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There are many uses for an air rifle. One of the most common uses is for hunting a variety of game sizes. With the right hunting air rifle, hit the mark with every shot. There is certainly no shortage of hunting air rifles on the market today thanks to the growing popularity of this item over the years. While there are many to choose from, finding the right one is a different matter. We offer a wide range of models featuring only the top brands to ensure you get the right one for your standards and needs. With such trusted manufacturers as AirForce, FX, and Hatsan at the ready, rest assured that every option offers the performance and endurance you need to bag your shot.

Since not every size game requires the same power or speed to take it down, we have taken the time to categories these rifles by game size to remove some of the hassle on your end. With our selection of small game rifles, get just enough speed and power for handling smaller pests or vermin without carrying a larger airgun than necessary. Our medium game rifles offer all the same features as the small game options but with more power or features to build on. When looking to take down large game, our selection of large game rifles has you covered. Whether looking to take down a deer from an impressive distance or bag a wild boar, these larger air rifles for hunting are the right solution to give you the power, speed, and precision needed to achieve success.

We also offer air pistols designed for hunting purposes for those looking for a change from the traditional rifle. When you need pellets to accompany any of the airguns we offer, you will find them here with our collection of affordable ammo solutions. Get all your hunting gear here and be ready for your favorite season! If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the right choice for your experience and preferences.

How to Choose the Best Air Rifles for Hunting

Hunting Large Game

Looking for a real challenge? These guns are built with big game in mind so when you're ready to take airgunning to the next level look no further. Here you will find rifles that make up to 500 ft lbs of energy and are capable of taking a wide variety of game.
  • Game: Hogs, Deer & larger predators
  • Calibers: .357, .40, .45 & .50
  • Minimum Energy: 90 - 200 FPE (Foot Pounds of Energy)

Hunting Medium Game

Raccoons, Woodchucks and even smaller predators like Red Foxes or Bobcats all fall prey to these medium game guns. Designed to throw standard .22 and .25 caliber pellets at high speeds, these guns pack a punch.
  • Game: Raccoons, Woodchucks & smaller predators (ex. Red Fox or Bob Cat)
  • Calibers: .22, .25 & .30
  • Minimum Energy: 25 FPE (Foot Pounds of Energy)

Hunting Small Game

Perfect for keeping around to take care of garden pests or for wandering in the woods, these rifles use common ammunition, are easy to operate and are typically less expensive. If you're looking for a way to get started in the airgunning hobby these are the guns for you.
  • Game: Rabbits, Chipmunks, Squirrels & Wild Birds
  • Calibers: .177 & .22
  • Minimum Energy: 11 FPE (Foot Pounds of Energy)

Hunting with Pistols

When choosing an air pistol to hunt with make sure you have enough power for an effective and clean kill shot. Look for a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air pistol in .177, .22 or .25 caliber.
Hunting Pellets These pellets are designed to give you the accuracy you need while at the same time delivering maximum power in order to humanely take game.
We have hand selected some of our favorites that have proven themselves in the field.

Can you hunt with an air rifle?
An air rifle is great for hunting, as long as it's legal to hunt with an air rifle in your area. Some states allow it and some don't. You'll want to match the caliber and power of the gun you choose to the game size you want to hunt. We have a list of game, powers, and calibers above.

What can you hunt with an air rifle?
Depending on your state's regulations, you can hunt everything from small to large game with an air rifle. You'll want to use the right rifle for the right game, of course, you're not going to take a deer with the same rifle you use for squirrels. We have provided a short list of game and their corresponding energy and caliber requirements.

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