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Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX Chronograph

With Built-In Bluetooth Connection
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Competition Electronics ProChrono DLX Chronograph

  • Onboard Bluetooth connectivity, and more options with FREE apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, PC, and Mac
  • Internal and external refinements with updates to the circuitry and enclosure design
  • Built-in full featured operating system with multiple shot string memory and statistics
  • Memory Capacity: Up to 9 strings of up to 99 shots each
  • Sensing system compatible with a wide variety of light conditions and projectiles
  • Faster internal shot clock for improved accuracy to +/- .5% or better
  • Minimum Time Between Shots: 500 mSec
  • Made in the USA quality at an affordable price
  • 2 year warrantee against defects in material and workmanship, and a 1/2 price repair guarantee
  • Over 30 years of experience in chronograph design and manufacturing
  • Replaceable Alkaline 9 volt battery power (not included) for 20+ hours of operation
  • Bluetooth: BT2 and BT4LE
  • Temperature Range: 20-100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Velocity Range: 20 – 9,999 feet per second
  • Weight 2.1 lbs
  • Size: 16x4x3-1/4 inches
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  • Manufacturer Competition Electronics
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type CHRONOGRAPHS
  • Warranty 2-year limited warranty
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By JJanuary 21, 2020

Works good, the mobile app is very helpful because it tells you FPS as your shooting. Set up was very easy. I would recommend this chronograph to anyone.

Easy to use.

Does not work to good on cloudy days.

By AndrewUSADecember 4, 2019

Having never used a chrono before, I read the instructions first. Excellent information in there - be sure you read it too. The Bluetooth connection was painless, and the interface took very little use to understand completely. In fact, I've only ever used the on-panel controls once! Not noted well on the AGD website are the other almost-necessary options you need with this for airguns, like the indoor lighting option. Now I'm the envy of my friends, since I have a CE chrono and they see how much better it is than what they've got!

* Setup was easy, including the connection to my phone. * BT connection provided all the info I want. * PDF and CSV reports can be easily shared, so I can e-mail them to myself for viewing on a real computer. * Software calculates everything you want to know about a shot.

* When I fired too quickly, sometimes the shots were missed by the BT but were seen on the unit. (The one time I used the front panel was to confirm this). * It would be nice if there were a "synch" function to download all the shot data at once into my phone, in case I'm out of range of BT or forgot to turn it on when starting. * If there were a way I could tag a comment onto a single shot, that would be a great feature.

By MikeUSAJanuary 21, 2019

I used this for testing power for different pump levels on my .177 multi-pumpers. Once guns were sighted in and shooting well, I set it up at the target about 10 yards away. It missed a few shots, but I'll blame that on the lighting as it was in partial shade with tree branches blowing in the wind. Once I found a point on the target that registered, I just kept shooting there. I find the app and bluetooth to be incredibly useful in my setup as i cannot read the lcd screen at that distance, but the phone displays each shot clearly and even calls out the FPS audibly. The app allows you to name shot strings, displays a bar chart of the shots and calculates all the stats for you.

App and Bluetooth are a huge addition to the usefulness of the chrony.

By BrendanUSAJanuary 10, 2019

So far, so good. Read all my center fire rifle and pistol shots without fail in full sun light. Phone app recorded all shots and read them out aloud. I like this chronograph better than my Shooting Chrony.

Built in Bluetooth. Compartment for extra battery.

By RandyUSANovember 29, 2018

This chronograph is very easy to set up and sync with the app on phone. It breaks down and goes right back in the box it came in for easy travel. One use made it worth the price. I was able to identify what pellet weight was hitting the proper speed out of my Gamo Urban (JSB 14s). Considering trying to tune up for JSB 18s.

Ease of use. Portability.

None so far.

By JoeUSANovember 27, 2018

If you need a Chrony, you're unlikely to find anything better at less than 3x's this price even with the necessary addition of the separate lighting unit, without which it is prone to the same foibles as many of it's competitors. With the lighting unit installed, it's still not perfect but the imperfections are related only to the exporting format of the data and have nothing to do with the accuracy or dependability of the unit. I've experienced less than 1 error per 100 shots with the lighting unit installed as opposed to the 1 in 20 when conditions are ideal and permit the unit to be used with only the standard sun shades. Quite a difference. So, if you can't afford or justify the purchase of a dopler unit to your wife, this one will serve you very well.

Works dependably with the lighting unit installed. Very affordable even with the necessary purchase of the lighting unit. Excellent customer service.

Traditional alkaline battery use. (rechargeable Lithium ion would be far better)

By JeffreyUSANovember 26, 2018

I finally got a Chrono. This thing is awesome. The instructions said it would not work so well in artificial light and that is true. Outdoors in descent sunlight it is awesome. Plenty of memory for multiple shots strings.

Worth the money

Hmm. None yet.

By EricUSANovember 17, 2018

had to use the lighted diffusers but works great gets every shot

works like it should


By AdanUSANovember 2, 2018

Very impressed with this unit. Caveat: by design does not work well indoors and/or with artificial lighting. They sell a model that does and if you plan on using indoors you should go with that. As intended it works great outdoors. Just don't be too disappointed when you find out your bow, PCP air rifle or other don't put out what they claim on paper! Very good piece of kit and runs on a 9 volt battery with room to store a spare on-board. The app is free to download to a bluetooth compatible device and works well. You can save shot strings to a CSV file and forward directly via email or SMS. Very handy and easy to use tech. If you are thinking about this just do it!

Ease of use and economical.


By Wayne H.October 30, 2018

Just got the unit today and since I am waiting for my Sig Sauer APS to arrive I had to test it out. My Dad had a older wooden stock Daisy Red Ryder BB gun so I said " why not " ! Shot a five shot string. So far I really like this unit. 76 deg. Humidity 17% Barometric pressure 30.06 inch/hg 1. 276fps 2. 281fps 3. 266fps 4. 273fps 5. 272fps 274fps average for a whopping .83 ft/lbs of energy LOL !

Great deal for the money


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Is the ProChrono DLX Chronograph model the one that comes with lights?

asked Gary from USA

Does it work under a shade tree?

asked Richard from USA

Is it threaded on bottom so as to attach a tripod or other device

asked Daniel from USA


Mark from USA

Will this work in a building that use lots of LED lighting? I have my shooting bench set up in my 22' X 30' shop. I recently installed 6, 42" LED shop lights that are rated at 4500 lumen each to improve the lighting. It's nice and bright now. I shoot across the 22' through a 15' garage door to a fence post where the pellet trap/target is mounted (50'). There will be no shop lights directly over the chrono. Do you think I can make t work?

asked Dean from USA
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