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Air Venturi Wingman 98 Carbon Fiber Tank, 98 Cu Ft

Carbon Fiber Tank, 4500 psi
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  • DOM 2021
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Tank Size
  • 74 Cu Ft
  • 98 Cu Ft
  • 100 Cu In
  • 100 Cu In
  • Code: AGD-A5905 $699.99
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One of the largest charging tanks available in the marketplace- the Air Venturi Wingman 98 Carbon Fiber Charging Tank weighs much less than a steel scuba tank. Better yet- the advantage of carbon fiber over steel allows for a higher pressure capability of 4500 psi- meaning more charges for your favorite PCP airgun and more shooting time for you.

Fill your air rifles and pistols with the simple quick-disconnect fittings and be on your way to more pest control- target shooting and even competition. With 4500 psi and a whopping 98 cu. ft. capacity- enjoy the most refills of your 3000 psi airguns. The tank features stainless steel fittings- a 20 in. microbore hose and a rubberized hand wheel for controlled filling. The integrated pressure gauge lets you know when you're reaching your full charge and the bleed valve is conveniently located on the connector.

Even shooting teams will be delighted at the number of fills they get from the Air Venturi Carbon Fiber PCP Charging Station. Averaging more than 40 fills, this tank is a practical choice for many shooting venues. For example, approximately 42 charges are provided on a 3,000 psi gun with a 215cc cylinder from a beginning gun reservoir pressure of 1,500 psi. You can expect more than 20 full charges on empty 3,000 psi gun with a 215cc cylinder. (The total number of fills vary based on the maximum charging capacity and the reservoir size of the gun(s) being charged). Air Venturi Carbon Fiber PCP Charging Station
  • Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum bladder
  • 98 cu. ft. capacity
  • 4500 psi max pressure
  • DOT-approved / DOT-SP 11194
  • High-pressure valve w/burst disc 7/8' UNF
  • 20 in. microbore hose
  • Pressure gauge 0-6000 psi 1/8" BSPP
  • Female quick-disconnect 1/8" BSPP / Male 1/8"; BSPP Connector
  • 13 lbs. dry weight
  • 7.5" wide
  • 25" tall to top of valve

Assembly Includes
  • 98 cu. ft. carbon fiber tank
  • Microbore hose with 1/8" BSPP threads on both ends
  • Air Venturi high pressure stainless steel female Foster quick-disconnect adapter at output end of hose
  • Valve with inline pressure gauge (eliminates the use of a yoke)
  • Seal washer
  • Comes assembled and empty
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Fill Sources
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 7.26
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By Michael USAApril 11, 2022 Verified Purchase

Awesome tank, I got the 98 cu ft one, I actually returned my umarex ready air compressor on the feeling it was gonna fail soon, I shipped it on Tuesday and had the new tank on Sunday thanks to airgun depots quick actions, the same day it was received I was billed the remaining balance and it shipped the next day, also I was surprised to see they sent me a free pistol, now that's awesome customer service, this tank tops my gun off in a matter of seconds versus 8 or 9 minutes from a compressor, also check around to see if someone can fill it to the 4500 psi, also get a male to male foster fitting so it can be filled if the place filling it doesn't have one, great transition from a compressor, only downside is you shoot more clips which is more pellets, but well worth it, highly recommend a tank over a compressor if your starting off with pcps

Very nice convenient tank

Wish it would also have psi on the Guage along with bar, but not a deal breaker, also one of those 1 meter no kink hoses, but the hose is still good and long enough

By JustinFebruary 16, 2021

Buy the double ended male from air Venturi its black figured that I’ll help the next person since I didn’t get any.


It would’ve been nice to have had the adapter suitable for filling the tank instead of having the person look stupid at the air shop

By RodneyUSAJuly 13, 2020

Nice tanks and hose combo. Find a dive shop that will fill to 4500psi not all do call first. The fittings on the hose will be loose tightening then up or it will leak. Thought it was defective but was just loose.

By JohnUSAJune 24, 2020 Verified Purchase

I cant believe there was a time when I did not have a bottle! Day and night! Brings back all the fun in shooting airguns.

Cant think of any.

By RichardUSADecember 25, 2019




By ScottUSADecember 18, 2018

I bought this tank with my first PCP rifle which is a .30 gage. The rifle uses a fair amount of air per pellet making the size of the tank important. I did have some trouble finding someone to charge it but once filled it has lasted for more charges that I can remember. I would recommend getting the carrier for the tank so that it does not roll around too much while transporting it.

