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Definitive Guide to ATN X-Sight II

The X-Sight II from ATN is a revolutionary product that combines modern technology with high-quality optics to create some of the most versatile sporting optics on the market. The X-Sight units work as both a daytime and night vision optic allowing hunters and shooters to extend their time in the field with a push of a button. Normally, an optic with both day and night time capabilities would be considered feature packed enough, but ATN didn?t stop there, the X-Sight has many features unseen on rifle scopes before. The future of sport optics has arrived.
Detailed Review
The Basic Anatomy of the X-Sight
When you pick up the ATN X-Sight II you notice right off the bat the weight and solid construction. Weighing right around 2.2 lbs the X-Sight definitely has some heft to it and a lot of that has to do with how solidly the X-Sight is constructed. The chassis is made up primarily of aluminum including the battery cover with the exception of the eye cup and lens cap that are made of latex rubber. The X-Sight is coated in an all-weather coating that protects the optic from the elements ensuring that it is ready for whatever field conditions you may encounter. One of the biggest benefits of the X-Sight is its price. Starting at right around $600 the X-Sight II provides capabilities that were previously not available at the price point. But just because it?s inexpensive doesn't mean you're sacrificing build quality or durability. The X-sight is designed with hard use in mind with a weatherproof coating designed to stand up to all types of conditions encountered in the field. With such a wallet-friendly price point and good construction, the X-sight puts night vision squarely in the hands of many hunters who may not have had the same capability in the past.
ATN?s Obsidian Core processor combined with a highly intuitive user interface ensures that setting up your X-Sight is fast and simple. Touted as ?easier than setting up your smartphone? and just as customizable, making your x-sight work for you is a cinch. Once you're up and running the blazing speed of the Obsidian Core processor ensures that the X-sights high-resolution imaging sensor is providing you with the clearest and crispest image possible.
The X-sight can be zeroed with just a single shot saving you time and ammo. All it takes is entering the sight in mode, firing a single shot at your target, locating the point of impact, then while aiming at the same spot move the crosshairs with the buttons located on the top of the scope to the point of impact. Hit save and the computer does the rest, you?re zeroed and ready to go!
If you plan to move your X-sight from your airguns to your firearms the X-sight allows you to store multiple zero profiles for multiple guns. Say you?ve been predator hunting with your Hatsan Carnivore in .35 using the X-Sight and you want to move it to your .270 powder burner to head out on a deer hunt. Simply save the zero profile for the Hatsan, move the optic over to your .270, re-zero for the .270 and save as a separate profile. When you are ready to move the X-sight back to the Carnivore just make sure that you re-attach the x-sight in the same position on the rail of the Carnivore as when you removed it, go into the user interface and select the Carnivore zero profile and you are ready to go, that's all there is to it. With one X-Sight you can use night vision on every rifle you own.
The X-Sight II comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to pair your sight to any Android or iOS device. This allows you to share your hunt with your hunting buddy as they can see everything you are seeing through the optic. This is a great feature for stand hunting as well as target shooting using a spotter. It?s also a great tool for teaching new hunters. With the ATN X-sight II paired to a tablet a new hunter can watch and learn exactly where to aim to cleanly and humanely take game as well as experience every aspect of the hunt from the moment the game is spotted to what happens after the shot.
Other interesting features is you have a plethora of reticle options to choose from (the upside of a digital scope!), the ability to record to an SD card full HD video, and you have the option of a 3-14x or 5-20x sight. The zoom is all done with the push of large oversized buttons on top (meaning you won?t need to remove your gloves to zoom in when in the field).
Though the X-Sight is a feature packed day and night time optic, we know that many will be using it solely as a night vision unit. And really there is no better way to get into the night vision game. The X-Sight?s night vision capabilities are pretty much un-equalled at its price point, which means that the X-Sight is a great option for those who have wanted to try night vision but the barriers of entry have been too high.
Compared to other traditional night vision options the image quality of the X-Sight is excellent. We had the chance to compare the X-Sight side by side to a traditional PVS-14 night vision unit and the X-Sight easily matched or beat the PVS-14 in both clarity and the distance we were able to clearly make out objects. With the addition of an aftermarket IR illuminator with a higher output than the included factory illuminator, the X-Sight was able to push out even further than the PVS-14.
In addition, you have the ability to be able to switch from the traditional green gradient night vision mode to black and white. We noticed that in black and white we were able to see more contrast and better identify targets in this mode. The X-Sight really is, in our opinion the best bang for the buck in the night vision market at the moment.
The X-sight runs on 4 AA batteries which should give you about 8 hours of use when using lithium batteries. However, for longer hunts or if you are going to be using the x-sight over multiple days a USB battery pack is a great option. The X-Sight is compatible with any USB battery pack but we highly recommend the ATN power kit which includes both the battery, a butt stock carrying case and a usb cord. With a full charge, the USB battery pack should last about twice as long as using disposable batteries.
Your X-Sight will come with a basic IR illuminator, but adding an aftermarket illuminator is a great way to increase the effective range of your X-Sights night time capabilities. IR lasers are also a great option and are an effective way of pointing out targets in the dark when using your X-Sight in night vision mode.
Night Vision That Won't Break The Bank The X-Sight gives you all the benefits of traditional night vision optics and a fraction of the price. When compared to other night vision options the features the X-Sight provides for the amount you spend are unmatched!
Record Video In Full 1080p HD The X-Sight features a recoil activated record feature that allows you to capture your adventures on video in full 1080p HD clarity. Using the X-Sights Wi-Fi capability you can upload your video straight to YouTube to share with your friends!
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Built in Wi-fi Connectivity Connect your X-Sight to any IOS or Android device for the ultimate shared hunting experience. Now your hunting buddy can experience the same thrill as you as they see everything you do through the X-Sights Wi-Fi connectivity.