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Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct

Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-532 · 0.177 cal · 7.4 gr · 250 ct
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Crosman is leading the competition in affordable hunting pellets featuring great new technology. The new Crosman Destroyer pellet is a revolutionary new hunting pellet combining the best attributes of a pointed pellet with a hollow point resulting in complete expansion and energy transfer. At this price, why not give them a try and compare them to your favorite traditional hunting pellet?
Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight7.4 gr
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity250
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Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct
78 Reviews
74% (58)
18% (14)
4% (3)
1% (1)
3% (2)
45% Recommend this product (35 of 78 responses)
By Christopher
Conroe, TX
Shoots Great
November 19, 2011
These pellets can do some damage shot them thru my Remington Vantage 1200 and they performed Well.
The 2 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood with the target on them were damaged went thru the first sheet no problem.
I would recommend these to anybody...
ProsThey shot straight, and destroyed 1/2inch plywood.
ConsWish they came in a 500 instead of 250 Pack...
DESTROYER 7.4 gr. appropriately named!
June 18, 2018
I've been using the.177 Cal. 7.4 gr. Destroyer pellets in my GAMO Whisperer to control garden rodents, with Excellent results. One shot, one kill... It's a great product, but the rodents hate them! Ÿ‘Ÿ‘
ProsGood for everything.
ConsHaven't discovered anything negative so far.
Best UsesHunting, pest control, Target practice. Extremely accurate.
By roger M.
Los Angeles, California
100 yards
January 29, 2018
At 100 yards dead on
ProsWe have a little cross wind but learned to adjust to it making a perfect shoot every time
ConsWith making a perfect shoot every time it does get boring
By john
September 19, 2017
Very accurate pellet for the money
ConsNone yet
By don j.
muncie, indiana
June 30, 2017
always had good luck with these
By Edward
Millbrae, CA
excellent pellet
December 30, 2016
Very accurate. I'm finding this to becoming one of my favorite pellet to use. I use this in for sighting in new scope or dot as it is pretty accurate.
Buy it, try it,,you won't regret it.
Prosaccurate, cheap
Consnone so far
By Mac
Cary, NC
works great in my crosman pumpers/ disco
December 27, 2016
good for hunting, plinking and all around good pellet, havent shot it at paper so i dont know how well they group but for pests and tin cans they are very accurate in the above mentioned guns.
Prossmack down pellet accurate not pricey nor picky
Conswish they came in a larger tin (like 500ct or 1000 count would be great)
By Tom
Exelent Hunting Pellet 177Cal
May 11, 2016
These pellets work well in hunting applicaions. I have shot them into plastic containers filled with water. The pellet expands to about .21in. with the point now extended for penetration.They will hold a 1 inch shot group out to 35yds. I have used them in a Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston rifle, a Bam B-4c under lever rifle with spring piston, a Gamo Whisper spring piston rifle, a Crosman C0/2 rifle and a Umerex NXG pump rifle. I have had no problems with them in any of these rifles They hit like a 22Cal pellet with a noticeable thump. They are my primary hunting and target shooting pellet. They are fairley inexpensive to buy.
ProsCheap to buy--work well- fairly good accuracy out to 35-40yds--Go to hunting pellet
ConsI would like to see them in containers of 500.
By jonathan
Burbank, CA
Shoots Ok
March 20, 2016
Good power but low penetration!
ProsPower Accuracy
By Robb
West Valley, UT
The do destroy.
October 22, 2015
The hit hard. In my pump action pistol, there are my go to for pest control. I've taking lot of filed mice with these and a head shot will remove the head.
ProsHard hitting
By Adam
Decent but...
August 24, 2015
Very nice round. I tried these and a box of crossman point rounds for shooting frogs and tadpoles (in a very overstocked pond) and I found that the destroyers are better for animals with a good amount of fat because of the mushrooming but the point rounds have higher velocity and direct piercing power. Destroyers are very nice rounds but if your shooting something squishy go for pointed pellets.
ProsVery nice mushrooming.
ConsLow velocity due to drag.
By Marc
Super Destruction, but only fair group size
July 26, 2015
I'm going to compare several pellets and give them scores, RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER, ranging from 0-10. The pellet gun I'm using is the Benjamin Trail NP .177 caliber. Since my targets are chipmunks, I've only tested this at ranges from 10' out to 30'. I know that's not very far, but my kill zone is less than 1" diameter. Against a chipmunk, stopping power is kind of hard to judge, so I used a coffee can for that.

