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Beeman Buyer Guide

"The Beeman Difference" by Beeman Precision Airguns

It has pleased us to see the top gun experts and publications repeatedly name Beeman airguns as "leading the way" during the rapid rise and development of precision adult airguns during the last two decades. Beeman has guns which span the adult airgun market; models ranging from economical to quite expensive. However, Beeman has always put quality before price; even in our least expensive models we have stressed "bringing quality to economy." The finest Beeman models display an unmatched constellation of quality features.

1. Receiver Caps: In the Beeman R1, R8, HW97 and others, the receiver cap is a massive steel unit milled from a solid block of fine steel. Huge precision threads mate so perfectly into the threaded inside end of the receiver that the junction between the receiver cap and the receiver is an almost invisible hairline when these parts are tightened into their final, precision alignment. In the Beeman R7 and RX-1, etc., look for beautifully machined all-steel receiver caps. COMPARE to receiver caps made of thin plastic or sheet metal which snap into or over the end of the receiver tube. A plastic cap may be difficult to detect at first, try by tapping the cap or trying to scratch it with your fingernail. The differences in the receivers, between a Beeman and so many cheaper guns, are so astonishing as to make "believers" out of many shooters on this basis alone.

2. Safeties: Beeman brand airguns have steel safeties; most are precision lathe turned. In the Beeman R series airguns, the safety mechanism disconnects the trigger from the firing mechanism rather than just blocking it. COMPARE to other safeties made of sheet metal stamping and/or cast plastic. Some consist mainly of a massive block of plastic. And, the mechanism may just block the trigger.

3. Triggers: Less sophisticated shooters don't realize that trigger mechanisms can vary tremendously in quality and cost and that trigger action may be the most important factor in actual field accuracy. Manufacturers who are more concerned with cost generally try to save in this less visible area. The best trigger units are multi-lever designs which allow great mechanical advantage and crisp action. In addition to action, look for a modular trigger unit within its own rugged, single housing, which can be conveniently removed without the potentially difficult and dangerous removal of the mainspring. Another clue to quality can sometimes be obtained by closely examining the trigger blade. Is it nicely machined metal with fine grooves and hardened steel bearing pins, or just plastic or folded sheet metal (revealed by its hollow back)? Testing the action of the trigger is important, although sometimes even a fine mechanism may be out of adjustment. A good trigger mechanism, either single or double stage, should break cleanly and sharply. The ultimate in trigger action is the ultra-precise arrangement found in Beeman's top match airguns. These mechanisms are so much better than ordinary triggers and so different that they must be experienced to be believed.

4. Trigger Guards: Even in small models such as the Beeman R7, Beeman's trigger guards generally are precision cast and nicely shaped from solid metal. Look for attractive diamond checkering and graceful design. COMPARE to other guards which are a simple strip stamped from sheet metal; compare styling too. Note: some cheaper, non-Beeman guns now sport a cast trigger guard in an attempt to give a cosmetic appearance similar to a Beeman.

5. Barrels: Beeman's fine-grade ordnance steel barrels, precision rifled and crowned. Note the breech opening which is square to the bore, making precision pellet seating and skirt smoothing easy. Small, rounded, rifling ridges turn the pellet with no air blow-by and minimal friction and distortion. COMPARE to the big, sharp, pellet-distorting grooves in the rifling of other brands. COMPARE the quality of the chamber cut and especially the critical crowning.

6. Barrel Lockup: Beeman "R" models have precision spring-loaded detent plungers. These stout plungers have a wide contact cam for great lockup security. COMPARE to spring-loaded ball bearing detents staked by a chisel into their housings.

7. Piston Seals: Beeman rifles has modern synthetic piston seals, which may freely rotate to allow the seal to follow the path of least resistance during the piston stroke.

8. Cocking Levers: Most of Beeman's cocking levers are solid one-piece steel units. COMPARE to levers which are made of two pieces of sheet metal pressed and riveted together.

Remember, these are only a few of the quality components that make up the Beeman Difference. As you compare brands, you are sure to find many more on your own.

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