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Crosman .22 Caliber Steel Breech Kit

Fits 2240, 2250, 2260, 2289 & 1322 Air Guns
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    The original rear sight that comes with any of these airgun models will no longer fit on the steel breech. If you want a rear sight, the Crosman LPA MIM rear sight is made for this kit.
    • Fits Crosman airgun models 2240, 2250, 2260, 2289 and 1322
    • Will accept the Crosman LPA MIM rear sight
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    • ManufacturerCrosman
    • ConditionNew
    • Warranty1-year limited warranty
    • Weight2.00
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    By EliasUSAJanuary 20, 2020 Verified Purchase

    I bought this kit to replace the flimsy 2-piece plastic breech that comes standard on the Crosman 2240 pistol. It provides a stronger clamping force onto the barrel, thus reducing, if not entirely eliminating, any barrel movement associated with the short plastic breech. This is especially important since I opted to install a 14.6" barrel in lieu of the 7.5" barrel that came with the gun. This in turn improved the accuracy of the gun. The breech also provides a solid dovetail base for attaching optics. In my opinion, this is a much better and solid platform for attaching optics than the barrel clamp style mounts, further adding to the accuracy. BTW, the longer barrel, without any other modifications, boosted the velocity from an average of 411 fps to an average of 514 fps using JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo 15.89 grain pellets. This test was conducted indoors under the exact same conditions using the exact same equipment and techniques. I shot two 3-shot strings with the same gun powered by the exact same CO2 powerlet. The two shot strings were made less than 5 minutes apart-the time it took to swap the 7.5" to 14.6" barrel.

    Except for the breech screw and a flat head screw driver, this kit includes everything needed to upgrade the breech and bolt on a 2240 pistol. It Improves the accuracy of the gun and provides a better way for attaching optics on the 2240 than barrel clamp style mounts. Even if you opt for open sights, it provides a notch to attach a more usable rear sight than the rudimentary rear sight that comes standard on some crosman guns. The kit is entirely made of steel. It is less susceptible to damage and is easier to take off and re-install than the flimsy 2-piece plastic breech.

    A little pricey considering even with the discount it cost me about 79% of what I paid for a new Crosman 2240. It does not include a breech screw, so you must use the one from the old breech. The original rear sight on the 2240 does not work with this breech. Therefore, if you opt to shoot with open sights, it will be necessary to find an alternative rear sight system like the Crosman LPA MIM rear sight.

    By GeraldCanadaJuly 2, 2019 Verified Purchase

    This Breech Kit is easy to assemble. The fit is excellent & machine to high tolerances!

    Cannot be beat as a replacement assembly!

    Steel must be maintained. Steel does rust where brass does not. They do not oxidize at the same rate & both requires oil!

    By WayneUSAFebruary 27, 2019 Verified Purchase

    The Crosman steel breech kit is necessary for mounting a scope or red dot sight, and/or a longer barrel, to the 13XX and 2240 air and CO2 guns. I own several of these guns and have installed steel breech kits on all of them. The kits are very well designed and manufactured and will enhance the function and appearance of the gun. They are easily installed and come with written instructions. The standard plastic breech will work if you plan to use the standard rear sight that comes with the guns. There are mounts that clamp onto the barrel for mounting standard dovetail scope rings but I have found them to be difficult to attach firmly which affects accuracy. The steel breech kit enables you to get the most from these guns, in my opinion.

    Very well designed and manufactured from solid steel. Easy to install. Gives you many options for attaching optical sights. Brings out the accuracy these guns are capable of producing. Also allows you to easily change barrels.


    By DavidUSAJuly 10, 2018

    Modifying a gun is not something I have ever done - somewhat daunting proposition. However - despite unclear description of one miniscule invisible (until disassembled) part. I achieved the changeover with minimal frustration. If I can do it anyone can.

    Relatively easy to install.

    Instructions could be clearer.