Holds more air than I use in a month

Make sure that the fill station can do 4500 before taking the tank there. Finding a fill station was also a challenge.

By DavidUSAJuly 8, 2018

I have the 74, but this is even better for my long days on the range or hunting trips. NICE tank!


None that I can think of.

By miltonUSAJanuary 8, 2018

This tank is great to use when sighting in an air gun at the range. Makes it easy to top off the gun.

Use this tank at the range for three hours when sighting in my air gun. Gun sighted in and tank empty.


By StevenUSAJanuary 8, 2018

With this tank you don't have to worry about running out of usable air at the range. This tank is almost a must if you have a big bore airgun or an airgun with a 250+ bar fill. I took off one star because of the fill hose, its inside diameter is big and just a tiny about of opening on the valve knob will jet a lot of air into the gun fast. I have used other carbon fiber tanks in matches with a micro-bore hose and it fills at a nice steady pace that is not nerve-wracking like the one supplied with this tank. I have purchased the micro-bore hose and could not be happier.

Tons of air

Fills too fast

By JamesUSAJuly 19, 2017

With this tank you will now spend all your time shooting! It holds a massive amount of air to keep you shooting with friends all throughout the day! If you have a good source of 4500 psi air near you the convince of this tank provides out weights the cost.

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How many times can I fill my Seneca 50 cal Dragon Claw with this tank?

asked Carlito from USA

The 98 cu tank that is filled to 4500 PSI will fill the Dragon Claw about 25 times from 2000 psi to 3000 psi.

Adam from USA

I have a 68 ci air tank. How much more is a 74 cu ft tank?

asked Roy from USA

I assume it be like having a 127,872ci air tank

Jon from USA

Are these tanks new and what is the year of manufacture

asked Alexis from USA

Where is this manufactured/assembled?

asked John from USA

If I just wanted one full refill for my Benjamin Bulldog .357, which tank would do it?

asked KIRK from USA

Even my small 88 cubic inch tank will fill a bulldog 5 times. All tanks sold on this site will will a Bulldog many times.

Todd from USA

Will this tank fit any benjamin pcp rifle?

asked Jason from USA

Yes, all my Benjamin PCP air rifles use the same connector. They are compatible with this tank. I have the Maximus, Marauder, and Bulldog.

Todd from USA

What type of adapter do i need to fill this tank at a scuba dive shop that has 4500psi.

asked Jeffrey from USA

Approximately how many fills can I expect to get out of this tank? I have the benjamin armada. 25cal

asked Thomas from USA

50-60 fills

Mark from USA

How long can you leave a tank Full

asked Ralph from USA


Mark from USA

¿Cual es el costo de envio a 1211 San Dario Ave. #1103, Laredo Tx. 78040?


The CF tank ships for free.

Mark from USA

Can You fill this tank with any air compressor? Or need to be a big one?

asked Jose from USA

The CF tank fills at 4500 psi. You need a high pressure air compressor. The Nomad is too small to fill this size tank. You need AGD-A9412 or AGD-A7458

Mark from USA

Can you fill Benjamin Air Rifles with this tank? I own a 357 Benjamin bulldog and so far the pumps I bought have not been anywhere near adequate for filling anyting.

asked Adam from USA

Yes. see my answer to Jason which is above.

Todd from USA

where and how do you fill the tank ?

asked joe

Any dive shop or industrial store for example Maine Oxi in Maine. They do high pressure as well. Just ask to make sure air is clean!

Don from USA

I have a Hatsan Nova and it rates to 500CC 3500 psi fill. Can this tank fill to that pressure or is it limited to 3000 psi?

asked Harry

how do you carry the gun and air tank together when walking ?

asked Michael

How do you charge the tank? Can a scuba shop charge it? do they need any special adapters?

asked Alan

Can this fill a 4500 psi gun?

asked Randy Job

How do I fill this up? It doesnt have a fill nipple...

asked Houtan from USA

98 cu ft is certainly a measure of the air displacement at 300 bar if it were at 1 bar. What is the capacity of the tank as listed on the DOT sticker?

asked Edward Nutter

Can this be filled up using a compressor that is used for using nail guns?

asked Habidur from USA

Did the tank come full or empty?

asked chad

Does this have a slow fill valve from tank to air rifle?

asked Darren from USA
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