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Chrony F-1 Chronograph, Green

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F-1 CHRONY - The very first model and still the most popular. Provides numbered shots and velocities plus high, low and average velocities of the string. Shooting Light Fixture - A pair of lights that attach in place on the sky screens and provide a constant, reliable lighting source for accurate, indoor velocity measurements. This light fixture is really a must have accessory for the air gun shooter that wants to practice indoors. All Chrony models are powered by a single 9V battery and can be easily attached to a 1/4-20 tpi camera tripod for fast, easy set up. The Chrony is simple to use, just unfold the box, set the sky screens in place with the diffusers, turn on the switch and start shooting. The Low Priced Champ: Gives numbered shot velocities Velocity stays on display until you shoot again Stereo Jack for optional Remote Control or Printer Upgrades to any model. To upgrade to Alpha Chrony memory and statistics, just order the Remote Control Uses one 9 volt alkaline battery with 48 hours of continuous use.
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  • ManufacturerShooting Chrony
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypeCHRONOGRAPHS
  • Warranty3-year limited warranty
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By GaryUSAJuly 16, 2018

This Chrony Ive had for about 3 to 4 years now and still works flawlessly. Im Glad I got it, at first I thought it was a little pricy, but its good investment.

Easy to set up, I set it on my Deck and shoot thru it.

You have to make sure Suns out in order for it to work accurately

By ZedOctober 3, 2017

this was very easy to set up, and read the display, really helped me pick the right ammo for my deer gun, this product i feel is actually very necessary for all you hunters out there Knowing the power you are putting behind each shot is crucial for humane airgun hunting

easily stored, easy setup, accurate

By EricUSAFebruary 28, 2017

Well this is my first chrony and it does just what it says, clocks your projectile. Not fancy just works and works fine.

For the money it does what it supposed to.

For low light/indoor use, you really need very good lighting or get the light set up for it. I see now the manufacturer has a LED light set up for it

By ZeeDecember 8, 2013

I have several airguns. Like every one else, you like to know if they are working properly now. I have a base line speed to compare I was pleased with the ease of operation and price was best I could find. Quality seems good; overall I am pleased with the ease of operation and storage. I hope I don't need any warranty work. Time will tell. I have not shot any thing but air guns though it so don't know about that part of the operation.

Price and ease of use seems accurate

None yet

By randyUSAJanuary 12, 2013

I have owned one form or another of this machine since their inception (i'm kinda old). The Chrony F-1 is far and away the best bang for your buck in the chronograph department. Although originally designed to "clock" firearms, it doesn't care what you put through it (emphasis on "through" not AT). Watch the screen and your aim prior to pulling the trigger as many mistakes are made due to the rise of a scope at short distance resulting in no more chrony. The price here at Airgun Depot is decent and the product should speak for itself (it didn't here so I felt obligated to speak for it as no reviews existed yet). Get one of these, get in the game, and start knowing your firearm, airsoft, airgun better.

Quality parts, industry standard, and works well.

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I plan to use indoors in a basement. Will I need to buy the additional light to get this to work correctly? The basement has limited natural light but does have incandescent lighting (at least until they burn out and then I switch to the new lights.) Thanks

asked Loren from USA

straight from their info page. Not for use with Neon or other fluorescent lighting, as they flicker at twice the AC frequency and cause false readings. For indoors, a light-diffuser and an incandescent light source must be located above each photo-sensor. Use an Indoor Shooting Light Fixture.


Is there a velocity limit? Can i use this on my pistols (over 1,400 fps)?

asked Arnold from USA

You can use this for anything, .50 - a Red Ryder.....even for archery.


For use for any projectile.

Carter from USA
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