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BSA Varmint Laser & Flashlight

  • Code: PY-A-1046
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If you already own an air rifle with a 1" tube scope, this kit with pressure pads is all you need to go tactical. Great for low light conditions. SCOPE NOT INCLUDED.

Fast and very simple way to mount both a bright target illuminating light plus a fast aiming red laser to almost any scope with a 1" diameter body tube. Now you can illuminate your target under low light or zero light conditions while simultaneously directing a laser beam that will denote point of pellet strike. Easily mounts onto any 1 rifle scope with up to a 50mm diameter objective lens. Works for all small caliber rifles and all air rifles up to 1000 fps. Kit includes mounting bracket; instruction manual; hex wrench set, 3V. battery for flashlight & (3) 1.5V LR44 batteries for laser sight; remote pressure- sensitive switch and manual push button switch for both laser and flash light. Aluminum mounting bracket, laser and light bodies, black anodized finish.

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  • ManufacturerBSA
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Lasers, Red Dots & Iron Sights
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 1.00
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By MikeOctober 23, 2018

I prefer the manual of/on switch’s. The pressure switches distract my aim but are ok if you like the feature. Mine came with the rifle but one pressure switch was defective. i used the manual switch for flashlight and pressure for laser. The pressure switch mounted with Velcro. Good velcro with good glue but still was flimsy. Worked fine for a good while but eventually wore out. Looking for a replacement. The laser was finicky to adjust but still ok. It’s just not worth much more for an air rifle. So I’ll likely order the set. Kind of fun to play with but i would look to spend considerably more for a high power rifle that I depended on. Fine for the air rifle though.

Easy to mount and use.

Pressure switches distract my aim and mount for switches is flimsy. I suppose they could be superglued on though to be more stable. Laser difficult to adjust to solid position. Removing the Allen tool moves the adjustment. No recommendation for improvement it is what it is. I personally prefer the manual switches.

By RobertUSADecember 21, 2017

This device was a waste of time and money. It was more like a toy. It didn't fit my needs to either the bull boss or the samyang. I wouldn't ever purchase this item again. For the time and money spent on this item, you can pick up this same device at your nearest Walmart for Less.

By RolandUSASeptember 8, 2017

Love it. Easy install and right on.

By GeraldUSASeptember 6, 2016

It works like you would think it should. The laser has a good range in the dark, the flash lite has a limited range because its not high powered led torch. But, I knew all that when I bought it. Read the description and you will know all about it. Good product, just remember its not a $100. For what you pay its very good. As always AGD is great to deal with.

Very good for the price.

None so far

By SamMay 20, 2014

Easy mount and a great combination. A matter of ten minutes and I was bore sighting the rifle.

The shipping was very fast and the product is good quality.

By GeneUSAMarch 8, 2014

This is my second one of these units. The first one the laser worked great but the flashlight was a complete dud. Airgun Depot provided an immediate replacement and the laser still works great but the flashlight is still just so/so. Do not buy this if you really want to see in the dark. I rated it a 4 based solely on the laser which is dead on. Gene

By HarryUSADecember 21, 2013

This one is mounted on my Crosman Fury 2 Blackout , it is a compliment to the tactical look of the rifle, easy to zero. The laser holds very well after 20 rounds dead on target at 25 yds at night conditions.

nice cosmetics, functional tool for low light conditions. snug very well on to the scope. pressure wires are extras have no use for them at this time. Good lumination on the flashlight

Higher illumination on the flashlight,

By Michael DUSAMay 3, 2013

If you own an air rifle you have got to have one of these set-ups. Easy 5 minute installation on my Benjamin trail np camo .22 Quick and easy to zero the laser in. Flashlight is bright with a good focused beam. The laser will project a beam far further than your rifle will reach. Awesome to get rid of the unwanted critters that come out at night to raid my garden. When I decided where I wanted the pressure switches located I wound up using a drop of superglue to secure the Velcro to the stock because the adhesive would not keep them in place for more than a few minutes. The pressure switches are very touch sensitive so you have to be careful that you don't lean it up against something that will turn on the flashlight or laser and kill your batteries.The batteries for the laser are cheap but the battery for the flashlight costs about $5.00 a pop. Do yourself a favor and replace the batteries. If you haven't tried a laser beam setup you don't know what you are missing.

quality craftsmanship, easy to install and zero-in. FUN TO USE!!!

Velcro will not stay on stock without the use of glue

By JohnUSAFebruary 18, 2013

Mounted on my bsa scope. Laser is adjustable by three mini allen screws near lense. Flashlight is good but not as bright as I thought it would be.

Mount perfect, has stay on button or pressure pads.

By WillieUSANovember 25, 2012

This purchase was a good purchase. Equipment Q&A is a 10. However, this set up is a very tight fit on all 4 of my scopes. Two of them would not accept mounting no matter where I positioned the device. On the remaining two scopes, I had to really jockey the mounts around to make room for the hardware to attach the light and laser. Once mounted it gives me great versatility in dealing with the rapidly declining number of rats in my chicken pens. This setup came with a slip on red lens and lens cover to go over the flashlight, which I could really use. However with supplied hardware there is no room to slip the lens cover over the flashlight much less open and close the cover. The mount to the scope could use a redesign to give about a half inch more clearance between the scope tube and the flashlight/ laser combo. Laser was easy to zero and holds it's mark as long as you use the same ammo that you zeroed it with. Switch ammo and better re-zero the laser. But I think that is a function of the rifle and has no bearing on the laser. It holds it's mark with their ammo, it is zeroed with so zero it with what you shoot most.

Finish and function are top notch. I am going to check yes to recommending this to a friend with the cave at that he/she should order the item knowing it may have to be returned because of the design flaw that puts the working parts in interference with the scope tube.

Not much R & D by manufacturer nor proper evaluation by Airgun Depot for fit. Best guess is that it will fit 50% or less of the scopes Airgun Depot sells. It would be nice to get some feedback directly from AirgunDepot on whether or not they evaluate what they sell and how they could market something so ill fitting.

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I would like to buy this for my Benjamin Trail but the narrow of the scope is less than 3/4 of inch. Would the holding laser adapter have enough room? How wide is the adapter?

asked Dan

The mount attaches to your scope in the narrow of the scope. How much space do the mounting adapters need on the scope to be able to mount it? I would like to mount it to a Benjamin Trail NP. The narrow of the scope is only like 3 quarters of an inch for possible mounting?

asked Dan

I own two trail np's. A black .177 and a camo .22 and I have this set-up on both of my rifles. I had no problem at all with the installation. You may need to adjust your front scope mounting ring to make clearance for the mount. you will have to use the extra height block and the longer provided screws to gain clearance over the objective lense.

Michael D from USA

Will this fit on a Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper .177 Cal Air Rifle?

asked Paul from USA

I love this kit, but want a green or red light for the flashlight. Has anyone found a lens cover or filter for it? The coons scatter pretty quick when I turn it on, but not when I use my handheld green LED light.

asked Stephen

You would have to buy a red or green flashlight that will fit in the ring.

Carter from USA

I have not found a cover or filter for the light.

Matthew from USA
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