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Seneca Hollowpoint .356 Cal, 115 gr - 100 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-953 · $29.99 · .357 · 115 grains · 100 ct
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Seneca's top-quality hollowpoint big bore airgun ammo will help you humanely take down game because of the mushrooming effect of the bullet's nose.
  • .356 cal
  • Length: .506in/12.85mm
  • 115 grains
  • Hollowpoint
  • 100ct
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Caliber .357
  • Ammo Type Slugs
  • Ammo Weight 115 grains
  • Pellet Shape Hollowpoint Slug
  • Pellet Quantity 100 ct
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By MerlinUSAMarch 8, 2021

If your new to PCP hunting and purchasing your first order of hunting slugs, rest assured Purchasing Seneca products will never be a learning curve purchase. Its money well spent and the correct decision. After using my 356 die press and inspection. I stow each pellet in a bullet case.

I shoot many diffrent 356 Seneca lead slugs. I think they are a very dependable and a great value. If your hunting with Seneca or any slug for hunting. You must realize one thing about lead slugs for PCP hunting. A very small variation in the slug can give you a adverse effect. Seneca makes great slugs and products. But to assure yourself for that critical shot, purchase a 356 die press. It takes me only a few minutes to run 100 slugs through a 356 die. Die press are very inexpensive around 50.00 dollars. Seneca makes great slugs, but your dealing with hot lead during manufacturing, so invest in a die press, and be assured every shot will hit its mark. I have over 2000 Seneca slugs in my inventory. They are the best all around slug in the air rifle world. I own a Bull Dog, Winchester 357 and a 357 Texan. Seneca slugs are great. If you want to take your hunting PCP rifle to another level, you can also Lap Polish your barrel, this will remove any small Imperfections.

Seneca slugs are great, just wished the shipping box had individual slots for each slug. When shipping loose pellets in a box, shipping companies throw boxs around and the pellets can get dented from contact with each other. A small indentation can have a effect on long shots. I know this would add additional cost, but its worth it. Some of us may only get one crucial shot at that life time Buck. I do inspect every slug before my hunt.

By TerryMarch 12, 2019

Nicely made

Great for the price


By NicholasUSAMarch 25, 2018

They shoot ok but 5 out of a hundred jammed . I'm not sure why . I also would refill after 1 mag . Also the 128 gr fiat nose same brand jammed 6 out of 100 in my bulldog . I'm going to have to get some calipers too check their diameter . I'm going to hold off on these and see if other cast bullets jam like thees . I also might need to get a chronograph to see whats going on .

jammed in bulldog

By Neal T.January 13, 2017

Accuracy was only so-so in my Evanix Rex...and expansion was practically non existent.

Might be more accurate in other guns.

Lacks the expansion that is expected of a hollowpoint

By VikramUSADecember 7, 2016

These are cheaper than the Nosslers, but they perform very well. They shoot accurate.

By ANTHONYUSAAugust 24, 2016

These pellets were a perfect fit for my air rifle. I had first purchased Benjamin eXTREME by Nosler .357 Cal, 145 gr and they were too long and the plastic tip would hang up in my magazine. Great balance to these also and were easier to load. A great value!

exceptional knock-down power at 115 gr.

none that I can think of.

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Will these fit my Hatsan Carnivore, I was looking at an add recently and mentioned Air Venturi Pellets (95,105 & 115 grain)

asked Samuel from USA

Will this ammo work in my Hatsen 357 bully

asked mike from USA

will they run through an impact

asked wayne from USA

So thinking about getting one what one is the best

asked Rey from USA

Slug performance is often trial and error. you just have to try them. Customer reviews can help.

Mark from USA

Compatible with Winchester 70/35?

asked david thornton

Do these work in Hatsan Carnivore?

asked John from USA
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