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FPE calc
Find the foot-pounts of energy of the exiting pellet
Pellet Weight: Grain
Velocity: FPS

Foot-Pounds of Energy (FPE)

FPS calc
Find the velocity, feet per second, of the exiting pellet
Energy: FPE
Pellet Weight: Grain

Feet Per Second (FPS)
Ballistic coefficient
Calculated from retained velocity at two distances
Nearest Distance: Yards
Farthest Distance: Yards
Velocity at Near Distance: FPS
Velocity at Far Distance: FPS

Ballistic Coefficient
Courtesy of Steve Woodward aka Steve in NC
Retained velocity
See how much velocity is retained at point of impact
Muzzle Velocity: FPS
Range to Target: Yards
Ballistic Coefficient:

Retained FPS
Courtesy of Steve Woodward aka Steve in NC