as eye protection as long as they cover the eyes completely and wrap around the head slightly. All of the items listed below are safety rated, tested and even used by many of our employees for both sport and work. Play hard and play safe!
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