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Air Venturi Nomad II Portable Compressor, 4500 PSI

Improved All-in-One Design & Auto-Shutoff
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No need to swing by the SCUBA shop or bother the Fire Department, create future back problems via handpumps, and huge carbon fiber tanks are a thing of the past with the Nomad 4500 PSI Portable Compressor from Air Venturi. The Nomad can either be powered via a standard 110V wall outlet when you're at home or out in the field with a generator, but when you want to hit the wide open range, the Nomad's name will start to make sense. The Nomad can be connected to a standard car battery for fast fills on the run. In as little as 9 minutes, the Nomad can take your average 250cc PCP cylinder from 0-3,000 PSI! The compressor features and automatic shut-off, so no need to sit and watch the gauge and the fill house has an integrated dry pack, bleed valve and is capped off with a foster female quick disconnect. Approximate fill times:
  • Benjamin Marauder Pistol (65cc): 0-3000 psi in approx. 3 min
  • Diana Stormrider (100cc): 0-3000 psi in approx. 3:45min
  • Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC (231cc): 1450-2900 psi in approx. 5:30 min
  • Ataman M2R Carbine Ultra Compact (130cc): 0-4350 psi in approx. 8 min
  • Evanix Rainstorm (250cc): 0 - 3000 psi in approx. 9 min
  • AirForce Texan (490cc): 0-3000 psi in approx. 17 min

Air Venturi Nomad II Portable Compressor Features

  • Adjustable auto-shutoff
  • Pressures up to 4500 psi
  • Integrated LED lights on underside of the unit for low light use
  • Capable of running off of a 110V or 220V outlet or 12V car battery
  • Power supply for electrical outlet use is built into the unit
  • Compressor includes carrying handle
  • Fan-Cooled
  • External Lubrication Port (Use Silicone Lubricant only)
  • Jumper Cables included
  • Hose w/ integrated moisture catch and female QD fittings
  • Noise level while running is 92 dB.
  • Dimensions: 10.6" L x 8" W x 7.9"
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs
  • Ships with travel bag for easy transportation
Please Note: The Nomad II is recommended for filling PCP guns only and is not to be used for breathing air.
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypePCP PUMPS
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By JayUSASeptember 2, 2021

I would like to know how accurate the pressure gauge is. I use it to fill my RTI Prophet to 300 Bar, however the gauge on the gun reads almost 400 Bar. Which gauge should I trust?

Compact. Easy to operate. I had it for about 6 months.

By CarlUSAMay 29, 2021

Words matter and details are important.

I'm a retired electrical engineer and was preparing to place my order for a Nomad II air compressor. But after reading device details I must seriously question the accuracy of the information provided. Any experienced electrician or engineer or most individuals with common sense will explain, 95% of all electrical circuits in your home are 15amp, > Any device plugged into a 15 amp receptacle will trip the breaker if the device draws 12.75 amps or more. > Any device plugged into a 20 amp receptacle will trip the circuit breaker if that device draws 17 amps or more. . Circuit breaker are designed to TRIP at 85% of their rated value, refer to the national electrical code and the circuit breaker trip ratings. If this compressor actually draws between 20-22 amps, it won't work on your house's wiring protected bye a 15amp or 20 amp breaker, it will trip the breaker every time. If the compressor is connected to a 12v auto battery and draws between 20-22 amps it may damage the compressor.

Draws way to many amps for a house circuit or a 12vdc automobile battery as suggested.

By CarlUSAMarch 7, 2021 Verified Purchase

For someone who needs a way to fill a Airforce Texan on weekend shooting and tired of filling larger air tanks, I think this is the way to go for me. Everybody not the same but for me I love it.

Overall easy to use, works great. Did a line test first thing and the compressor went 200 bar fast. I think I made the right choice.

No cons. unboxed the compressor and had no issues. Nothing out of order with the unit. I had watched so many Nomad 2 reviews that I new what to look for.

By JeffDecember 21, 2020

Very well built

Great little compressor. Good value.

