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Fixed Barrel Air Rifles

When it comes to finding the right air gun for your needs, a rifle style is one of the best choices on the market. Not only does an air rifle give you more long-distance capability than a handgun style, it is also great for training purposes. An easy alternative to the real thing, fixed barrel air rifles are powered by a spring that compresses an air chamber to release the pellets. Benefits of using a fixed barrel air rifle include improved accuracy and power, as well as more affordable ammunition for extra training for a more cost-effective option compared to ammo firing long-range firearms. Best of all, fixed barrel air rifles will be the most accurate of the spring powered air guns because the barrel is fixed and does not move. If you are looking for accuracy and power at an affordable price, going with fixed barrel models is a smart choice.
We offer several options to help you find the right fixed barrel air rifle for your needs. With top brands at the ready, such as Crossman and Daisy, rest assured every option has been designed and manufactured to meet high standards of performance. With both pump and underlever actions available, as well as firing modes of single shot and repeater shot firing, finding the right choice has never been easier. These high-quality air rifles are perfect for target practice, plinking, shooting small rodents, and even training younger shooters with the proper adult supervision. We offer several styles, including a pink option for the little lady in your shooting family, to help you find the right choice at an affordable price. These rifles all feature sturdy grip components to help with gripping the gun, as well as being lightweight in construction for easy handling and included mounts or the option of adding your own scope later on for improved accuracy of shot. These air rifles use BB ammunition instead of pellets which makes them great a for rapid firing and working with soft targets. They can easily take down a small rodent as needed, and they are equally well suited to paper target training as well.
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