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Pellet Guns

When looking for an option that is easy to use for shooters of all skill levels, a pellet gun is a great solution. Designed to offer maximum range and force while still being safe for beginners and younger shooters, pellet guns shoot pellets (projectiles) made from a lead or alloy material. Best of all, they are more accurate than their BB counterparts due to rifled barrels, the shape of the pellet, and the powerplants used. Perfect for a range of intended activities, they are great for plinkers, hunters, sportsmen, beginners, experts and young shooters.

What are the different types of pellet guns?

There are 4 main types of pellet guns, and each has its strengths and weaknesses given its design:

  • The classic pump pneumatic is fun and function all in one. Easy to use and learn, it is a great gun for beginners to learn with. Single pump or multi-pump, these rifles stand the test of time.
  • Spring or gas piston pellet guns are perfect for all-around air rifles. A simple cocking mechanism provides a powerful shot that is a great option to use for both target practice and hunting.
  • With a Co2 pellet gun, you get an easy-to-use choice that offers great firing capacity. Powered by Co2 cartridges or a refillable tank, the rifles come in a range of specifications to meet any need you're looking for.
  • Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) pellet guns are powerful off the shelf and turned the airgun hobby into what it is today. These pneumatic rifles are perfect for target shooters and even big game hunters.

When looking at this purchase, make sure you weigh the benefits of each as you carefully consider the type of pellet guns for sale. You should also consider the caliber, from .177 up to .50 caliber, in your decision. Smaller calibers are often used for plinking or target shooting while the larger calibers will give you more knockdown power for large game ideal for hunting purposes. Regardless of which caliber or powerplant you prefer, we have a selection of models to meet your preferences. We also offer options with and without blowback to help you find the one that is right for you. Whether you're looking to hunt game, plink cans, or test your skill in competitions, you can find the right pellet gun here at Airgun Depot.

Many of our products can be shipped free in the lower 48 states. Our inventory features the top manufacturers on the market for quality and performance you can count on. Choose from such trusted brands as Crosman, Benjamin, FX, Smith & Wesson, and more. If you have any questions about these products, please contact a member of our staff for further assistance.

Are pellet guns accurate?

Pellet guns have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1835. The best pellet guns can rival some of their center-fire cousins in terms of accuracy. When it comes to accuracy, there are several factors that determine how accurate a gun will be. Many accuracy problems can be solved with a few changes.

Pellet gun accuracy depends on many factors, not the least of which is the proficiency of the shooter. However, you must keep in mind that most pellet guns are designed for short-range shooting up to 100 yards. The closer you are to your target, the more accurate you can be. The farther the pellet has to travel between you and your target, the more drop that will occur. It's a product of gravity. Although long-range target pellet guns are available, they are still limited to less than 500 yards.

Pellet choice is another factor. The lighter weight pellets with a lower drag rate built into the design travel farther with less drop than a heavier pellet without a drag-reducing design. There are several performance pellets available designed for speed and accuracy. The pellet you choose should match the activity you plan to use it for. Hunting pellets and target pellets perform very differently, as they should. One is designed for paper while the other is designed to dispatch an animal. Each type has its own performance standards. But, in general, premium pellets perform better than low-grade ones.

Pellet gun choice is also a factor. Pellet shooting pistols will generally be less accurate at 50 yards than rifles. The longer barrel of the rifle provides more guidance, while a larger power plant provides greater force. However, the introduction of hunting pistols is changing that. If you are interested in airgun pistol hunting, you'll find our selection of hunting pistols suits the bill nicely. They provide the accuracy of a rifle in pistol form.

To maintain the best accuracy, practice at the distance you prefer to shoot, keep your pellet gun well maintained, and use the right pellets for your gun and your purpose.

How far can a pellet gun shoot?

The distance a pellet gun can shoot varies drastically. There is no set standard. Everything from type, size, and even weight of the ammo, to the gun itself affects distance. Each pellet gun is rated at a different FPS, FPE, and even caliber of ammo it will use. As with all firearms, safety should always be priority number 1. Never shoot without knowing what is behind your intended target.

Your most basic pellet gun has a normal range of 50-100 yards while even higher-end models can reach even farther. At any distance, pellet guns will carry their kinetic energy and transfer it to the target you're shooting at. It all depends on your pellet gun's advertised effective range. Always check the manufacturer's specifications on all pellet guns to know what they rated the gun at.

Are pellet guns for hunting?

While pellet guns have many uses, they are a great hunting tool. Quiet, effective, and affordable, there is a pellet gun for any size of game you're after. Ranging from small-caliber all the way to big-bore rifles, whatever game you're hunting, there is an option for it.

Even though most states have made hunting with a pellet gun legal, in most urban areas it is unlawful to discharge any weapon that expels a projectile. So you always have to keep in mind where you are, as well as the regulations of your state. Always check your local and state laws before hunting with your pellet gun.

What are pellet guns used for?

Pellet guns have many uses. Hunting, pest control, sport shooting, and training are but a few.

Some hunters prefer pellet guns as their primary hunting weapon. Pellet guns are quiet and can be used in areas a firearm would be inappropriate, such as a suburban setting. This is also the case if you're using it for pest control. If you have trouble with birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other pests, there is a pellet gun that can help you get rid of them quickly and easily. And if you like to hunt medium to large game, check out our hunting guide for the best pellet guns for hunting available.

Sport shooting competitions are held throughout the country. Pellet guns are some of the top equipment used, along with archery. Competition prizes can range from bragging rights to large sums of money. Winning often takes coaching and hours of practice. Many of the top competitors have been shooting for many years and have highly honed skills. We have several sport shooting pellet guns that could take you from beginner to advanced competitions.

Firearms training can be dangerous and expensive. But using pellet guns for training makes it more accessible. There are many firearm replica pellet guns that provide the look, feel, and action of the firearm they represent without the drawbacks of the firearm. Rather than needing a specialty field or course for training, scenarios can be practiced right in your own backyard. This is great when you are training for an organization or just on your own. We have many of the top brands of firearms available in modern replicas. Take your training to the next level. With pellet gun replicas of your favorite firearm, you can practice more often in more places, without the danger.

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