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Pump Air Rifles

There are certain actions when shooting that just feel right. When you use pump air rifles, it offers a more hands-on feeling that many airgunners prefer when getting in on the action. A great option for those looking for fun and function all-in-one, a pump air rifle requires the user to pump up the air chamber, the power source, before firing. These style air rifles are easy and fast to use. Single pump air rifles require one pump (or cock) of the air rifle to obtain max power. Multi-pump air rifles require the user to pump, depending on the gun's achievable max power, about 8-12 pumps (check the manual first). One of the main benefits of multi-pump air rifles is the ability to control the amount of power you are shooting with. Pump less and you will get less power, pump more to get higher power and thus a higher FPS. Regardless of which option is right for you, we have the right airgun you need to use this kind of operation to your advantage with every shot.
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We offer only the top brands and manufacturers on the market today to ensure you get only the best in performance and longevity. With our selection featuring names such as Crosman, Benjamin, Gamo, Remington, and more, rest assured that we only offer the highest standards in pump air rifles for your considerations. You will also find different velocities and firing modes of either repeater or single fire to help you get the right outcome for your intended purposes. Whether looking for a pink option for a female shooter, a tactical option in all black, or an option in camo perfect for hunting in the great outdoors, we have an option sure to meet your preferences with ease. Add one of these great options to your gear today!
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