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Pump Air Pistols

When looking for the best way to get a few shots off with a fun handheld option, pump air pistols are a great solution! These air pistols require a pump, single or multiple, to cock the gun. Single pump air pistols only require one cock of the gun to obtain full power. These guns are excellent for fast shooting and accuracy which makes them a lot of fun in general. Most competition air pistols are of this type, so they are also great for training and working with various types of targets. Multi-pump air pistols require multiple pumps for maximum power. Usually, you can obtain maximum power with 8-10 pumps. A benefit of multi-pump air pistols is that you can control how much power you are shooting with which is ideal for both amateurs and more seasoned shooters. If you need less power just pump 4 or 5 times; for more power pump 8-10 times. This unique operational style makes pump air pistols one of the best options to have in your rotation as well as a fun change from your usual airgun.
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We are pleased to offer a diverse range of pump air pistols to add to your arsenal. With top-rated brands at the ready, such as Beeman, Umarex, Crosman, Air Venturi, and more, rest assured that every option is a high-quality solution manufactured with the highest standards in the industry. Choose from options with overlever action and bolt action to get the right fit for your preferences. You will also find a range of caliber options such as 0.177, 0.20, and 0.22 to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a wood or synthetic grip, we have an option for you. These high-quality options are made for fun and function with such features as full compression tubes, two stage triggers, ambidextrous grip and operation, manual safety, and more. When looking for an option that is fun to shoot and offers great results in terms of speed and accuracy, this is the one to beat. If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance today.
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