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Crosman C11 BB Clips

18 -shot, 2 Pack
  • Code: PY-A-1940
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Pre-load these two spare magazines for your Crosman C11 BB pistol, for quicker shooting. Also compatible with the Beretta Elite II bb pistol. Each holds 18 steel BBs (0.177) This is only for the C11BB guns, which shoot steel BBs, and will not work with the air soft version of the C11 called the Air Mag C11.
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Magazine, Clips & Reloaders
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 0.36
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By JSteven

Good feeding clip, no problems.

By yvonneJune 2, 2017

I bought extra clips just to have.

Easy to load

Must be careful when placing clip inside the gun, sometimes the spring will push BB's out before you get the clip in.

By PeteUSAJuly 5, 2016

I used these with a 1911BB gun. Easy to load , Good fit, well made.

Easy to load , Good fit, well made


By BrianUSAMay 10, 2015

Good clips wish they were made of metal instead of plastic but, still great to have more than the one that comes with the gun.

By EdwardUSADecember 22, 2014

The picture shows metal clips and other reviews have stated they received metal. Now you will get plastic ones.


By PeteJuly 16, 2014

Right out of the box you will realize that the magazines are plastic bodied as opposed to the all steel construction of the original S&;W component. This could be an advantage though as I may be able to carve the correct notch in the side of the magazine to retain it in the gun. It remains to be seen, as I haven't attempted it yet. M&P fitment should be struck from the description unless you are referred to the question and answer section. The fitment is divulged there.

Cheap. And only option for you here.

Poorer construction from S&W product Does not fit as advertised Below photo is the discrepancy

By JohnUSAJune 6, 2014

If you have a C11 you must have these extra clips!

Adds to your shooting experience by being able to run 3 clips (about 57 shots) without reloading.


By MikeUSAMarch 10, 2014

Wish I would have ordered more!!!! Fits more than one of my pistols!

Little hard to load...But count your BBs and take a playing card or index card, tip the clip downwards and roll them in..Trust me this will save you some reload time!

By KevinUSAJuly 16, 2013

These mags are pretty tough. Made of metal, I imagine they will last a good long time. It is easy to load BBs, although you have to do it manually; I am not aware of a speed loader for these mags (although please advise if I am mistaken). The spring can be locked in place while you load the BBs and then a push on the button (which pops out on the bottom after clicking the spring stop in place) closes the spring on the loaded magazine.

Durability? Projecting it as a positive.

Some might consider the price for two magazines a little high. C'est la guerre.

By RogerMarch 18, 2013

Difference in machining between the OEM clip and Crosman C11 is slight but enough to make them worthless. You have to keep pressure on the end of the clip to get them to work. Don't waste your money.

Easy to load and unload.

They don't work properly in my S&W M&P 40 unless you use your thumb to push up on the end of the clip.

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Will this work for a PSM45 BB pistol?

asked YNG from USA

Will this work for the MK45 .177 BB co2?

asked Jacqueline from USA

Will this work for a glock

asked Nick

Will these work with a Crosman C31 ?

asked Sam

Looking for a spare clip for a PFM16. Which one, and part number PLEASE?

asked St Glide

Will these work in the Crossman C31 air pistol?. The parts list show a number of C11-005

asked Randy

Will this work with a Red Rider BB gun using .177 BB's?

asked Aaron

Not at all. These are designed, as the web page says, for the C-11 pistol. The Red Ryder is loaded by hand through a port at the muzzle. It does not use any kind of magazine.

Kevin from USA

I recently bought a two pack Crosman BB cal (4.5mm) 20 round clips. They do not fit snugly into my S&W M&P .177 pistol and consequently don't shoot. Are these Crosman clips different and will they fit my S&W?

asked paul mones

These clips are different from the original. The notch they have on the side don't match up with the original. That being said, it probably will not work properly.


I found them to be quite loose in my crosman c-32 pistol as well. In fact, I have to hold it in from the bottom for any type of use at all. My guess would be that if they don't fit in a crosman product, than they might not fit in a S&W product that well.

Mario from USA

Do these fit an Umarex xbg? If not, where can I find clips for the xbg?

asked Jon

Yes, they will work in the Umarex XBG. I bought some for my S&W M&P and found them very easy to load & has increased my shooting time. The crosman C11 18 is a must have if you want to cut down on reloading & spend more time having fun.

Fred from USA

Will they fit the C-41?

asked Kevin

I have the S&W M&P and these fit just like the magazine that came with the gun.

John from USA

I don't know. But they do work well in my C11.

MIchael from USA

Do these fit a Umarex XBG ?

asked John from USA

Do these clips fit the c31? I've purchased elsewhere and they slip out.

asked lou

Do these really work with the C31? Other compatible clips reviewed says it doesn't work. Does anyone have these and do they work with the C31?

asked Paul

Will these work with tanfoglio 1911?

asked jerry from USA

Are there only 2 BB gun clips in the package ?

asked Patrick

Yes there are two.

Steve from USA

Hello! Can you use this clip for Crosman P10 also! P10 and C11 is the same gun, correct, except P10 has the "Phantom" word on-it, otherwise all gun mechanics is the SAME:)! ^+^

asked Ronald from USA

Yes they will work for the P10 and they are very identical in design, with only a few differences.

Steve from USA

will these work for phantom p10

asked chad

Yes they will work.

Steve from USA
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