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Colt SAA Peacemaker Pellet Revolver, 7.5" Nickel

Available in 0.1770.177Faithful replica of the famous 7-1/2" barrel length 1873 Colt Peacemaker

Colt SAA Peacemaker Pellet Revolver, 7.5" Nickel

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The highly revered Colt Single Action Army .45-caliber revolver feels and handles like the firearm it looks like. Like the firearm it copies, the cylinder does not swing out. Each shell is loaded separately through a loading gate on the right side of the cylinder. To make the cylinder turn, you have to pull the hammer back to the half-cocked position. Then, rotate the cylinder to either load a full shell or remove an empty one (by pushing on the ejector rod). Since the shells are loaded singly, speedloaders cannot be used. To load BBs in the shells, insert one steel BB in the bottom of each. There's an error in the owner's manual. It says you must first put the gun on safe and then pull the hammer to half-cock to load the gun. That is incorrect. Once the safety is applied, the hammer does not move. So, don't put the safety on to load the gun.

Colt Peacemaker Pellet Revolver Single Action Army Features
  • 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 6-rd cylinder
  • Fixed front sight
  • Notch rear sight
  • Synthetic wood or ivory grip panels
  • Single-action only
  • Manual safety
  • Working ejector rod
  • Nickel-plated finish
  • 2.35 lbs.
  • 7.5" outer barrel length (6.75" inner barrel)
  • 13.00" overall length
  • Includes 6 shells (each shell is loaded with one pellet)
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Colt SAA Peacemaker Pellet Revolver, 7.5" Nickel
21 Reviews
81% (17)
10% (2)
5% (1)
5% (1)
0% (0)
95% Recommend this product (20 of 21 responses)
By Stephen
Warren, RI
October 29, 2018
Beautiful nickel 7.5" pellet firing Colt SAA replica
This is a excellent quality replica of the Colt 7.5" SAA revolver. The nickel finish and faux wood grips are impressive to behold. Overall fit & finish like all the previous SAA Colts is excellent. Trigger & shooting action is very smooth and the gate loading all adds to the true SAA shooting experience with out the actual center fire cost.
Gets 60-80 good shot per CO2 cartridge. FPS as with most replicas is under the claimed spec, but accuracy makes up for that pretty quickly.
ProsBeauty Colt SAA replica. Fit and finish is flawless. Shoots as good as it looks.
Best UsesPlinking and casual target practice.
By Zee L.
Toronto, Canada
March 28, 2018
Great Indoor Shooter
Before I shot this gun oiled all the moving components with pellet gun oil. It's got nice weight to it and shoots very smoothly. I really like that the Allen key is built into the grip. It's a nice quiet shooting pistol and with the non movable sites I do notice it shoots a little to the right... feet per second is rated at 380 and I haven't crony tested it but I assume it's very close. I use it mainly for paper Target and I shoot it indoors. It is only 177 caliber and I'd love to see to 2 caliber version. It's a little pricey but it is worth it. Quite satisfied with mine.
ProsRealistic feel and weight with nice movable parts.
ConsA little pricey for an air gun
Best UsesIndoor paper targets and close range because of the non movable sights.
By Tom
Lancaster, Pa.
March 8, 2018
Underpowered fun
The fun part is getting to use a Colt SAA without having to pay for expensive ammo and not having to wear ear protection. Also, it is a more accurate shooter than I expected. With a little work using common tools, this can be a very fun plinker. ---Buy extra shells---
ProsRealistic looks and operation--very accurate ( once the rear sight is opened up). Over 70 shots on one CO2 cylinder.
ConsWay underpowered---rear sight needs to be adjusted ( open with a round file to allow left and right hold ) Can't remove cylinder to clean. Any one know how to do that?
Best UsesKilling small cans and plastic bottles. Showing off to your friends. Teaching children gun safety and handling.
By william b.
March 8, 2018
Looks great. operates crap box style
This piece looks great! It even operates correctly for a period weapon. BUT!! It is weak . And good for nothing but plinking and showing off. Would like to see this model in an uprated design. That shoots at maybe 1000 fps or better.
ProsNot many above the real deal.
ConsWEAK!!!! Couldn't even hurt an intruder at all.
Best UsesTo show off. And make people believe you have the real thing.
By william b.
March 8, 2018
VERY realistic but WEAK!!!
Although I am well pleased with this weapons realistic feel weight and action. Its actual 'punch' is very week. I find that I must "diesel" it to get any respectable feet per second out of it. And that only lasts for the first 4 or 5 shots!
ProsAll pros as far as a replica can go.!
ConsHammer doesnt seat and FPS is so weak im scared to use it for more than 2 to 4 shots per 12 gram cartridge.
Best UsesTo look like you have the real thing. but have a real backup handy.
By Dave H.
La Puente California
March 3, 2018
Perfect Except...
Perfect Except I Want One With Blue Or Antique Finish. Can't Seem To Find In The USA???

