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10m Competition Air Rifles

If you are new to airgunning, it might surprise you to find out there are lots of uses for airguns. While they can be used for small game hunting, vermin or pest control, or just the fun of plinking, they can also be used for competitive marksman competitions. The most common is the 10-meter competition which is a challenging way to show off your shooting skills. When you need 10m air rifles to get in on the action, we have you covered. 10-meter, Olympic style shooting is the cream of the crop when it comes to target competition. Shooters fire from a standing, offhand position at a small target posted 10 meters down range. The goal is to score as many points as possible during the timed match. 10-meter shooting requires great skill and concentration to control sight alignment, breathing, and trigger squeeze in order to get the best shot off. Shooters typically use PCP or single stroke pneumatic rifles that are highly customizable to fit the shooter. 10-meter shooting is popular among old and young alike, and with competitions being fairly common, it's easy to get involved with clubs in your local area.
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We offer a diverse selection of 10m air rifles to meet your needs. Choose from top rated brands on the market such as Anschutz, Air Arms, Feinwerkbau, and more to get the performance and agility you need to make your mark. We offer a range of power plant choices, such as CO2, PCP, and pneumatic, when shopping for 10m air rifles to help you get the option you need for your best shooting for competitive purposes. You will also find a range of actions, velocities, and firing modes in our selection of 10m air rifles so you can further hone the options to meet your needs. Add one of these great solutions to your gear today and make your mark! We are committed to customer service from start to finish with every transaction. If you have any questions while shopping our selections, please contact us for assistance on the matter today.
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