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Crosman Collapsible Pellet Trap

Great Portable Trap for Pellets
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Crosman Collapsible Pellet Trap Features
  • Quick setup/knockdown
  • Takes up very little space in storage and during transport
  • Triple-layer curtains help slow down projectiles
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel plate behind curtains
  • Do NOT use any caliber over .22
  • Do NOT use steel-?tipped pellets, steel BBs or any projectile other than pellets
  • 10"" wide x 9"" high x 8"" deep
  • Shoot from a distance of 10 meters or more
  • Includes 12 paper targets (6 designs, 2 of each)
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Targets, Pellet & BB Traps, Ranges
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 1.81
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By AntonyMay 24, 2022

Definitely don’t use this with higher power rifles. My .25 Hatsan bullboss bent the metal plate and blew out the plastic bottom in one 30 yard, 50 shot session.

Convenient size and storage size.

Foam or other padding to protect the plastic sides and bottom.

By JohnUSAApril 23, 2021

This trap is not meant for high power air guns. Spend $50 or upward on a heavier model rated for .22caliber rimfire guns, that will last a few years.

This is fine for CO2 pellet pistols at 30ft to 50ft. because they don't get much above 400fps. It was fine for my Crosman Vigilante .177caliber and my 2240 .22caliber pistols. I bought a new one for my Benjamin 392S pump up air rifle in .22caliber (682fps) and the plastic is coming apart. My friend put fifty rounds into it target shooting at 50ft. with a Swarm Fusion .22caliber (800fps), and the metal backstop was bent.

This model is fine for kids plinking, but they should make one out of solid steel for adults shooting springers & pcp's so it lasts a while.

By JoeUSAAugust 7, 2017

Works perfectly and can be folded up for storage. Not intended for magnum air guns. I really like this pellet trap.

By DanielUSAOctober 7, 2016

I found this to be one of the larger most affordable at AGD target traps and it is the perfect size for sighting in all of my guns at 10 yards. However I do have some powerful .22 and .25 guns that was destroying the curtain and ill forming the back of the trap not to mention each shot was quite loud smacking the back plate.. Solution;I recently received a small 1/2" wide catalog in the mail that I Gorilla taped to the steel backing and it is now absorbing the force quite well and is very quiet. So long as I don't destroy the plastic rim from fliers I'll be fine if I do I'll break out the tape again. I'm so glad I bought this affordable target because sighting in at 10 yards is so much faster than further out.

Size is perfect for many targets available. Steel backing that slides up for pellet removal. modifiable to quiet down an accept higher FPE's

Be careful of the plastic frame.

By JohnUSAJuly 28, 2016

Forty years ago when I bought a Crosman CO2 .357 replica pistol and a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster air rifle I had to build a backstop out of plywood so I could shoot in my apartment. This little gem saved me a bit of time, and it does the job admirably. It doesn't look all that sturdy when you remove the sheet metal backing plate, but it does collapse and store well enough.

By StevenUSAJuly 9, 2015

The target trap is great for non-magnum air rifles. Unfortunately the plastic tab pins broke within one week, and lost another in the grass. HELPFUL HINT: Went to Walmart and purchased : Club Champ Low Drag TEES. They are plastic golf tees and fit perfectly with the holes that hang the cardboard backing. I tried using the push tabs / tacks that came with the trap, but they were not long enough to attach cardboard box slats. The golf tees attached the cardboard flush. The golf tees should be plastic, not wood. (wood tees pop out easily) I hope this tip helps on with this target trap.

Love the collapsible versatility of this target trap. The trap works perfectly for sub 1000 fps rifles and air pistols. The cost is very doable..

The 4 enclosed pus tab / pins break easily.

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I notice it says to use pellets only....can this be used for my daughters red rider BB gun?

asked Ian shafer

No, unless you want bb's ricocheting back towards your daughter! Line the metal backup plate with duct putty to prevent ricochets.

John from USA
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