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Pellet Guns

When looking for an option that is easy to use for shooters of all skill levels, a pellet gun is a great solution. Designed to offer maximum range and force while still being safe for beginners and younger shooters, pellet guns shoot pellets (projectiles) made from a lead or alloy material. Best of all, they are more accurate than their BB counterparts due to rifled barrels, the shape of the pellet, and the powerplants used. Perfect for a range of intended activities, they are great for plinkers, hunters, sportsmen, beginners, experts and young shooters.

Types of Pellet Guns

There are 4 main types of pellet guns, each has its strengths and weaknesses given their designs:
  • The classic pump pneumatic is fun and function all-in-one. Easy to use and learn, it is a great gun for beginners to learn with. Single pump or multi-pump, these rifles stand the test of time.
  • Spring piston pellet guns are the perfect for all-around air rifles. A simple cocking mechanism provides a powerful shot that is a great option to use for both target practice and hunting.
  • With a Co2 pellet gun, you get an easy to use choice that offers great firing capacity. Powered by Co2 cartridges or a refillable tank, the rifles come in a range of specifications to meet any need you're looking for.
  • Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) pellet guns are powerful off the shelf and turned the airgun hobby into what it is today. These pneumatic rifles are perfect for target shooters and even big game hunters.

When looking at this purchase, make sure you weigh the benefits of each as you carefully consider the type of pellet guns for sale. You should also consider the caliber, from .177 up to .50 caliber, in your decision. Smaller calibers are often used for plinking or target shooting while the bigger calibers will give you more knockdown power for larger game ideal for hunting purposes. Regardless of which caliber or powerplant you prefer, we have a selection of models to meet your preferences. We also offer options with and without blowback to help you find the one that is right for you. Whether you're looking to hunt game, plink cans or test your skill against the best, you can find the right pellet gun here at Airgun Depot.

Many of our products can be shipped free in the lower 48 states and each order comes complete with two free tins of pellets for an added value. Our inventory features the top manufacturers on the market for quality performance you can count on. Choose from such trusted brands as Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Crosman, Winchester, and more. If you have any questions about these products, please contact a member of our staff for further assistance.

Can I hunt with a pellet gun?

Pellet guns are a great hunting tool. Quiet, effective, and affordable, there is a pellet gun for any size of game you're after. Ranging from small-caliber all the way to big-bore rifles, whatever game you're hunting, there is an option for it.

Even though most states have made hunting with a pellet gun legal, in most urban areas it is unlawful to discharge any weapon that expels a projectile. So you always have to keep in mind where you're at, as well as the regulations your state has. Always check your local and state laws before hunting with your pellet gun.

How far can a pellet gun shoot?

The distance a pellet gun can shoot varies drastically. There is no set standard. Everything from type, size, even weight of the ammo, to the gun itself affects distance. Each pellet gun is rated at a different FPS, FPE, and even caliber of ammo it will use. As with all firearms, safety should always be priority number 1. Never shoot without knowing what is behind your intended target.

Your most basic pellet gun has a normal range of 50-100 yards while even higher-end models can reach even farther. At any distance, pellet guns will carry their kinetic energy and transfer it to the target you're shooting at. It all depends on your pellet gun's advertised effective range. Always check the manufacturer's specifications on all pellet guns to know what they rated the gun at.

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