Beeman Silver Arrow. Score - 8. Surprisingly tight groups with no bullet drop out to 30'. Doesn't always penetrate the coffee can and the dent in the can isn't as large as I thought such a heavy pellet would give.
RWS Hypermax. Score - 10. There might be better pellets out there, but I haven't tested them yet. Stopping power is hard to gauge here too. Goes right through chipmunk and coffee can. Such a clean hole it almost seem armor piercing.
RWS Meisterkugeln. Score - 8. Just as tight group as Silver Arrow and Hypermax. Doesn't penetrate coffee can either, but I'm going to assume a blunt pellet hitting with such velocity at close range is going to be bad news for the poor chipmunk.
Crosman Destroyer. Score - 7. Not as tight a group as above, but pretty good and much better that others I've shot. Stopping power? Tumbles in flight so leaves a gaping, jagged hole in coffee can. It does this every time.
Crosman Supersonic SSP. Score - 5. Groups are too large to be useful at anything past 10'. Good penetration, but who cares if your not going to hit your target.
Crosman Powershot Gold. Score - 0. Bad groups, poor penetration. Usually doesn't expand to fill up pistols rifling. No penetration of coffee can. Remember this is only tested on 1 pellet gun. It might be better on others.
RSW Super H Hollowpoint. Score - 5. Fair groups, but pistol doesn't have the velocity to let this expand. Seldom, but sometimes would penetrate coffee can.
Gamo Raptor PBA. Score - 5. Kinda same groups as others with this score. Penetrates coffee can with no distortion like Crosman Supersonic SSP and RWS Hypermax.
ProsCrosman Destroyer. Very damaging impact. Seems to tumble either in flight, or at impact, but what a hole!
ConsAccuracy is only fair.
By john
indianapolis indiana
great pellet
July 7, 2015
very accurate, expands nicely, cheap
Consi didnt buy enough
By marc
Not for revolver
June 21, 2015
I'm shooting this with the Crosman Vigilante. Groups are fine, as all.pellets I've tried with this gun so far. The Vigilante is relatively low powered and this pellet has no stopping power at all. Hit a chipmunk at 10' and it took.2 more to finish the poor thing off. This was with a almost new co2 cartridge. Maybe it's fine with a rifle, but at 425fps, this is not a hunting pellet at all. Crosman should say that on the package.
ConsNo stopping power at all with low velocity pellet gun.
By Stephen
Backyard fun
March 12, 2015
I love to dove hunt in my backyard and if I were to chose any pellet for simple hunting it would be these destroyer pellets. I promise anyone who uses these pellets will always only need one shot the get their prize. Happy Hunting!
ProsClean kills
ConsSlightly less accurate then a dome head pellet
By Brian
Dallas, Tx
Crossman Pellets
January 6, 2015
Pellets what can I say, they work.
Prosworks like a pellet should
By hillbilly
wayne county wv
meat getters
September 15, 2014
perfect squirrel pellets, shoots like a hollow point 22.
Prosacuurate and a meat getter
By BullseyeBob
Great pellet for the price!
July 3, 2014
I was out of wad cutters so I loaded my Crosman .357 Revolver with some of these Destroyers and I am deleted. Small groups at 10 M. I also enjoy the fact that the Destroyers will blow a hole through the front and out the back of a tin can with the same gun!
ProsPrice, consistency & dependability. Been through a couple of tins and only found 1 imperfect pellet. 1 out of 500? I will take that any day.
ConsNothing really. They get your fingers dirty but after all they are lead pellets.
By Anthony
La Vernia, TX
Good Ammo
June 18, 2014
Shoots well in many weapons. I have used it in pistols and rifles. Shoots well. Good groupings and penetration.
By Lawrence
Adelanto, CA
Good pellet for hunting.
April 14, 2014
Shoots good in many different guns. Airborne targets beware!
ProsHitting power for money. Good for flying game.
ConsPoint little small. thick skin targets might need second shoot.
By lorin
fort walton beach, florida
Good pellet
January 28, 2014
This is a pretty nice pellet. nice weight.
By O'Leary
loveland colorado
my favorite .177 pellit.
