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While you are well aware of what a BB gun is, you might not know that much about the history of this now iconic item. When it comes to BB gun BBs, this small item has a long history behind it. So how did BB guns get their name anyway? Very early designs of guns that shoot BBs used lead shot from shotgun shells and back then there were varying shot sizes from B to BBB. The first BB shooting guns used BB-sized shot and the term has stuck.
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Since then the shot size and name have stayed pretty much the same. Daisy (around the year 1900) standardized the size of BB shot to 4.45 mm and today they use 4.5 mm (.177 caliber) airgun BBs. The industry has pushed the design of BBs for BB guns in recent years to make them safer and more effective. You can now find a wider selection of metal BBs, such as; copper BBs, steel BBs, lead BBs, or any combination of metals along with a variety of coatings such as anodized BBs or zinc BBs that reduce friction and increase velocity. There are also low ricochet options such as frangible BBs that break apart and Smart Shot BBs that will flatten upon impact.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of options for airgun BBs (.177 BBs or 177 bbs) to help you make the right choice for you. We have the top names in the industry such as Air Venturi, ASG, Crosman, Daisy, Hornady, and more to get the quality option you deserve. We offer these airgun BBs (sometimes searched as airgunbbs or air gun bb's) in a range of quantities and price points to ensure you get exactly what you need to keep the fun going. We even offer BBs for BB gun options in a convenient pour bottle for easier reloading in between rounds for those without a speed loader. Made with a focus on quality and performance, these airgun BBs are sure to excite with every fire. Airgun bbs .177 caliber bb gun ammunition. Whether you're looking for a value option or a premium, top-grade selection, we have it all right here from your favorite brands at a great price. Find your perfect BB gun BBs and BB gun bullets today! We are committed to excellent customer service with every order. If you have any questions while shopping our inventory, please contact us today for further assistance. We are always happy to help in any way.

What are BB's made of?

BB's have a long history of materials, diameter, and even weight in the long history of their use. The BB started off as your typical birdshot for a smoothbore shotgun. Made out of lead and measuring at 4.3-4.4 mm, these were mass produced, but there were always inconsistencies in the BB due to the loose restrictions on shotshells. It wasn't until Daisy started making their own 4.4 mm "round shot" that the uniformity of the BBs increased and started to turn into what we use today. Your modern standard BB is made of steel or lead and formed into its spherical 4.4mm shape and then coated in either zinc or copper to help stop corrosion and help the BB's consistent accuracy.

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