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Tactical Black Ops Combos

Why do people love airguns so much? For starters, they aren’t as loud as typical firearms and they offer little to no recoil compared to the “real thing” of ammo firing guns. With tactical airguns, you can practice your shot accuracy without the extensive costs of standard ammunition, targets, or trips to the range. In fact, we offer several tactical air gun types designed to closely mimic the real thing for the purpose of training at a cost-effective outcome. With the Black Ops collection of tactical air pistols and handguns, get the training you need to ensure you always hit the mark when it matters most. Black Ops envision a world of espionage and secret campaigns. The empty cans and other targets won’t know what hit them! These kits include everything you need to complete your own covert operations. Kits include the gun, pellets, and holster all at one affordable price for an added value.
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When looking at tactical air guns, it is important to have options which closely mimic your real firearm. With this in mind, we feature options such as Berretta, Colt Defender, Smith and Wesson, and more in both tactical air pistols and revolvers. This makes it easier to practice your target training with something similar to your real firearm with ammo and accessories costing a fraction of the cost. They are constructed from all metal to give you the same weight and feel of your standard firearm of the same make and model. They also have fixed front and rear sights to help with accuracy while practicing your marksmanship. Many of these air guns offer impressive shots per cartridge, such as up to 120 shots in select models, so you will spend less time reloading and more time shooting targets. We offer options with and without blowback to meet your preference. Some shooters prefer a little blowback to make it feel more like their real firearm whereas others prefer no blowback. We offer both options to help you find the right choice for your shooting preferences. If you have any questions about these options, please contact us for assistance.
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