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Beeman Wadcutter Coated .177 Cal, 7.7 gr - 500 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-626 · $11.99 · .177 · 7.7 grains · 500 ct
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  • .177 caliber
  • 7.7 grains
  • Coated wadcutter
  • 500 per tin
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  • ManufacturerBeeman
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 7.7 grains
  • Pellet Shape Wadcutter
  • Pellet Quantity 500 ct
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By PeterUSAApril 23, 2021 Verified Purchase

I purchased 16 cans of these Pellets and was not expecting them to perform like RWS Meisterkugen, but they can not even compare to my Crosman Premiers. In the beginning, I noticed that I can never get a consistent group of shots. Every ten shots, only 2 or 3 will be on target. I bought a pellet sizer hoping to make them shoot better. It helped, but there were still many unexplained flyers. I tried cleaning them, the accuracy improved but there were still many fliers. So I cleaned another 500 pellets and while I was drying them on my well-lighted work bench, I noticed many irregularities inside the skirt and the reasons for the lousy accuracy were apparent. Take a look at the attached picture. I just wanted to be sure of this, so I opened another can and sure enough same issue.


Horrible accuracy, filthy dirty, even though it only cost $5 a can, it ended being a total waste of money, because I’ll probably throw them all away.

By EZRDecember 12, 2019 Verified Purchase

I have been using these exclusively in my Beeman P17. They load and shoot very well. The coating keeps your hands from getting covered in lead and they are quite consistent and accurate. I use them to shoot 10 meter distances and for plinking in the front yard shooting at Air Ventury metal silhouette targets and homemade cereal box targets.

Inexpensive, accurate, coated, punches nice holes in paper targets.

By GregUSAAugust 12, 2017

I've used these pellets since they first came out many years ago. I've used these in CO2 revolvers , 38T , Umarex Colt and CO2 rifles like the 10/77 and also in the Crosman 760 and Daisy 880 pump up rifles. One hole groups are common often, with every pellet passing through the first hole barely widening it.

Best of its kind, exceptional accuracy


By WilliamUSADecember 24, 2016

I have used Beeman pellets for over 30 years and they are excellent

Great price for a great product


By DavidUSAJuly 5, 2016

Decent plinking pellet. Good for its price range. Good value. Nice with guns that are not pellet fussy and at short range.

Good value.

Not for competition but still a good backyard plinker.

By PhilUSAJune 6, 2016

These pellets are reasonably accurate in all of my air guns. And I have many guns to test them in. The price is unbeatable. THANK YOU AIR GUN DEPOT

Very accurate. Super fast. Just an all around good air gun pellet for pistols and rifles for the money!!

Some of the cans I find a little dirty. not all just some. As in small lead fragments in the can that can settle in the back of the pellet changing the grams of them slightly, and could make them a little less accurate. But mostly not noticeable. I still give them a 5 star rating for the money.

By JensDenmarkNovember 3, 2013

Very fine quality !!

By JosiahUSAApril 18, 2013

I tested these with a Crosman 1377 and Winchester 1029-S. On the Winchester 1029-S they had a 1-inch POI shift with a 0.375 CTC grouping. I measured 995 FPS. While tighter than Crosman Wadcutter on same rifle (0.5 CTC) the POI shift invalidates them for this rifle. May work better at a slower speed. For some reason on the Crosman 1377 I had two separate groups with 0.125 centers each separated by 0.375. I don't know if this size or weight deviation.

Cheap, groups well in rifle, but strangely in pistol.

Major POI shift over Crosman Destroyer and Crosman Wadcutter with faster rifle, but expect to see an improvement at a slower speed.

By DonUSAOctober 26, 2012

A good pellet for shooting. Fires pretty accurately. No problems.



By RandallUSAJuly 17, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised after shooting a number of these pellets. I've encountered no problems with accuracy, since they compare favorably with more expensive pellets. They're also clean on the fingers. I've used them in all my airguns, springer, pump and CO2, with much success.

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Peter, Did you use a rifle or pistol? Did you shoot them through a Chrony to determine the feet per second?

asked Lydia from USA
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