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BSA Air Rifles

Choosing the right airgun for your needs requires some careful forethought. You can’t just buy any gun on the market and expect top-notch performance and lasting longevity. When looking for an option with a rich legacy of excellence bolstering them on, BSA air rifles are a superior choice for your shooting arsenal. BSA is a British company rich in history and tradition and produces some of the best air rifles in the world. It was formed in 1861 as The Birmingham Small Arms Company LTD. Their trademarked logo is the sign of three crossed rifles which has come to signify exceptional performance and ease of use to rival any brand on the market. At one time, BSA was the largest private arms manufacturer in Europe. As the demand for small arms decreased the company turned its attention to bicycles and finally to air rifles. A leader in excellence, BSA air rifles are of the highest quality and are still manufactured in Britain today.
We are pleased to bring you an assortment of BSA air rifles for your shooting needs. When choosing this type of gun, you need to consider a few factors. With a BSA air rifle, you will find several variations on important areas of operations to ensure the right choice for your skill level and intended use. For instance, choose from several types of power plant operation including gas piston, spring piston, and pre-charged pneumatic options. We also offer your choice of action in the form of bolt action or break barrel to find the one best suited to your needs. When it comes to the matter of caliber, you need to know what you intend to shoot with smaller calibers being ideal for target training and larger calibers being better suited to small game hunting. Whether looking for a caliber of 0.177, 0.22, or 0.25, our inventory has a BSA air rifle to fit the need. If you have any questions regarding any of these high performing products, please contact us for further assistance today.