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Choosing a BB Gun for Kids

A popular pastime for kids of all ages, BB guns come in many different shapes and sizes that can be used for all types of recreational shooting. These timeless toys were originally named for the ammunition they fire--small spherical projectiles called BBs. While traditional metal BBs are still commonly used, the selection of BB guns has grown in recent years to include airsoft guns, which dispense plastic pellets rather than metal.

Choosing between classic favorites and today’s modern BB guns can be difficult. When trying to select the right model, buyers should understand the difference between metal and plastic ammunition.

Metal BBs (Airgun)

Authentic BBs are small metal balls measuring 4.5 mm in diameter. Originally made from lead, metal BBs are now made of steel, which provides speed, accuracy and distance. Although metal BB guns are efficient, they can be harmful to people and should only be used for target shooting or plinking.

One of the most well-known BB guns is the Daisy Red Ryder. First introduced in 1938, this model became an American icon when it was featured in the classic movie, A Christmas Story. Today the Red Ryder continues to be one of the most desired BB guns on the market, offering the same amount of fun for kids as it has from the beginning.

Plastic BBs (Airsoft)

Plastic BBs are a lightweight form of ammunition made from plastic. These round pellets are commonly called BBs, but with an average diameter of 6 mm, their size sets them apart from the 4.5 mm projectiles fired from traditional BB guns.

Compared to metal BBs, airsoft ammunition weighs less, allowing the shots to travel faster. However, these plastic pellets are more prone to external forces like wind, which interferes with accuracy and shortens range. Airsoft has become a popular team sport with fields across the nation offering urban & forest areas that provide hours of fun.

When purchasing a BB gun, consider the recreational and practical uses of each model to choose the gun that best fits your needs. Most importantly, remember to be safe and have a good time.

Happy shooting!
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