January 4, 2014
lighter then a Crosman hollow point with all the knock down power. just as accurate as the hollow but, flys 30-40 yards further
Prosgreat pellet
Cons250 count tins is not big enough. I'd buy 1000 count if they sold them.
By Kevin
La Mirada, CA
Accurate & Deadly...
December 9, 2013
I just finished some ballistics tests of several brands of ammo. After Breaking in my barrel and then giving it a good cleaning I found some pellets grouped better than others. But I have to say the Accuracy I got with the Destroyer Pellets Was Amazing. From a bench rest at 25 yards to eliminate human error, I shot groups that literally measured 3/8 of an inch. Since I'm being totally honest here, I will say they didn't penetrate as deep as some pellets tested, but that's because they expanded well like they are designed to do, and that does more damage to the vitals. And if aimed directly dead center at the chest of a hunted animal,, you'll hit dead center. I doubt any animal hit like that with these will get up and say anything. Oh yes, after printing on paper to check accuracy I switched to a plastic water bottle filled with water figuring the body is close to 95% water and the tough plastic might resemble bone, muscle, and tendons. Wish I had Ballistic Jell. Below is a photo I took showing how well they expanded. These Pellets Are Just Deadly
ProsVery Accurate & Expand Well. See Photo Below
ConsWish they were a little heavier but they are still deadly...
By jeremiah
Columbus, OH
These truly are destroyers !!!
October 29, 2013
I find myself fortunate that these pellets outperform all others in my Gamo Silent Cat, even RWS Superdomes. In my testing these pellets do what they are supposed to do which is expand and hit hard. I have had them expand to nearly 2x the width. As for hunting they have taken down everything from raccoon to red wing blackbirds. These are also a very good for target shooting as they leave very visible round holes in the target . Great value all around.
ProsHit real hard and expand quite well !!
By tony
October 7, 2013
The destroyer ex pellets provide me with clean and instant kills with exceptions of some inaccurate shots that were my fault.
Prosgreat spread and penetration,light
Conscould be more dense
By Leslie
Canyon Country, CA
These are awesome
September 7, 2013
No better name since these pellets were designed to destroy.
ProsThey work as intended
ConsOnly 250 ct packs are sold
By Greg
Seattle, WA.
Best I tried...
July 29, 2013
These are the best pellet to use with my Gammo Whisper. Much more consistent groups and they hit hard.
By Dan M.
Atlanta, GA
Accurate and deadly
May 1, 2013
I'm shooting these pellets in my new Crosman Nitro Venom breakbarrel. Once the gun was broken in, I started getting 3/4" groups at 20 yards. On a paper target shooting into 3/4" marine plywood (which is tough stuff) the pellets penetrate a good half inch and the expansion leaves a hole more .22 size than .177.

The first squirrel crossed my sights this morning. He didn't live to tell about it. The body shot probably would've killed him, but once I could see, a bullseye headshot finished him. These pellets are the real deal!
ProsConsistent groups, impressive expansion. Deadly on small varmints.
By jeff
Champaign, IL
my gamo didnt like it.
March 25, 2013
This pellet had a tendency to tumble after 15 yards. I couldn't hit anything past 15 yards with these. Who knows, some rifles may like this pellet. However, the gamo big cat 1250 does not.
ProsIf you managed to hit something with these, it does massive damage.
Conshitting the broadside of a barn with these pellets was a challenge.
By Andrew
Centennial, CO
Awesome for Small-Game
March 24, 2013
I ordered these pellets, put 'em in my Gamo Rocket and went Squirrel hunting out in my creek. Within twenty minutes I had gotten me some dinner! The point in the middle of the pellet offers great penetration and the hollow-point feature added some awesome expansion. All squirrels were dropped dead in their tracks; point being, BUY THESE PELLETS!
ProsGreat Penetration Great Expansion Inexpensive No Defective Pellets
By Conor
Excellent expansion!
February 1, 2013
These pellets are supreme (but just under the Predator Polymags) for expansion! Great value!
By Kevin
San Jose, CA
Great pellet for .177 rifles or revolver
December 20, 2012
I used them on my Crosman 357. They have good speed and a lot better penetration power than the copper head .177 bbs. They are also made with good quality.
ProsGood quality product. Nearly no defects
By Daniel
Oklahoma City
Good Shooters
December 14, 2012
I have 7 different types of pellets from 3 different brands, and these shoot the tightest groupings. The best thing is, they're so economical you can afford to shoot the same round you hunt with at the practice range! Great design!