    By BillUSAJune 23, 2018

    I received the steel breech kit and installed it on one of my 2240's, which by the way was pretty simple. I like the little bit of extra weight it added to the gun also. However I also ordered and received a LPA rear site to go along with this kit, as the factory rear site won't work with the steel breech kit. Sliding the new rear site in the dovetail of the breech was very easy, really to easy and after tightening the two small set screws I noticed a large gap between the bottom of the rear site and the breech. I wonder I any one else has noticed this?. I think if I try to tighten the set screws any tighter that the site will pop right out of the dovetail in the breech, not much of the breech dovetail is in contact with the rear site. I don't know for sure if the dovetail on the breech was cut a little to large or if the LPA site that I received is possibly the wrong one, packaging for the LPA rear site shows a part number of CR-2300-010. I would like to find out what size dovetail is supposed to be machined in the steel breech, I know mistakes happen. I think I can possibly shim the rear site to fit the dovetail on the breech but buying parts that are made to go together shouldn't require shimming in my opinion. I really didn't buy the steel breech kit to add a scope to my 2240, I will be carrying it as a backup while ridding various rodents for local feedlots, while also using my air rifles, and the use of open sites on an air pistol at close range would be ideal as it ill be carried in a holster. I think even though tight, that the rear site might just pop straight out of the steel breech dovetail while carrying it in a holster and it will be lost.

    Adds a little extra weight to gun which I like.

    LPA rear site is why to loose in breech dovetail.

    By BobUSAJune 21, 2018

    I ordered this part for my 1377 when changing to a .22 barrel. It's a really nice improvement over the plastic piece they come with and adds some, much needed support to the barrel. The plastic breech only supports about 1/2" of the barrel, the steel breech adds a couple inches to that and secures the barrel with a setscrew. The MIM rear sight seemed expensive at the time, so for now I'm trying another sight from someone else that may be a more affordable alternative but may also require much more tinkering to be accurate.

    Less toylike feel, more solid, hopefully more accurate.

    None, it should be a standard part. But they would sell a lot less guns when the price goes up.

    By KFebruary 22, 2018

    Works as it should. It's a must for building a solid gun.

    Does the job.

    It's shipped in a mailing bag instead of a box! Kind of hard to believe, really. There's a scratch and ding factor for the bolt and the small hardware and tools because they get crunched together and pressed against the breech during shipping.

    By JoshMarch 1, 2017

    Much more stable barrel mounting that adds just enough weight over the trigger. Easy to pick up a target and stabilize the sights with that weight. Nicely machined WITHOUT razor-blade edges all over. This upgrade is a bit deceptive as you must also upgrade the rear sight(yes the sight IS nicer than stock). Not a big deal if the sight wasn't so expensive (more than the breech).

    By JosephUSAMarch 1, 2017

    In deciding what should my first modification should be I did a lot of research, and also thinking ahead to what direction I wanted to take that would make future mods possible. So, since this is my first pellet pistol and never took it apart before I thought I could do this. It was a lot easier than I imagined. There are instructions and all sorts of videos on the TUBE to help. Don't let it scare you, this Steel Breach Kit you need and will make all the rest of your mods possible.

    It opened up all kinds of 2240 modifications; has open sight slot, scope rail, can change barrels and more.


    By AnthonyUSAOctober 18, 2016

    The Crosman 2240 pistol is a great gun with many modifications available. The first mod you should consider is this metal breech. It allows dovetail mounts to bolt right on to hold your red dot or pistol scope. That addition will make your gun even more accurate than it is out of the box with open sights. Another benefit of this breech is that it's durable. You won't wear this one out. Even though it's half again the price of the pistol, it's well worth the investment. Polish the trigger and you've got a great target pistol for under $100.

    Quality construction, easy to install, good value.


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    Does this breech have an 11mm dovetail?

    asked Stephen from USA


    Mark from USA

    Hello this item has been out of stock for almost a year now When will it be available again Thanking you

    asked Azhar

    Azhar, We apologize, for some reason our system does not show it in stock. This particular item is in stock and ready for ordering. We are working on getting the item back in stock. Please continue to watch our site for any updates in the coming days. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

    Scott from USA

    When will the 22 cal steel breech kit come back in stock?

    asked Russo

    Russo, Great question. This particular item in now in stock again at our warehouse. You can find it under the search bar with 2240SBPK. Hopefully that helps in your search. Thanks again for the question. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

    Scott from USA
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