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Ataman Air Pistols

When looking for some of the best the industry has to offer, Ataman offers a very focused line of air pistols, namely the AP16 which has become an instant classic, to deliver a full range of customization and superior materials for a high-quality pistol shooting experience. When you need an option that is sure to hit the mark while giving you the power and fun you expect of this pastime, Ataman air pistols are a top choice for the experienced and amateur alike.
We offer a carefully chosen selection of Ataman air pistols for your shooting needs. Great for plinking, small vermin hunting, and working with targets, these airguns offer the best in lightweight carrying coupled with elements such as metal construction with walnut grips to give it a sturdy feel in your hand for an option to meet all your needs. With details in design such as Lothar Walther free-floating barrels, shrouded barrels, manual safety, integrated dovetail mounting rails, self-indexing magazines, built-in air pressure gauges, two-way adjustable triggers, and more, it is clear to see why this lineup continues to excel and excite shooters of all levels and preferences. With a focus on providing a powerful shot supported by elements to aid in accuracy, coupled with the lightweight feel and overall ease of use, Ataman air pistols are perfect for serious target practice and plinking fun with one great go-to airgun in your kit. Choose from several styles when shopping our Ataman air pistols including different appearances and functions to meet your exact needs with ease. In addition to the airguns themselves, you will also find a wide array of targets and pellets when shopping with us to get you back in the action you love. Add the overall quality and performance of this name to your collection today! We are committed to providing outstanding customer service. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for further assistance on the matter. We are always happy to help in any way.