ProsConsistent Affordable Good damage
By Kellen
New York
November 9, 2012
I love these pellets. My Beeman Rs2 and powerline 880 love these pellets. They are very inexpensive pellets and easy to bulk up on.
ProsThe amount of damage done and amazing price.
ConsImpossible to open the container.
By Willie
Sonoma, CA
November 3, 2012
Consistent one shot stops on rats with this pellet. Head and mid-section shots are instant off for a rat. One of the first rats I shot after I received this ammo took a hit just behind the ears and the impact nearly severed the head from the body. No more chasing the wounded rat to step on his tail to deliver the fatal shot. They don't run anywhere after being his with one of these pellets.
ProsExplosive energy resulting in consistent one shot stops on rats.
ConsWould like to see 500 to the can rather than 250 but that is really nit picking.
By jacob
tampa bay, flordia
February 25, 2012
I killed 2 squirrels with them and my Crosman Storm XT. The first one i shot in the head at about 10 feet. when i recovered the squirrel it had a clean hole right through its head. the second one i shot was about 40-50 feet away and i shot it in the body somewhere and the squirrel was still alive. it was looking around like what the hell) and it wasn't going to go up or down the tree and anyway it gave me time to reload go over and finish him of. i told my cousin about this and he was shocked it killed it in one shot and he was telling me that he has shot squirrels with .22's before and hasnt killed them. so over all they are the best hunting pellets for 3 or 4 dollars.
Prosawesome pellets for hunting and for the cheap price
By Nick
Tyler texas
Crosman destroyer ex pellets
December 26, 2011
These pellets are great, used with my daisy powerline 901 i get 3/4 inch groups at 30 yards and they are devisating they literaly EXPLODE on impact!
ProsAccurate Great expansion Easy to load Consistant shape/form Only 2.88 at wal-mart
ConsOnly avalible in 250 pack
By chaney3332
September 9, 2011
I shot this pellet into ballistic gel. When I recovered the pellet it had the same characteristics of the predator polymag except the potin was still in thepellet. So it expanded and kept the point instead of losing the point the the predator polymag.. Great pellt. Destros on impact
By squirrel s.
Destroyer EX pellets
August 8, 2011
bought these pellets and found that they fit better in my Crosman Quest 1000x gun than my RWS superdome. the superdomes are super accurate but are a little to expensive. took these pelets out and shot some tamatoes and apples and just destroyed them! one shot completly blew appart the apples and tamatoes. these pellets have really earned the name destroyer!
By john w.
crosman destroyer pellets
June 23, 2011
They work great
By Hittin u.
June 7, 2011
these pellets have earned there name destroyer. shot two birds at about 25 feet, and killed them instantly. no suffering at all.
By squirrel o.
crosman destroyer pellets
June 2, 2011
these pellets are ok. i have killed uncountable birds and squirrels with these pellets. i shoot them out of my gamo big cat 1200 and they make a 3'' group at 20 yds. i would recommend the gamo masterpoint pellets in my gun
By Remington T.
crosman destroyer
June 2, 2011
these pellets work great on all kinds of birds from cowbirds to pigeons as long as you shoot them in the right spot. they will not kill a groundhog or muskrat right away they may run off and die but not a instantly fatal shot
By Mike
Crosman Destroyer Pellets
March 7, 2011
Excellent pellet. Accurate. Good expansion and stopping power. Very satisfied
long range shooting
March 6, 2011
i,m pleased with the proformance of the destroyer at ranges over 60 yards it quiet stable .shooting it in a gamo socom extream i get tight shot groups does just as much damage as the JBS predator polymag .hats off to crosman, and it,s made in U.S.A . hit a crow at 65 yards knocked him flat ! now it may standerd field round
By dylan
February 22, 2011
i just shot a bird from 20 yards with my remington airmaster 77 and it blew a HUGE hole in the birds chest
By brock
February 11, 2011
very very very very deadly and accurate
By John
Destroyer revisited
January 17, 2011
I revisited these pellets with a ballistics parafin target. My result when I recovered the pellet was that it went in around a inch and stopped. When I recovered the pellet I actually got 2 pieces. one was a pointed piece that went the farthest, the other was the rim of the pellet head where the point used to live. It was more like a frangeable pellet than a hollowpoint. No doubt if that would have been a squirrel it would have lived briefly with a serious wound, perhaps long enough to get away from you and suffer in pain until it eventually died. I would say these are about the most cruel pellet I have tested.
