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AirForce Talon SS Spin-Loc Combo, .22 cal

With Hand pump, 4-16x50 Scope & 1" High Rings
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  • Code: U2023HSR · $1,006.99 · .22 · 950 fps
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AirForce brand air rifles are considered to be some of the most advanced rifles available. Using aircraft grade aluminum alloy, space age polymers and state of the art production techniques you don’t just get a typical air rifle, you get a technologically advanced piece of machinery! With outstanding power, accuracy and advanced production techniques, AirForce air rifles will not disappoint. The AirForce Talon is the original AirForce rifle that offers one of the best combination of power, weight and balance available. The Talon SS uses a 12" barrel and a special muzzle cap that helps stop air turbulence when the pellet leaves the barrel. This makes the shot EXTREMELY quiet compared to other PCP (pre-charge pneumatic) and spring pneumatic rifles. The same German made Lothar Walther barrel is used in the Talon SS, so there is no accuracy being sacrificed at the cost of noise reduction. Some people have reported shooting 2 inch or less groups at 50 yards with this rifle. With it being quiet and such an accurate shot, it makes the Talon SS perfect for urban varmint and pest removal while not upsetting your neighbors because of sound. Being a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) rifle, a pump or scuba refilll clamp must be purchased or you will not be able to fire your rifle. This utility kit, directly from AirForce, includes there 3-Stage Pneumatic High Pressure Pump to get your canister filled to a full charge. The first filling of the canister can be quite a task and AirForce recommends that after 5 minutes of constant use to let the pump cool down for 15 minutes before you continue pumping up the gun. This combination kit, straight from AirForce, includes an Airforce 4-16x50 scope with AirForce 1" high profile, see through scope mounts. The AirForce 4-16x50 scope is a high definition, variable power from 4 to 16 magnification, fully coated, glass lense scope with maximum light transmission. It also features target knobs with crisp quarter-minute clicks, an adjustable objective lens, mil-dot reticles and heavy construction or on PCP and spring-pneumatic air rifles. The Talon has many other highlights, like the easily adjustable power reel that is located on the barrel, a two-stage adjustable trigger and automatic safety as well as the ergonomic feel and overall light weight. Don’t forget to pick up a scope or standard optic sights for this rifle or other AirForce accessories because they are not included with this package. It is also recommended to pick up a gun case and .22 caliber maintenance kit of your choice to keep your rifle in excellent condition. Includes: AirForce Talon SS in .22 Caliber, Spin-Loc Air Tank, 4-16x50 Scope, AirForce 1" High Rings & Hand Pump
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  • ManufacturerAirForce
  • Caliber.22
  • Velocity950 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Action0
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire Mode0
  • Gun Weight0.00
  • Overall Length0.00
  • Barrel Length0.00
  • Loudness1-Low
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • Mechanism0
  • RailYes
  • Safety0
  • Front Sightsnone
  • Rear Sightsnone
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger Action0
  • Use0
  • WarrantyLifetime limited warranty
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By JoeUSAJanuary 2, 2016

There is no words to describe this incredible well American made airgun it stand to there standards I love it I shot it for the first time since I purchased it in Dec 2nd of 2015 and I just shot it on the 31st of 2015 I waited until I got everything I need it. Like the high pressure air compressor Scott safety 60 min air tank fill stations and I tell you I was shooting at 60 yards sideway Coke cans the bottom and I was nailing every shot after I sighted my scope in I then put a cigarette at the same distance and boy did I hit it at the first shot I thought it was pure luck when and put another cigarette up and sure enough I hit it again . Every shot it's a for sure hit with this rifle.

Lightweight Accurate and well American Made

It would of been nice if it was a 6 to 8 shot repeater

By ReynaldoUSAAugust 23, 2015

I just recently purchased this AirForce Talon SS PCP air rifle bundled with an AirForce scope and an AirForce manual air pump. Upon receipt of my order, I immediately pumped/filled the tank up to 3000 psi (with about 500-600 pumps...I lost count). I set up the power at just #2...with a target paper pasted on a wooded box that I made days ago (to trap the pellets because I had to test the rifle indoor) with a 3/4" MDF fiber wood at the back. I was surprised how powerful this air went through the MDF and thru a cabinet wall. Luckily, there were two broken Playstations inside the cabinet which caught the pellet and prevented it to rip through my house wall (ups). I am planning of purchasing the AirForce tripod next time...I had already purchased the AirForce tri-rail to elevate the scope.

Very powerful and lightweight. I prefer this to other PCP air rifles which are heavy because of their wooden stocks. It is also well-built with and the finish is superb.

I had to buy the AirForce tri-rail to elevate the scope because the AirForce scope mount rings is not sufficient to make shooting with it comfortable.

