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Beretta 92A1 BB Magazine

18rd drop free magazine for full auto Beretta 92 (SKU: 2253017)
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An extra 18rd drop-free removable BB magazine for your full auto Beretta M92A1. A must if you want to go full auto and spray mag after mag at those pesky zombie soda cans!

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  • ManufacturerBeretta
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Magazine, Clips & Reloaders
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
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By GregMay 14, 2023 Verified Purchase

Would not recommend this gun or its magazines

Nothing. This is the second mag I got and after 5 or 6 uses it no longer will hold co2

Make it cheaper or redesign it

By RalphUSAJune 16, 2022

I left the gun on our old sewing machine cabinet with of course the safety was on safe. Then all of a sudden there was a sound and a BB bounced around the room wife said your BB gun just shot by it's self. Sure enough I went over and checked it had went off hit the sewing machine next to it and bounced around room. So when I am not using the BB gun I remove the magazine and face it toward and up close to another object just in case it does it again without being in the BB gun. Just trying to give you all a heads up it can and did happen.

weight and feel

It needs to have a larger reload button for easier access while loading BB's I use a paint can opener that I got at a hardware store just file down the part that opens the paint can to fit into the notch to slide and lock the reload button. Plus with the paint can opener you get a bottle opener.( just saying )

By HendrikJanuary 2, 2022

I ordered a spare magazine for my .22 pellets - received one meant for the .177 magazine. Is there a way to get a magazine for my .22 Beretta 92A1 ?

By Vasel R Gjelaj November 30, 2020

If the gun can’t shoot, it’s no good. The gun itself is awesome realistic design to the 9mm Berretta . Mag sucks unless I’m missing something.

Anything that has longevity! This is an awesome sprayer. However, I’ve been through 4 expensive magazines and they keep leaking!!!! Very frustrating rather than fun. Is there a maintenance schedule on these clips? The magazine sucks and it’s half the cost of the gun.

By CharlesUSADecember 6, 2019

Needed a spare works great

By JeffNovember 29, 2018

Ordered 92A1 before checking prices on magazines...Really $45 on sale..about half the price of the gun..I think I will be returning my gun...These are BBS how can it cost $45

It holds BBS

It?s crazy expensive magazine for 18 BBs

By StephenUSAOctober 29, 2018 Verified Purchase

Perfect match to the original shipped mag! All metal construction and adds enough weight to make this Beretta one of the most believable replicas in weigh & visual accuracy available!

Great all metal mag. A must have for extended shooting and training. Multiple mags allow warm up time for the CO2 to provide consistent velocities. I have found that claims to shooting velocities decreasing because of gun cooling to be a somewhat inaccurate statement. I my experience the mag/Co2 cooling has been the major determining factor. Short of the story.. get extras!!


By MichaelUSAAugust 8, 2018

With this clip, You have to install the CO2 into the clip! When you do this, I was using a drop of gun oil...I found out that this is not a good idea...We use the oil from Air Nail Guns instead! This oil is Cheaper and you can get a bottle for a few bucks at Lowes or Home Depot. All you need is a drop. So I like to shoot a lot but not load a lot! I now have Three of these mags so swapping out is VERY fast! After I am done, gotta fill the clips back up - time to take a break. So far, I have found that I can run three rounds in each CO2 cart before the BB's are dropping in flight. Well worth the extra mags for this gun! Very fun to shoot! Michael

By DaveMay 16, 2018

Magazine works fine. This magazine is a replacement fo a item that was missing from my order.Air gun depot was prompt in replacing my missing part.

Prompt service, friendly people


By RichardUSAMay 8, 2018

I really really really, am impressed with these, it took one loading to become familiar with how to move the spring lever down and latch in place to load, then release when loaded. Once loaded they work just as real magazines in a real Beretta. Somewhat expensive, but if you are going to own the pistol, you just as well invest in extra magazines, because they will increase your fun, and fun is why you own the pistol.

Accelerate shooting within a given time period.

I have not yet found one, other than l would prefer an increase in capacity. More would be great.

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guess i have no choice but to buy another clip. the co2 blew out on my original. to bad you cant replace just the seal because 45 bucks is pretty stiff price when the seal goes out in a year.. shot once a month.

asked JASON from USA

yo to whomever the extra mag price is ridiculous half the price of the gun keep both

asked paul from USA

Can this mag function in an umarex glock 17 gen 4?

asked Caine from USA

NO. they look similar but are not the same. use only the gun the clip is for.


hello, does this mag fit crosman full auto beretta? pfam9b

asked Gigi from USA

NO. use only gun clip is for.


Is there a extended mag for this gun? I see the airsoft version of this gun provides a 40rd mag. How about the. 177 bb airgun. Is a 40rd mag or a more than 18rd mag available?

asked Clarkson from USA


Mark from USA

Would these magazines work in the M9A3 as well?

asked Mark from Canada

Are these legal in CA i wonder does anyone know?

asked Todd

Can I purchase parts for this magazine as in piercing screw

asked Michael

Does this mag have a small or large BB slot in comparison to the picture given? Does the magazine hold .177 (4.5mm) steel BBs?

asked Will

.177 cal (4.5mm) BBs is only the ammo for it. not anything else. not even pellets

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