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Air Venturi Dust Devil Mk2 Frangible BBs - 1,500 ct.

The World's First Frangible BB - Shattering on Impact!
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  • Code: AGD-P1477 · $7.99 · .177 · 4.35 grains · 1500 ct
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The World's First Frangible BB! Dust Devil BB's burst into a fine powder when used on steel action targets, when other BB's will typically bounce back. Using a special blend of alloys, the Dust Devils shoot 10% faster than traditional steel BB's, and their unique composition creates a round BB with a reduced ricochet effect. As an added bonus, the Dust Devil features a unique folding cardboard box that doubles as a BB dispenser for fast reloads. Each box contains 1,500 BB's for months of shooting fun. Leave Ricochets in the Dust with Dust Devil BB's!!

Air Venturi Dust Devil Frangible BB's Features:
  • Shatters on Impact against steel targets
  • 10% Faster than Steel BBs
  • Low ricochet
  • Lead-Free
  • Weight: 4.35 gr
  • Quick-reload folding package
  • Count: 1,500

New Mk2 Dust Devils benefit from:

  • Tighter BB -to-BB weight variance 
  • Reduced "belly band" around the center of the BB - This aids accuracy as well as general function in many spring loaded magazines

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  • Manufacturer Hellraiser
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Ammo Weight 4.35 grains
  • Pellet Shape Round ball
  • Pellet Quantity 1500 ct
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By DouglasUSAAugust 29, 2023

The ammo is non-uniform, the irregular shapes cause jams in every one of my semi-auto pistols and most rifles. The only exception are my two bolt action military replicas, which coming from China must have wider tolerances than other systems. So what do I do with 4500 rounds of the stuff? Not to worry, I figure that if I shoot one CO2 cartridge worth from each rifle every week, I will get rid of them in about a year and a half. Don't buy this product.

Low promotional price, the promise that they would function as described.

They do not function as described.

By RobertAugust 29, 2023

The shipment I received is not usable. Wish I had scrolled down through the reviews. Airgun depot and Air venturi claim this is normal. No refund or replacement available. Straight to the landfill.


Make them round so they can be used as intended.

By BryanMarch 16, 2022

I actually paired these with my Umarex Legends M1A going rabbiting recently. Came back with two cotton tails. I had a hunch that since they fragment on solid hard surfaces that hard bone after impact, and penetration would also count. It's similar to the effect of a frangible bullet in miniature form. They'll either leave a nasty irritated wound with persistent effects, or prove lethal. Admittedly I had to get in fairly close range, (10-15 ft), and a head shot is of course the best bet. Took a second finishing shot also. Regardless I doubt I maybe the only one to find these effective for varmint/pest, and small game hunting. Intending to try them on raccoon next, and squirrel once the season opens May 1.

Fragment on solid hard surfaces as intended.

Nothing I have come across so far.

By DavidMarch 22, 2021

Honestly, these work exactly as intended. Some guns are finicky and will only shoot steel BBs so, if they work in your trusty shooter of choice, try the Dust Devils out and shoot directly into a really hard surface like bricks, rocks or steel (not wood) so they will fragment, rather than at an angle where they may carom into an unintended target.

My Amarex Glock 19x shoots these perfectly. I use them up against a high stone wall and they virtually evaporate without a trace on impact.

They get my fingers a little dirty if I load manually so I now use an Amarex speed loader with just a drop of oil in each new loader refill to make loading smooth and jam free.

By HomerJuly 27, 2020

They do NOT shatter when shot at plywood from a few feet away with a 500 fps gun. The ricochet was recovered & it looks as if it has not been shot.

Great idea. Shatters as advertised against rocks. Sounds like a handfull of sand was tossed in the air.

Terrible quality control. Severely jammed gun after only 30 shots. Required complete teardown. While the barrel was removed, I screened about half the carton & found thirty more that wouldn't fit in the barrel. They all have a belt around the circumference. Many of the belts have burrs. The early reviews seem to have been more favorable, so their mold may be wearing out. They need to fix the mold & screen the parts, or at least tumble them to remove the burrs.

By JohnUSAJuly 12, 2020

PleSE Mk thema shatter like they are supposed to

They load ands shoot well

They do not shatter no matter what I shoot them at. Just for fun, I shot them at an old engine block. They bounced off but did not shatter. ?????

By JohnUSAMay 8, 2020

They don't bounce back as much as steel BBs.

Shoots good in my Springfield 1911 and Sig 365 model

Shooting against a stainless tabletop (sideways of course), at a close range they dent the table but don't shatter. They bounce back or off to the side. Would like to know what type of metal I must use so I could use it in my yard without the neighbor suing me because his dog ate them.

By ChristopherUSADecember 21, 2019

This ammo works as stated but should only be used in guns that dont have clips as it non uniform shape ruined on of the clips for my berreta m9 and cause the clip to have alot of miss feeds and issues after using this ammo

Will ruin clips feed lips due to the odd shape of the ammo

By Jake G.December 10, 2019

I would like to say a thing or two to the quality control inspection management, if they only bothered to leave any contact info on their boxes. These NONE-round bb's jam in just about every pistol I have tried them in. Can't say the same for rifle bb guns. Not planning on purchasing any more of these, I'll stick with stainless steel bb's instead.

Everything including the shape. Must be china.

By CharlesUSADecember 6, 2019

helpfu in sighting

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Can they work in my 2.5inch dan wesson ?

asked Melvin from USA

Has anyone tried these in a umarex mp40 or a crosman dpms sbr? I know that airgun depot says they "Might" not work but nothing definitive. They are magnetic from what I've read.

asked Ken

Case in point the powerline 880, yes it's a weak gun now - didn't use to be- but it uses a magnetic loader pin in the cocking mech, that keeps the bb from rolling out the barrel. Will these have the same attraction to magnetic retainers as well as normal steel bb's?

asked Joseph from USA

Are there any plans to have them in 22 cal?

asked Randy from USA

will these auto-feed and will rifled barrels be affected as they are with steel bb's? thank you

asked steve hodge

Can these be used to shoot pests/critters? Are they only for target practice?

asked Tommy D

Are they still magnetic?

asked Gary from USA

If I shoot them inside, is there much dust from them to clean up? Is the dust toxic or harmless?

asked JeffG

Will these make the tube and barrel of the gun dirty or will cleaning be needed?

asked Mike
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