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Indoor Light Fixture For Use w/ Shooting Chrony Chronographs

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If you are testing your air gun velocities indoors, this Indoor Shooting Light Fixture will help ensure correct readings. Indoor Shooting Light Fixture - with 6 ft. cables, diffusers and wire rods; plugs into 120 volt house current. The lights attach to the skyscreens of any Shooting Chrony so you can measure velocities indoors. You MUST use them in a room that has no fluorescent lighting. They're sufficient to operate the skyscreens by themselves, and no other lights are required.
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  • ManufacturerShooting Chrony
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypeCHRONOGRAPHS
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By GaryUSAApril 27, 2016

I live in Washington and have to deal with rain and cloud cover a lot of the time. I have a chrony beta and was getting error after error. Thinking I wasn't getting enough light, I purchased the lite set. I was getting better readings but still 1/2 the shots registered errors. My problem seems to be more in my surroundings. I have a lot of tall trees around my property and if there is any wind at all, I get errors from the sun breaking though the boughs as the trees move. Probably didn't need lights at all, just a calm day

I was able to get some readings I wasn't getting before, so they do help.

A bit pricey for a set of lights.

By JoeUSANovember 14, 2014

I mainly use a Caldwell Chrony in the basement to get baselines for various pellets on various rifles. I tried using overhead 75W work lights with the diffusers off with limited success - many errors. These Chrony lights greatly reduced the error rate. The lights come with mounting rods and custom diffusers for the Shooting Chrony. The rods do not fit the Caldwell Chrony, but the Caldwell rods are narrower, so I was able to mount the new diffusers that came with the lights onto the Caldwell OK. I gave it four stars for the way the product assembles. Very, very small screws and you may need to buy a very small head Phillips screwdriver.

Works on a Caldwell Chrony. Sets-up quickly.

You will need a very small Phillips head screwdriver with a larger handle to get the torque to screw the light fixture assembly very small screws into the center diffuser section. They do give you an extra screw. The diffusers are in three sections that can be loose after fitting them together but they lock into place when you flex them onto the mounting rods. Mounting the light fixtures onto the center diffuser is a one time assembly using the very small self tapping screws. Time will tell if the plastic diffuser will withstand use over time where the screws are inserted.

By KennyNovember 16, 2012

I tried to make my own light kit but was getting a lot of errors. I didn't want to spend $50 to $80 on a light kit but when I ran across this set for $36.90, I didn't hesitate for a moment. This was a great price. I now get very few errors reading when I use it and that only happens when checking the FPS on a Magnum Springer. Thanks for the great price Airgun Depot.

Consistent FPS readings indoors.

Makes the chrony a little top heavy. I would have made it a little lighter.

By KenSeptember 4, 2011

Not just for indoor shooting, early mornings outdoors too, the sun has to be up enough to light the sky screens. Gets you an hour or so head start on wind conditions. ken

By unoactuJanuary 17, 2011

I tried using household lights to operate my Chrony indoors and got very limited success. I purchased these Light Fixtures to solve my problem. They worked everytime! Only thing is, shut your lights off every once and a while. I left my on solid for approx. 2 hours and the heat from the lights melted my plastic light diffussers.

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The bulbs look like a light bulb and not LEDs meaning that eventually they will burn out. What are they and are they easy to find?

asked Joe from USA
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