By Mark
Not for pigeons
November 8, 2010
Shot these from a NPSS Remington and the pigeon flew away. My old pump up rifle did more damage with a BB than this thing. I don't think it even penetrated. When sighting them in I hit the side of a building and scratched the paint (not even a dent). These things are worthless!
By just d.
destroyer ex
October 14, 2010
great pellet. it shot clean threw a thick metal can from 150 feet.and a raccoon at 50 feet. shot it from my crosman storm xt. plus its only 3.99.
if you are going hunting bring these
By big m.
September 13, 2010
these pellets are AWESOME, i mean i feel like Mr. Incredible with these, i mean this is just awesome i blew the brain out of a stupid bird just sitting there, from now on im wearing super hero clothes when i use these.... Its just awesome!!!!!!!!!!
destroyer magic pellets
July 23, 2010
I would highly recommend crosman destroyer pellets to any one who has or is getting the Ruger Airhawk 1000 air rifle or for many other air rifles just killed a sparrow at 30 yards and put a hole through it the size of a nickel they are one of the best for my uses getting very tight groups at 30 yards plan to do alot of squirrel hunting with them and i know they will do the job
By bird m.
destroyer pellets
June 30, 2010
I bought these pellets at wallmart, and they are great! I shot a V8 soup can at 60 yds, and it only dropped 1 1/2 inches. I shot 6 black birds in a row at 55 yds with my gamo big cat air rifle, for me these pellets are very accurate, and hard hitting. I also shot 2 crows at 100 yards open sight with my benjamin trail np xl. I also shot a ground hog, and a squirrel at 30 yards, and knocked them dead as a fence post!
By Pest H.
June 16, 2010
As an add-on to my original review, I have about 22 confirmed kills with these destroyers and destroyer ex. The deestroyer ex I think may be better because it has a stronger hollow point so it doesn't just leave a ring behind in the animal, hits harder, shoots more accurately (for some people) and has the majority of my 22 kills. All but one kill was instant and that one was completely my fault. I believe one of the reasons this and destroyer ex are so good is that they are made in the U.S.A.
By hunter
June 1, 2010
this pellet rocks. i shot a squirrel from 32 and knocked it dead. the squirrel had a 3/4 inch exit hole. saturday i'm going rabbit and hog hunting with these and my crosman storm xt which gets 1200 fps. i cant wait to go. in fact im going to take 2 packs of these and 2 packs of super sonic hollow point pellets. they are so awesome you should try should try them. good hunting
By bird h.
hunting with amazing pellets
May 14, 2010
when i bought my ruger air hawk 1000fps rifle i got rsw superpoints and destroyer pellets. i could get good accuracy with the superpoints but that accuracy would quickly go away after a few shots. when i put in the destroyers i got the best accuracy ive ever had! i havent had to sight it in since i started using these and ive already killed 30 birds and one squirrel. ive only seen 2 squirrels in my yard and i shot the first with the superpoint failing to kill it. but the destroyer killed it insantly. i hit it in the side and it exploded coming out the back. THERE THE BEST PELLETS EVER!!!!!!
By Brian
great for anything
May 3, 2010
these are a great all around pellet. the hollow point gives it the energy dissipating knockdown power characteristic of a hollow point
the fact that it also has a point lets it take down larger and tougher game because it keeps on penetrating
i have has the best accuracy ever with these. i can get holes that touch out to 20 yards out of my gamo big cat 1200.
i have used this to hunt rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks- they are devastating on each
they turn the vitals to pulp on the chipmunks and blow right through to the brain on the squirrels and rabbits due to the point
u have tested these out on potatoes to see what they do to flesh and once it enters the first inch- inch and a half are pulp with a trail going on through.
these are a very deadly and effective pellet for a gun shooting over about 600 fps. happy hunting
By Pest H.
