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Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-532 · $4.99 · .177 · 7.4 grains · 250 ct
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Crosman is leading the competition in affordable hunting pellets featuring great new technology. The new Crosman Destroyer pellet is a revolutionary new hunting pellet combining the best attributes of a pointed pellet with a hollow point resulting in complete expansion and energy transfer. At this price, why not give them a try and compare them to your favorite traditional hunting pellet?
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 7.4 grains
  • Pellet Shape Pointed
  • Pellet Quantity 250 ct
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By KoreySeptember 18, 2022

15+ Squirrels and counting, these bad boys hit hard at 10m or so. Yes some of them aren't perfect in shape or form, so yes some of them will fly wild. They're pellets, not match grade rifle rds so who actually cares? They kill and 90% of the time is a single shot center mass.

By PrestonFebruary 12, 2022

I would recommend these pellets for target practice or even plinking, but not for hunting.

These are some of the most accurate pellets I’ve used for .177 both out of a Crosman F4 break barrel and a cheap 10-pump rifle that my sister got for Christmas one year. Half inch groups from any distance I’ve tried. Hit anything I shoot at.

Unfortunately, these pellets have yet to impress me with their “hunting capabilities.” Again, their accuracy is top notch, but there is absolutely ZERO penetration. The little nub that pokes out of the dish has proved to do nothing, time and time again. There have been multiple occasions where I hit a small bird, saw feathers fly, and the bird flies away unscathed. I have watched a few of them after being hit and they function normally, with seemingly no damage done. I do put them out of their misery (if they even have any) with a classic domed or pointed Crosman, but the Destroyers have only ever killed one target for me, and only because it hit smack in the center of its spine, paralyzing it.

By DennisUSAJune 9, 2021

I would say it's probably a quality control issue. The skirt diameter is very inconsistent unfortunately because the good, properly fitting ones shoot nice groups. This goes for bothering the .177 and .22 versions. Same issue with both sizes.

The ones that fit snugly in the chambers like the should shoot very nice groups.

Unfortunately the fit sizes are very inconsistent. Some fit very well like they're supposed to but some are really loose and falls right out if turned upside down.

By HenryUSAJanuary 21, 2021

If your gun shoots these well then they are a must have for hunting

Ballistics are insane. Picture is after passing through 4 inches of beef stew meat at 4" out of a well used daisy 880. found some of the meat on my ceiling. Penetration is through all the meat and then it left the meat with very little power in to some blankets

Rough surface and almost every pellet has a seem

By GARY S.June 18, 2018

I've been using the.177 Cal. 7.4 gr. Destroyer pellets in my GAMO Whisperer to control garden rodents, with Excellent results. One shot, one kill... It's a great product, but the rodents hate them! 👍👍

Good for everything.

Haven't discovered anything negative so far.

By roger M.January 29, 2018

At 100 yards dead on

We have a little cross wind but learned to adjust to it making a perfect shoot every time

With making a perfect shoot every time it does get boring

By JohnUSASeptember 19, 2017

Very accurate pellet for the money


None yet

By DonUSAJune 30, 2017

always had good luck with these

By EdwardUSADecember 30, 2016

Very accurate. I'm finding this to becoming one of my favorite pellet to use. I use this in for sighting in new scope or dot as it is pretty accurate. Buy it, try it,,you won't regret it.

accurate, cheap

none so far

By ParkerUSADecember 27, 2016

good for hunting, plinking and all around good pellet, havent shot it at paper so i dont know how well they group but for pests and tin cans they are very accurate in the above mentioned guns.

smack down pellet accurate not pricey nor picky

wish they came in a larger tin (like 500ct or 1000 count would be great)

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Can this enter in a walther ppq

asked Ahmed from Canada

Are these any good in the crosman vigilante?

asked Kenric from USA

I'm looking for the Crossman destroyer EX all I see is the regular destroyer do you handle the EX one in 177 caliber

asked Earl from USA

Will these pellets work in m17 pistol or a Walther cp99

asked Edward from USA

They should. We have not tried them.

Mark from USA

Would this work well in a hatsan model 95 .177 air rifle?

asked Tyler

Will the crosman destroyer .177 cal hunting pellet work in Gamo Socom Extreme 1650 air rifle with out any problems?.

asked CLIFFORD from USA

depends on what your rifle's favorite pellet is

Noah from USA

will this pellet work in a gamo socom extreme 1650 ?.

asked CLIFFORD from USA

yes they will

anthony from USA

would these pellets work for a hatsan mod 125

asked bill

As long as it is the hatsan 125 .177 cal then yes they would do fine.

Steve from USA

how many pounds of impact will this deliver if I shot these pellets with a 625 fps pellet gun? (someone anser fast please) Thanks!

asked johnny

6.85 FPE i.e. pounds of impact.

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