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Crosman Airsoft Air Mag C11 Pistol Black- Co2 Powered

Crosman Airsoft Air Mag C11 Pistol Black- Co2 Powered

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Most Affordable Quality Gas Airsoft, Non-Blow Back, C02 powered pistol. The Air Mag C11 clear/black is compact, high-powered and convenient. C02 powered, this airsoft gun can shoot up to 320fps with .20 gram BBs.


  • Uses 12 Gram Co2 Cartridges
  • Fixed Hop Up
  • Fixed Sights
  • Non-Blow Back
  • Easy Co2 Removal and Install
  • Full Metal Magazine
  • Picatinny/Weaver Accessory Rail
  • Includes: Magazine, Manual and Pistol

We recommend only using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your gun.


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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity320 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackNo
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight1.1
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismCO2
  • Front SightsBlade and Ramp
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Airsoft Air Mag C11 Pistol Black- Co2 Powered Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 18 Review(s)
3 Stars

It's ok.. Jams A Lot
July 25, 2015
The gun feels good in the hand even though it is not full metal. The only complaint I have with this gun is that the clip is garbage and the BB gets stuck when coming to the top of the clip.

Dane Trulsson
4 Stars

Crossman C11
December 12, 2010
This gun is the perfect standard of co2 pistols. It has an average, yet impressive fps and has a great feel. Totally good first gun, and a handy secondary in wars

4 Stars

Great Gun!
August 5, 2010
I love this gun! I got mine from Cabelas and have had it for quite a while, but its still in great condition! Its definitely durable, pretty accurate, and shoots far. The only downfall of the gun is the reloading, which takes some time to get fast, so I'd recommend getting extra mags.

4 Stars

July 16, 2010
this pistol has good power and a nice sound. it is metal plated with plastic and holds 15 air soft bbs. I use it as a side arm when I am shooting pests. shot a starling at about 10 yards. not very accurate, but overall a good gun.

Yianni Kellis
5 Stars

June 7, 2010
this crosman is amazing. on the box it says it shoots 400 fps! although its a plastic exterior it looks pretty sweet. pros: fast fps, hurts like #$#@, accurate,reliable, great gun for the money, semi auto so you dont even have 2 cock it once cons: the co2 cover comes off quite easily but it doesnt really make a difference ps: BUY EXTRA MAGS!!!

5 Stars

March 7, 2010
I have had this gun for about a year or so, All I can really say is this gun is amazing! I have yet to find a pistol that beats this one! I use .20g bb's and when you pull the trigger, it shoots almost as fast as you want it, its semi auto. i love it! i has more than 320 fps with .20g. not going to find a better pistol. you aim and it will got pretty much rite were you want it to. five stars

5 Stars

Very AWSOME pistol
January 16, 2010
I got this airsoft at christmas and it pwns. Als there is just ONe down side. sometimes the BB's get jammed but in overall its the best pistol for the price and it was my very first airsoft pistol. Since im pretty much a beginner at airsoft I would highly recommend this gun for anyone.

5 Stars

Crosman C11
December 27, 2009
I just got this gun for Christmas and it is even better than I thought!! Good stuff.....Shoots REALLY hard and hurts ALOT Have not used it in wars yet but most likely will! Extremely accurate. You dont have to cock it! Downslides.... The CO2 holder comes open pretty easily but just hold it tight and YOU HAVE too get an extra magazine!

5 Stars

Hurts like hell
October 30, 2009
my friend shot me from like 50 yard away with .25 grams and it hurts like hell i had a welt for weeks. He let me use it and it is awesome! because its not blowback the co2 lasts quite a while and you have got to buy extra clips cause u go through rounds really fast.

5 Stars

June 20, 2009
This is a great gun overall. My neighbor has 2 so we messed a round with it by doing all sorts of crap. Very reliable, but the CO2 housing cover slides back eaisly. VERDICT:BUY!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

May 19, 2009
this was my first pistol ever. it is awesome for the price and the c02 is not expensive .I used in a war an i put welts the size of a quarter on everybody. also buy a lot more clips because it only holds 15 bbs

5 Stars

March 28, 2009
This gun is just plainly amazing! The fps is defiantly higher than 320! Somewhere between 380-400! The co2 system is really easy and it shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger! Th only probelm is if you dont take care of the clips bb's tend to get stuck towards the top of the clip otherwise a great buy!

5 Stars

March 3, 2009
for the price of this gun. this is the best out there you can get. i believe .25g work best with it. this is the bomb. its accurate. and easy to fire. biggest problem would be running out of ammo quick

joe wesley
5 Stars

February 1, 2009
This is an awesome gun. The best part is the internal cocking mechanism. IMPORTANT: TOP DOES NOT SLIDE. I have been hit by it and it is far faster than 320, it beats 400 EASY! GREAT GUN PS: its a bargan

5 Stars

Awesome Gun! Totally Worth It!
January 4, 2009
I have had this gun for about 3 months and I love it. I have had many airsoft wars with it and it hasn't let me down. I love every feature about this gun, especially the safety. It is right where your index finger goes while holding the gun ( If you are right-handed )and it is easy to click off and then pull the trigger. The only difficulty is that the clip only holds 15 plastic BB's. It is much easier if you buy multiple clips. That way you can unload a clip, and then not have to worry about refilling. You just pop out the clip, and put in a spare. I love this gun, ndI would recommend it to a friend.

5 Stars

Awsome Side arm
November 13, 2008
I have recently purchased this gun and I have no compilants. This gun easily shoots at 400 FPS. I have been able to pierce soda cans, pumpkins and drywall. If your looking for a soild side arm to get you out of a bind this one help cover all the angles.

5 Stars

A great gun
September 25, 2008
I've had this gun for about a month and I'm still impressed. Contrary to what the description says the gun easily goes near 425-435 fps. Either way it still hurts and I've still been getting complaints by my friends that it has left welts and marks. Great gun. NOTE: My gun is the Clear/black one. This part is important as it is not a blow-back gun! The cocking mechanism is all internal. The slide DOES NOT MOVE! It is SEMI AUTO and DOESN'T NEED TO BE COCKED. However, as said before, its an awesome work of art, yes, art. Happy shootin'

Richard C
5 Stars

Good Buy
August 14, 2008
This gun is a great deal... i have been shot by it and it hurts. the price is a worthy number. spectacular power for the price.

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