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Air Venturi 13 cu in HPA Tank, Stock & Adapter Combo

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The Air Venturi 13 oz. aluminum high pressure air tank is a great option for many airguns and is also a common modding accessory. It's particularly useful for Sig Sauer MCX/MPX owners.

The tank fills to 3,000 psi and it features an integrated valve that regulates output to 1,100 psi. Equipped with a foster quick release fill adapter, you'll enjoy quick and easy filling from a hand pump, aluminum scuba tank, or carbon fiber tank. Also included are a buttstock and CO2 adapter.

(Please note: The foster fill nipple is adjustable, but can ONLY be adjusted when the tank has no pressure in it.)

Air Venturi 13 oz Aluminum HPA Tank Features
  • Pro V2 SHP regulator
  • Regulated to 1,100 psi
  • Max fill is 3,000 psi
  • Fill directly from a high pressure pump or tank via standard foster quick fill adapter
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Two ASTM compliant burst disks
  • Buttstock
  • CO2 adapter
  • Shoot hundreds of rounds before refilling
  • 2" diameter
  • 10" long
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Accessories
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By RickJune 7, 2023 Verified Purchase

Inexpensive way to convert co2 88 g air guns to PCP. Converted my Sig MCX .177 to a PCP for less than 300.00. That included the rifle, tank, adaptor, stock, and PCP hand pump

The adaptor makes the length of pull a little long. It might be better If they could eliminate the adaptor. I would change out the stock with the Sig MCX Virtus if I could find one. Apparently Sig doesn't make the MCX Virtus stock available.

By RobbieUSAApril 3, 2022

Worked for a while, not worth it in the long run.

Fill valve o-ring deteriorated after about a year. Have looked everywhere for a fill valve and have tried several orings with no luck. Contacted Air Venturi tech support, they do not have the orings not the fill valve in stock. Only option they gave was to ship to them and pay $60.00 per hour to have it rebuilt. AV tech support were not helpful. Have 2 guns I cannot use now. Not worth it, stick to CO2.

By ZmannJanuary 9, 2018

Well although this is a nice alternative to co2.There are factors not mentioned.If you own a Sig Sauer Mcx ,mpx or similar pellet rifle..This tank is great except the cost of just setting it up.This set up is 100 bucks,then a extra fill tank,is 350 bucks..Then 5 bucks to fill the tank at fillnup station,the gas to drive there lets say another 5 bucks..Theres 460 bucks already and youll get 3 tanks innthr small HPA tank..then its say gas and refill cost everytime time your fill tanknruns low lets say 10 bucks ..For 460 bucks you can get 54 co2 90g bottles.You can buy 2 packnof co2 for 12 to 17 bucks depending on what brand.So unless you have a HPA compressor which is 1000s,or a fill station right close by..To me seems likenits not worth the hassle cause your not saving that much..Guess it depends how much you shoot. Heck 54 co2 tanks can give me 9,720 shots...thats alot of shooting..lmao.Eitherway its a nice alternative,but guess u have to think isnit right for you..Now if this tank and the fill tank ,with all adapters was a kit at maybe 200 bucks or less..then it might be a go ahead..Again only advantage i see using this is if u have a fill station readily available and u had a portable fill tank to fill the smaller bottles..Be great for law enforcemeant at training camp that has a fill station right there.Us real people dont have HPA compressors or ready stations..and not sure who would want to hand pump either of the tanks.even this small tank hand pumping it with a HPA gonna get some abs ...Time you donall that ,u can runto sports store grab co2 and be done shooting for.the day and be tired from having fun not pumping a tank up by

Consistant velocity on shooting

Cost to start up and hassle to get tanks filled

By EricUSAJune 24, 2017

Just got this to go with my Sig Sauer MCX from AirgunDepot. Works really well with the Sig Sauer MCX rifle - like other reviewers mentioned the LOP is a tad longer but even for a short guy like me its ok..! The longer LOP does make it harder to use the open sights on my MCX but those sights cannot be raised high enough anyway. So, I mounted my Primary Arms microdot red sight with a 1/3 co-witness mount. Using a red dot the LOP does not matter. After sight-in the gun is spot on and the Air Venturi tank is doing its job providing consistent air over variable co2 gas.

Better performance over inconsistent co2 pressure. Makes the gun more accurate.

Didn't include any instructions for the tank. I guess everything is written on the bottle??? 5 year life only. Shoulder stock is slippery has no grip.

By WilliamUSANovember 13, 2016

Quite frankly, I don't usually buy CO2 guns that must be fired using large capacity (88-90 gram) cylinders. Just the cost of those cylinders turns me off. This alternative has been a long time coming, but is well worth the wait! Buying just one of these HPA cylinders costs as much as buying five large CO2 cylinders, but then your shooting costs go way down! Should you dump a CO2 cylinder, you've lost a 20 dollar bill, but you aren't losing anything except air if you should lose pressure on this HPA device. While the Air Venturi 13 cu in HPA Tank, Stock & Adapter Combo doesn't fit all applications, it is a consideration for many CO2 guns on the market today.

After initial cost of this product, the costs associated with utilization of your gun will fall dramatically! You will not have to think much about losing compressed CO2 gas, as high pressure air is nowhere near as expensive to supply. You may, or may not get as many shots per fill with HPA, as you get with CO2, but HPA is not sensitive to air temperature like CO2 gas is, thus the performance of your gun will be more stabile and predictable. This device has made my consideration for appropriation of additional large cylinder CO2 guns a definite possibility.

The use of this device will probably void your product warranty. The initial cost of this package is about $100.00, which isn't exactly cheap. I used the package on a SIG Sauer MPX Combo. While everything fit well, on this particular CO2 gun, the stock length has been extended a bit too far back for comfort or utility. None the less, it is surely the proper alteration for this gun, as it uses CO2 quickly and air is certainly cheaper.

By Harry C.September 30, 2016

The device is excellent to increase power and more shooting time, but the total length of the device used on the new High Capacity Air Riffle become too long , makes the gun not good for scope and uncomfortable for the open sight. But is excellent to my .22 Bulk-Fill Crosman 600. If Air Venturi can produce a version FOUR inches shorter (total length) can fit the new High Capacity AirRiffle

It did increase power and more shooting.

Total length is too long. may be good for big man.

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Will this work on my crossman 2240 ?

asked James Kevin from USA

Where can one get a replacement gauge? I have found it is NOT a 1/8 inch NPT.

asked Kenneth from USA

Can you use a hand pump to refill this tank?

asked Robert from USA

Would any airpump do or do I need to buy their brand?

asked Gregory from USA

I was wondering I have rex 50 Cal will this bottle fit on it?

asked Jason from USA

I am new to HPA and I was thinking about using this on my newly purchased SIG MCX. Will this improve velocity and accuracy? Both kinda suck on this gun. Also what air pressure am I setting the gun to?

asked Chris from Canada

How and what do you guys use to refill the bottle? Can i use a regular air compressor? thank you!

asked Brayden from USA

You need an air source that reaches 3000 PSI. A normal shop compressor only gets to 150 PSI.

Mark from USA

Will this tank fit a paint ball gun?

asked Donald from USA

What size the adapter

asked Joseph Tagulao
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