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Want to know the exact speed your airgun is shooting? Now you can with our inventory of airgun chronographs. Test the speeds of different pellets and find which one works best in your air pistol or rifle to get the most power behind every shot. Whether you are trying to find the best pellet in terms of speed or you want to check the firing performance of your arsenal to make sure things are still up to speed, our collection of chronographs has you covered with reliable methods of testing and tracking this important aspect of airgunning.
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We are pleased to bring you only the best chronographs from such names as Competition Electronics and Shooting Chrony to ensure high-quality standards. With our selection, you will find a range of options for this important item to suit every preference and budget with ease. When looking for this device, there are certain elements most airgunners look for and we have them! Many of these models offer such great features as Onboard Bluetooth connectivity, internal and external refinements with updates to the circuitry and enclosure design, an operating system with multiple shot string memory and statistics, and a reliable memory capacity of up to 9 strings of up to 99 shots each in select models. These models are designed to offer sensing systems compatible with a wide variety of light conditions and projectiles while offering faster internal shot clock for improved accuracy of the reading. Most units can test a velocity range of around 20 – 9,999 feet per second for added appeal. Best of all, many of the chronographs we offer come with some form of warranty in a range of years for added peace of mind with the purchase. In addition to the units themselves, we also offer replacement diffuser packs and indoor/outdoor lights for your existing chronograph. Find everything you need for this important aspect of airgunning right here!
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