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Synthetic Stock Air Rifles

When looking for an option perfect for training purposes or real-life hunting of small game and vermin, the use of synthetic air rifle stocks is a great alternative to heavier options on the market. While many airgunners will always desire the feel of real wood in their hands, synthetic stock airguns do have their place in a shooter's arsenal.
Here are four examples of what makes a synthetic stock air rifle a good option:

Weather Resistant
While many wood stock options are prone to degrading caused by dampness in the air or moisture from weather conditions, synthetic air rifle stocks are manufactured with weather resistance in place, so you never have to worry about damage caused by the elements.

More Durable
The fact that these models are made of weather resistant composite materials ensures they are incredibly durable. The added durability factor makes this is a long-lasting addition to your collection.

Scratch Resistant
Since the material is a sturdy composite material, almost all synthetic air rifle stocks are resistant to scratches. This ensures a smooth surface for a gun that looks great and feels right in your hand even after years of use.

Often Lighter
When looking for an option that is lighter in weight, this is the choice for you. Perfect for trips where you may be hiking or simply looking to lighten the load, synthetic options are a great alternative to heavier stock options on the market.

We offer several options from reliable brands for adding synthetic air rifle stocks to your arsenal. With the growing popularity of this option, more manufacturers are embracing the value of having synthetic models such as the popular powerhouse of Benjamin Marauder. We also offer top options such as Ruger, Crosman, and more to ensure a high performing solution. So, if you're looking for an airgun that doesn't require as much fussing over, check out one of the synthetic air rifles. If you have any questions while shopping these choices, please contact our staff today for further assistance.
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