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Industry Brand QB57

Bullpup side-lever spring air gun that can be taken down
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One of the most destinctive spring powered airguns you'll ever come across! The bullpup design puts the power plant in the butt of the gun shortening the overall lenfth without shortening the barrel. Includes flip up iron sights adjustable for both windage and elevation. The gun can be broken down into two pieces for easy transportation and has a hollow pistol grip that you can use to store extra pellets, cleaning pellets, or just your skittles. You can mount your favorite red dot optic or scope on the front half of the gun. We would suggest using a pistol scope or other long eye relief scope.

Note that the .22 cal version comes with a hard case and 4x20 scope.
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  • Manufacturer AGD
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type AGD
  • Weight 8.00
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By walterUSAAugust 26, 2015

Just received this rifle a week ago, haven't been able to time to shoot it due to weather and other considerations. Still, at this point am pleased with the beast. I use the term beast advisedly, as it is a robust, weighty (6½ lbs) airgun, e.g., built like a tank. That being said, most of that weight is behind the handgrip, as this is a ‘bullpup’ design, where the action is all the way to the rear of the stock - resulting in a much shorter OAL (31”) for the barrel size (15¾”). It is a side-lever, with anti-bear trap built in. Coupled with its interchangeable, rifled barrels (.177 & .22), it is a compact and formidable piece of artillery. Stock looks like wood, but is in actuality some kind of dense plastic. Changing barrels is not difficult, but can be a little tricky at the end, as you have to partially open the action to finalize seating and screw-down of the barrel. Takes a few minutes practice. So far, my only real issue are the sights. The rear is the flip-up rear sight blade and flips completely down and out the way when not in use, and is closer to the eye than most springer sights; but it has a miniscule slot to be used for aiming (the main “other consideration”). They would have done better to drill a hole in the blade and made it a peep sight. Both the rear and front sights are made of a plastic-like material, and how they will hold up in the field remains to be seen. Incidentally, the sights are the main reason for the overall rating, with not being able to shoot it the other reason. The QB57 is grooved for 11mm scope mounts, so will try shooting when the scope and mounts get here. After a chance to shoot, will provide an update to this review.

Anti-bear trap Bullpup design Grooved for scope Interchangeable .177 & .22 cal barrels ( 2nd barrel must be ordered separately) Robust design Side-lever

Plastic sights Rear sight blade has miniscule sighting slot in the top

By AndrzejAugust 3, 2015

This gun was one of the first "Chinese" a/g's I purchased. It was in .22, not long after I purchased the .177 barrel, anytime I want a little more FPS, I switch barrels, the .22 puts out 550fps while w/ the .177 barrel attached I'm getting an added 200 fps.

Excellent for a B.O.B., It doesn't take up a lot of space, and you could carry your choice of caliber. Cheer's, Andy.

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