Merchant Response:Umarex did produce a blued version when the SAA was first released awhile ago, but there was an issue with the bluing process, so they were discontinued. Every once in awhile we are able to get a hold of some refurbished ones, so keep checking back!
By Countach
January 10, 2018
7.5" Colt SAA Pellet Revolver
Quality revolver. With rifled barrel it shoots pellets straight at 25'. Nickel plating is done well. Nice finish. Balance is perfect in my hands. Added to my collection that also has the 5.5" barrel Colt SA in nickel and weathered finished.
ProsHas good weight. Looks like the real deal Comes with cartridges for pellets Rifled barrel
ConsEven more power would be good
By Henry
Wesstmoreland, NH
December 8, 2017
Happy with purchase.
Never answered my requests for shipping date else a very satisfactory transaction. Very pleased with the gun.
By D S.
November 22, 2017
Very nice!
My gun arrived the day after ordering it, so delivery gets an A+++! The gun is heavy and well made with the feel and action of the original. I like the invisible CO2 screw...I always seemed to hit things with the screw hanging down not to mention that it took away from the realism of the gun. The hammer doesn't rest tight but that's not an issue for me.
ProsAgain, heavy and well made. Operates like the real thing. Firing 7.0 grain pellets from 30 feet at a 2 inch bullseye resulted in excellent grouping. This gun is accurate!
ConsOther than the hammer not seating I have nothing negative to say about the gun thus far though I've only had it for one month.
By mike
hernando, FL
November 18, 2017
love it..Clint has nothing on me
get extra shells
Prosbbs also work in pellet shells
By Bill
Horseshoe Bend, Ar.
April 24, 2017
A wonderful Colt
This Colt 7.5 in. Peacemaker is all you would expect from Umarex and AGD. I bought this refurbished and it Looks, Feels, And Shoots like a new gun. I now own 7 different Colt Peacemakers and they are all my favorites. From the way they look to the way they perform. I have a hard time deciding which one to get out on a given day to do some back yard plinking. Buy one and you will see what I mean.
ProsI like every thing about this gun.
By Lisa
Phoenix, Az
March 25, 2017
Love it!
Has smooth bore so able to shoot .177 pellets and steel BB's with BB cartridge. With long barrel has good accuracy. Very nice finish, looks and feels like real SAA.
ProsShoots both pellets and BB's
March 10, 2017
excellent .
just like advertised.
By Michael M.
North Carolina
January 10, 2017
Colt Peacemaker 7.5
Handles just like the real article right down to loading. The next best thing to owning a real one. Same weight as a real one.... the difference is that it won't break you on ammo.
ProsHandles great Powerful Accurate
ConsHammer doesn't go all the way down like on a real one.... but I can live with that.
By Lynn
Ava Valley AZ.
December 23, 2016
Fun Gun
I really enjoy plinking with this gun. Good gun for target shooting.
ProsEasy to load and fun to shoot.
ConsI have found no bad features.
By Ed
Shirley, Massachusetts
December 17, 2016
Matt Dillon would be proud
This in my opinion is just one of those you have to have in your collection. It's a beautiful reproduction and handles and balances pretty close to the real thing. The allen wrench tip built into the grip is something that should be required in every CO2 airgun if possible in the design. The action is smooth and trigger is very good. Accuracy is what I would expect from a gun with these sights but it's in my estimation the perfect plinker. It's one of those guns that make you pay attention and the reward of a good shot string is very satisfying. Then comes the fast draw, shoot the bad guy (or the good guy if your the bad guy paper tarhets of course) which is just too much fun. The safety is well hidden and does not distract from the gun and does come in handy around the kids. The plating seems good but it's new so I don't know how it will wear. It's a hoot to shoot. Might have to play a bit to find the ideal pellet.