Not really a con, but it is a little on the loud side

By JohnUSAJune 24, 2020 Verified Purchase

I have a review on this compressor on the Western Mass PCP Rifle Club YouTube channel @westernmasspcp

Great little compressor! This thing is very compact and easy to carry around. This compressor fills my 580cc bottle in under 3 minutes! That pretty good considering the Benjamin Recharge fills that same tank in about 1.5 minutes. Highly recommend this compressor.

If possible It would be nice if the compressor could be sent with a small bottle of compressor oil so the end user could use it as soon as they receive the order.

By ClaudeUSAMarch 6, 2020

New replacement compressor has operated flawlessly for 40 fills on my 3 pcp rifles. Too bad the first compressor failed. I would have rated the Nomad II with 5 stars instead of 4. I rate Air Gun Depot 5 stars.

A very compact, moderately quiet, operates on both 120 volts AC and 12 volts DC, easy to use with a good operation manual, plus a very nice carry case.

My first compressor failed half-way thru the fifth fill on my Condor SS. I followed the operation manual and used 100% silicon RWS Air Chamber Lube. I contacted Air Gun Depot and they sent me a pre-paid shipping label, I shipped the unit back and within 6 days had a new replacement compressor. Talk about a first class company, customer service was out standing, will continue to deal with this company for my air gun needs.

By DavidJanuary 5, 2020

After 15 months it stopped working compressor connecting rod broke I did all routine maintenance as directed and it still didn't hold up Other than the cheap quality components it did work well for the 15 months

By JRODecember 24, 2019 Verified Purchase

It’s illogical to buy this if you only can fill the rifle tank and not other tanks. I bought this and mentioned to sales that I was happy that I can use this without having to fill tanks again and they didn’t say anything to me! That is upsetting

Can fill rifle tank.

Cannot fill other tanks that are bigger such as 100cu 4500PSI

By Jeffrey m.November 20, 2019 Verified Purchase

The price of the compressor and the reviews made me think I was getting a good product but in fact I received a new compressor with a quality control tag on it and right next to the tag was a defective part. The transparent window that keeps dirt out of the digital readout was loose in the compressor. Returned for exchange to get a new one cause if that was broken who knows what else is broken inside. Got my new one and the same part on it is broken. Called in and they told me to glue it back on. Got to love it when they tell you to fix your brand new $700 dollar product.


They don?t take the time to check the product thoroughly and make sure it?s good to go and put together with quality care

By EarleUSASeptember 16, 2019

Bought this a few years ago back. I only used it about twice a month for just over a year. I plugged it in and it finally seized up on me and broke the connecting rod. Since it was just pass a-year-old the warranty expired. I did some research and found a new compressor to purchase. A Yong Heng 4500 PSI for only $275. I have well over a 100 fill ups and no problem and easy to find parts if needed, very fast fill up as well. Air Gun Depot should carry these.


Can?t find parts and way to expensive. Need to plug in and out of the socket to turn off completely.

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Does this work on the Bulldog too

asked Ryan from USA

It may need an adapter

Owen from USA

If this unit draws 20-22 amps when running on a 120-volt house circuit, then this unit should only be plugged in to a 30 amp circuit... that doesn't make sense !

asked Scrambler82 from USA

.......for safety reasons and to prevent circuit overload the electrical industry suggests that that you only draw 80% of an electrical circuit's ampacity. Over 5300 house fires are caused each year in the USA from overloaded circuits. Their advice makes a lot of sense.

David from USA

could it be used to fill say a small tank such as a 100 cu in tank? or no?

asked Tommy from USA

In short 5-10 min bursts

Mark from USA

Was wondering if this would fill my 66cuft charging tank and how long to fill 580cc Blitz? Thanks

asked Lance from USA

Which GX did you get? There are two listed.

Broc from USA

Wow 20 to 30 min. I bought the GX off AMAZON. FOR 349.00 I have over 100 fills. I use it to fill BLITZ , Stormrider 2. Vectis. 5 to 6 days a week. Stormrider 2 3 to 8 times a day when kids are over. I have only been into pcp guns for 6 months. I have not had to do maintenance yet as it said emyearly a little grease. It started off rough after 5 BLITZ refills it got 40% quite and smooth. I bought the 3 yr warranty for 49.00 3 yr no questions after 6 month factory expires. I see no reason why anyone would buy anything else.

