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ASG Ultrair CO2 Lubrication Cartridges, 5ct

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These Ultrair CO2 cartridges already contain the proper lubrication in them- eliminating a step in your continued shooting fun. With each shot- your CO2 cartridge will be spraying a very light mist of silicone oil into your gun- lubing the seals and automatically doing the proper maintenance. If you've ever had a leaky CO2 gun- you know it's important to lubricate the seals of your gun.

ASG Ultrair CO2 Lubrication Cartridges Features
  • CO2 cartridges with silicone lubrication
  • 12 grams each
  • Each cartridge contains 0.80 grams of silicone oil
  • Lubricates your CO2-powered guns and helps maintain the seals
  • Insert and use like any other CO2 cartridge (no additional lubrication required)*

*The manufacturer recommends using these prelubed cartridges in place of at least every 10th cartridge. However- you can use them 100% of the time without concern that you're overlubing your gun.
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  • Manufacturer ASG
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type CO2 Accessories
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 0.45
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By JoeMarch 7, 2023 Verified Purchase

All in all having a blast with this priced right gun

Waiting to see how they work.

Have none

By FredUSAMarch 2, 2023

Obviously on the expensive side but they do a great job. Definitely gets the oil everywhere in the gun. Found that out when using one of these on a Crosman 1077. The oil was blasting out the where the magazine goes in the bottom of the gun.

I use these on new guns and especially on used guns that I get. Simple to use.

By john adamsNovember 4, 2020

Clearly snake oil, Would just put a dab of oil in the barrel and go from there. .

Fancy looks

Joke of a price.

By StevenUSAOctober 21, 2016

I found these cartridges to perform to high standards. You can relax and just fire your weapons without worrying about lubing them either during or after shooting. It puts the word EASE into a day of enjoyment.

They lubricate well. They can and do last as long as your top name brand cartridges.

COST is a real big issue.

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Is there a way to get more power from a Co2 cartridge handgun?

asked Dale from USA

Do a search at u tube. There are different ways to do this, but you have to be hands on.

Anthony from USA

Not easily. The physics of CO2 limits the power that can be gotten from it as a propellant.

Mark from USA

I'm wondering how much use would you get out of a single box of these lubrication cartridges before you had to buy another? i'm buying this as a gift and have no familiarity with airguns.

asked Peter O'Neil

The maker says use one of the lube cartridges after ten regular CO2 cartridges, that sounds like a wise practice. You may use ten or more in one shooting day, it depends on the person or persons using the air guns. I'd say get a box of these and a bigger box of the regular cartridges, that should cover like 50 plus reloads of CO2.

jeff from USA

.........probably 80-100 shots per cartridge assuming no leaks depending on the caliber of ammo. So 400 -500 shots per box of 5 cartridges. Some folks may shoot that much in a weekend, others it may take a year or more.

David from USA

One of these for every nine of the regular CO2's used should be sufficient.

Jeter from USA
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