Prosquality reproduction balance trigger spare shells are reasonable good use of CO2 and built in wrench
ConsOutside of a little roughness in the trigger which has worked itself out, noting
By Joe
Green Valley, Arizona
December 16, 2016
collectors dream
I got this pistol to add to a growing collection. If you are thinking of buying this gun do it you won't be sorry.
ProsDetail great, shoots straight and true, looks great on the wall or a daily shooter.
ConsNone at this time.
By Ron
Houston, TX
November 30, 2016
Fun pistol for the money
I previously purchased the 5 1/2 inch Peacemaker BB version and was impressed with the authenticity. The click of the hammer while being pulled back reminds me of the scene in the The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly where Clint sneaks behind a naked Tuco and then "click-click-click " Put your gun down and put your pants on". Yeah, that was a Colt navy but it sounds the same. The accuracy of the 7 1/2 inch Peacemaker is much better than the 5 1/2 inch BB version. I tried several different weight pellets and it seemed that the heavier the better. I thought the 15 grain H&N Sniper mag was going to be the best until I tried the Gamo Rockect Superior. I shot a dime size group at 7 yards (off a rest). I was also pleasantly surprised at the fps. The specs says 380 fps but after 6 shots I chrony tested 5 shots with 416 fps high and 406 fps low. That was with 8.7 grain JSPs. It's nice to see it outperform the specs.
ProsAuthentic, accurate, and outperforms the specs.
ConsWould have been nice to get an additional 6 cartridges with the pistol.
November 16, 2016
Beautiful Gun
This is a very nice piece of visual art! I did give it 4 stars due to the action and trigger being more stiff than my other two SAA pistols.
ProsCosmetics are excellent
ConsTrigger and action is about 50% more "stiff" than my other peacemaker psitols
By Richard L.
Douglas, Ma.
November 15, 2016
Great gun
Love the 7.5 inch barrel, gun is really great looking. Since I now have several 5.5 inch guns I would like to see a 4.75 inch quick draw style SAA Colt.
ProsBetter accuracy with the longer barrel.
By John
La Mesa, CA
October 27, 2016
Great Gun and very accurate as well!
I have the Colt/NRA 7.5" Pellet model which is the identical gun just with a weathered finish. I wish I would have waited for the nickel version but I might add it to my collection as well. The gun shoots excellent and the extra 2" of barrel length makes a difference in accuracy as well as FPS. The manufacturer (Umarex) has a claimed FPS of 380. This is the same listed FPS as the 5.5" pellet version. I just chrono'd mine today. It was 78 degrees and I shot 6 pellets (6.9 gr RWS Super-H-Point) over the chrony. The high was 455 FPS and the low was 437 FPS. So the truth of the matter is, basic physics, the additional 2" on the barrel does increase the FPS. The accuracy is there as well. I was shooting empty 12 gage shotgun shell casings at 10-12 yards with ease. This is a must own if you like the colt single action!
ProsI own two of the 5.5" BB versions as well. The triggers are excellent and the over-all build quality is excellent! This one shoots true to the fixed sights.
ConsNone, you will not be sorry with the gun!!!!
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Colt SAA Peacemaker Pellet Revolver, 7.5" Nickel
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 410 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 380 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
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