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Underlever Air Rifles

When choosing the right rifle for your airgunning needs, you need options that are made with ease of use in mind. Made to be easy for the beginner, underlevers tend to be the easiest of all spring guns to shoot accurately. Unlike sidelevers, underlever air rifles have no pronounced torque when they shoot. This is because generally, they are also heavier than break barrels. The extra weight of the rifle hangs straight below the barrel as a counterweight which results in less recoil. Although, underlever air rifles have the same sliding compression chamber with the same safety features as sidelevers so long scopes are easier to mount. We've also noticed that they are usually generally better made and will last for years if taken care of properly. Whether you are looking for a great starter airgun or just one that is easy to aim and shot, we have you covered.
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We offer a diverse selection of underlever air rifles for your shooting needs. With the top brands available such as Beeman, Hatsan, Diana, and more, rest assured that every option meets your high standards of performance and power. Choose from options in either single shot or repeater firing modes to get the one best suited to your needs. We also offer a range of caliber options with these airguns. Choose from several power plants as well such as gas piston, single stroke pneumatic, and spring piston to get the right option for your activities and shooting preferences. Regardless of which option is best suited to your needs, every option offers the performance you expect of such trusted manufacturers. With a range of available features such as elevation adjustable comb, sling swivels on the butt and forearm, heavy duty weaver style scope mounts, and more, it is clear to see why more people are choosing to shop with us and our collections of high performing brands. Find your perfect new addition today!
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