By Andrew A.May 12, 2015

I have been long range shooting (600 to 1000 yards) with a custom built precision rifle for several years and am very familiar with fine equipment. However, I have been intrigued by the stories and the videos of folks with their PCP pellet rifles....well...I finally took the plunge and bought a "pellet gun"...the Talon SS in 22 caliber. After mounting the scope I quickly proceeded to sighting it in. First two shots went in the same hole at 50 feet. At this point I knew I had something very good. After getting it zero'd I proceeded to shoot groups out to 35 yards and all I can say is this is a very fine piece of equipment. I sighted it in and shot groups in the "prone" position. The groups were ragged holes and truly pleasing. I wish I would have bought this years ago. Compared it to a .177 brake barrel and this gun a whole lot quieter. The hand pump was a challenge when filling the empty bottle. Now I let the pressure get down to 2500psi and top it off at 3000psi with the hand pump. I weigh 170lbs and it takes all my weight to push the handle down. In my opinion the hand pump is still worth the money. I am using the Crosman Premier Hollow Point 14.3gr pellets. The 2 stage trigger is awesome....find the target, take up the first stage, relax, exhale and it breaks like glass. I am only used to shooting firearms and normally the first thing I do is install a good trigger. This is a very nice set up with little to improve on. The lock time on this rifle is extremely fast, I noticed their are very few "flyers". Actually I didn't get any flyers until I moved out past 35 yards and those flyers were because I didn't dope the wind.

Excellent trigger Extreme accuracy Very quiet Well balanced for a short barreled rifle Easy to shoot

I have nothing negative to say about this rifle.

By DavidUSAMarch 27, 2014

This gun is extremely accurate and so much fun to shoot.

By TomMarch 20, 2013

Very Accurate, it shoots Quarter size groups at 20 Yds. Takes about 400 pumps with the hand pump to get to 3000 spi. Al in all, nicely made air gun.

Light weight Accurate Easy to load

Tkaes time to cjharge air tank by hand

By stevenUSAApril 24, 2012

Works great, fun to shoot. May want to skip the hand pump and get a scuba tank if available, for easier refills.

By Larry TUSAApril 10, 2012

If you are looking for an Air Rifle that can meet all your needs now, and all your future needs and this .22 Caliber AirForce Talon SS package is a great starting point if your needs expand. The ability to adjust the power setting easily is an outstanding feature. You are covered with a simple adjustment from plinking to hunting. The 12" barrel is in a shroud that really keeps the rifle quiet and my neighbors happy, and more importantly, my hearing. The Walther barrel is more accurate than I am shooting offhand and only a bench rest can really reveal how accurate the rifle is. Amazingly, you can upgrade this rifle to the full power of a .22 Caliber AirForce Condor with the purchase of AirForce Condor Conversion Kit, (24” barrel, a high flo tank, and a striker weight). With three Barrel Lengths, Available in 12", 18" or 24" lengths and Four Calibers, Available in .177, .20, .22, .25 calibers, you really have a rifle system that will meet any of your needs.

Great Basic Package Quiet in Talon SS. Air Rifle System to meet all you needs.

Should Include AirForce Tri-Rail as standard accessory with AirForce's 4-16x50 Scope. Scope ride too low without Tri-Rail

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What are the top ammo's to shoot through this gun for medium size game?

asked Wayne from USA

How silent is it?

asked Peter

Its not as good as the Marauder but its pretty good. The biggest thing you hear is the hammer strike. If you want to use it in the back yard and your neighbors are really close I would buy the marauder, because no matter how far you turn the power down on this thing, you can still hear the hammer strike.

Jason from USA

How has your experience been with this airgun and does the pump come with it and what does come with it or what would you additionally buy.

asked Peter

la carabine est elle en 16 joules et est elle vendu avec la pompe de rechargement y a t'il des probleme pour la douane francaise

asked Yvon from USA

Weirre, S'il vous plaît communiquer avec notre service d'expédition à [email protected] Ils peuvent répondre à toutes les questions que vous pourriez avoir. Cordialement, L'équipe de service à la clientèle à Air Comprimé Depot

Scott from USA

Hello, Would you ship this item in separate parcels to uk? I will pay the extra cost, Thank you

asked Mike Roberts

Mike, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected] They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Hello,I intend to acquire air force talon ss.22. But the laws of Hong Kong into the gun inlet must not exceed 2J,but I succeeded repeatedly purchased,as long as the postal Barrel and gas cylinders were then in line with local legislation,you are willing to accept my order? PS:International payment by me of course.

asked jago

Jago, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected] They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Hello!Can be mailed to Hong Kong?

asked Anson

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

Do I need to purchase the fill adapter to fill this? The picture shows one but I am not so sure.

asked travis

Travis, No, the fill adapter is included. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care

Steve from USA
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