Michael from USA

The Nomad is not for filling large CF tanks. It will fill your 580 cc gun in about 20-30 min.

Mark from USA

How many amps at 110VAC does the unit pull at 250 bar?

asked Marvin from USA

20-22 Amps

Mark from USA

Will the nomad 2 compressor work with the Air Force Texan SS?

asked Donnie

can this unit handle the benji 90cu tank in short fill modes from empty or would that be taxing it to much

asked Charles

How does one calculate fill time ie' filling a 165cc tank to 200bar 09 2,900lbs would take ? minutes.

asked Sammy

How long would it take the nomad compressor agda8695 to fill an fx crown synthetic pcp rifle. buddy reid [email protected] 8458663439

asked buddy reid

I can't seem to find liquid silicone oil anywhere. What is the best lubricant for this compressor that will not void my warranty?

asked Richard from USA

Amazon has some Umarex RWS Air Gun Chamber Lube, 0.5 Ounce, Chamber Lube

Kent from USA

Just type in Hills silicone oil here at AD and you will find some !

Rusty from USA

RWS air chamber lube or Pells silicon tubes will work finel !

Rusty from USA

Do you ship to united kingdom England if not where can I buy one in England

asked John Duggan

Can this be used to fill PCP tanks as well? I'm guessing it needs an adapter if so.

asked Dave from USA

QUISIERA comprar uno ,necesito saber si es 220 volts, y si tienen los repuestos de reparacion del compresor

asked Guillermo from USA

Can you use it to fill the 75CF Omega tanks that can be used to quickfill your airgun on the field?

asked Richard

So which Silicon Oil are you supposed to use?

asked John Zalas

Can you replace the fill hose to something longer?

asked Steven from USA

Does it come with your standard electrical outlet wall plugin

asked Dustin

When your tank is filled at a scuba shop they fill it with breathing air which is dry. How do these compressors deal with the water produced in compression?

asked Howard

How about the silicone oil suggestion for lubricant? Any recommendations about viscosity?

asked Bonifacio from USA

Just got mine. My question is how about the silicone oil? I’m referring about the viscosity of this oil. What is the about about recommendation on viscosity and what brand?

asked bong32

Can this be used to fill a 90 cu. inch tank? Or is it just for Airguns? Thanks

asked Nizam Siddiq

Charing a senica dragon claw both product new doesn't build any pressure rifle is in checked position

asked Paul

Charing a senica dragon claw both product new doesn't build any pressure rifle is in checked position

asked Paul

Is it possible to connect to a cigarette/charging port in a vehicle instead of clips to a car battery?

asked LBC

Do you still need a filter of some sort for moisture?

asked Jim

What is refund policy.

asked Mariusz Stobnicki

How long to be overhauled ?

asked Vic

Can this unit be used to fill an Air Venturi carbon fiber tank? LW

asked Lawrence from USA

Can I use this compressor to fill a 90 ci air tank for refilling PCP airguns in the field?

asked Jay from USA

Can I fill a SCBA tank? A little at a time ?

asked Christopher Adam from USA

Will the air hose fitting work with an FX impact? I know when I bought my FX impact, it came with it's own quick disconnect and the one that came with my air tank worked but I had trouble disconnecting it after I filled my gun and then I had to switch the fitting with the one that came with impact.

asked Jay

Hi, how long does it take to fill a 15kg scuba bottle with 2000psi already in it to 4500psi? Cheers Mick

asked Michael from Australia

Hi. Do you have a distributor in Perth Western Australia? Or do you ship internationally? Cheers Mick

asked Michael from Australia

How do you set the psi or bar level for it to automatically shut off? How accurate is it in shutting off at the right point.

asked Sidney from USA

How is the compressor cooled??

asked Raymond from USA

is it capable of filling a 88 cu in tank to 4000-4500 psi if yes than in what time form 0-4500 Thanks

asked Patrick
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