April 24, 2010
This is my daisy model 880 powerlines favorite pellet. I suggest anyone who wants to hunt small game and pests with a low or high powered air rifle buy these. So far I have ten kills with these in one tin. I was so excited. When I used them I was even more excited! with pointed pellets even when i get a good hit with my 880 grackles and cowbirds fly of. Never with the destroyers one day I killed 3 blackbirds, and a grackle. with the grackle the shot was 30 yards when I hit it I heard the thwack but the grackle took off. he glided 15 yards across my yard and died. A grackle is a big bird too. I killed a cowbird and killed 4 others that same day. The only other pellet i use that compares to this is the gamo rocket. I am buying more today if they are instock that is!
By That g.
April 13, 2010
These pellets are extremelly acurate and I would rather shoot these that any pointed pellet. Plus the destroyer is a total DESTROYER!!!!
By nate d.
April 13, 2010
what i meant by my previous review is that over penetrating pellets can cause rodents to run off, these blow squirrels out of trees, leaving a gaping 3/4 inch exit wound
By nate d.
April 3, 2010
As I have read in other reviews, these do well in several peoples gamo big cat 1200s, and thats no different in mine! Giving a 1 in group at 32 yds, cant complain.

I can see why these are great for hunting, deliver shock on impact, as opposed to a pointed pellet, have high knockdown power due to the mushrooming of the pellets, dont penetrate through large rodents, causing the animal to run off and die. these also mushroom very well. and these pellets are very accurate, (well 4 me anyways =D )

over all, these are the perfect pellet for close range (40 yds or less).

I can see these soon becoming very popular, or even becoming the, Crosman Premier Destroyer
By Rob
Quite powerful
April 1, 2010
I've had great success with these pellets in my Ruger Air Hawk Elite and my very old RWS Diana target pistol. They are accurate in both but I only use them against birds with the rifle. The pistol is 20 years old (made in West Germany) and can't really kill anything. I inspected the wound of one blackbird I shot through the chest. I found it had gone straight through, turned organs into bloody pulp, and left about a 1/4 to 3/8 exit wound out the back. Also the pellets penetrate a soaked phone book from 1-2 inches depending on if the pellet only mushrooms slightly or if it completely destroys itself. One interesting thing I noticed inspecting the pellets from the phone book was that the outer rim gets pushed back and the pellet looks like a very wide pointed pellet,
By joe r.
1 shot deal
February 26, 2010
these pellets are awesome! im dropping birds left and right with these killers. im shooting them out of my crosman 3576w co2 pistol that gets 450 fps. If you cant deal with having to shoot the bird over and over because it just wont die, these pellets are the answer, they kill virtually anything in its path. these pelets are well worth your mone no matter what kind of pellet gun you have! Happy Hunting!
By Pat
Great hunting pellet!
December 28, 2009
I got a sparrow from about 20 yards with my gamo delta. only shoots 525fps..... but the bird looked like it exploded inside. the accuracy isnt too bad about an inch and a half spread at 20 yards. I like these pellets but they should make them in 500 packs. I like the design of the pellet they're very clean bus some of them fit lose in the barrel. Over all I think these pellets are worth a try.
By hunter( ).
good pellets
October 30, 2009
thes pellets expand like hell and dropped a squirrel dead in its tracks. poor accuracy beyond 40yds but you can get close to small game easily. btw shot it out of a gamo big cat 1200 witch is a great gun
By sebastian
July 5, 2009
these pellets or the best i've used so far,i shot a dove at 35 with these pellets there are so accurate with beeman air rifles for some reason
By Joe B.
April 19, 2009
I had just gotten these pellets a Few days and decided to try them out on a peskey squirrel I saw in my was maybe 25 yards away sitting on my fence I took one good shot with my daisy powerline 880 and the thing ran along the fence for about 5 feet and droped dead.These pellets are destroyers they kill anything unlucky anough to get in between your crosshairs.I Recomened these to anyone who is a true hunter.
By Crossman A.
Destroyer..The name is perfect
January 31, 2009
These pellets can easily take down a rabbit with the right gun (400fps and up), if you get in range. With squirrels and birds, these pellets make short work of them..first day I got these pellets I shot a bird and left literally no head on the bird (It was a lucky shot but still..)
-Can take down birds, squirrels, prairie dogs, rabbits,etc.
-Expansion is great
-Hollow point
-Good accuracy
-Good weight (about 0.51grams) Perfect...
-After 50 yards they loose their trajectory
-need to come out with a larger pack (only 250)
By Lewis
December 23, 2008
I ordered these and some other pellets for hunting, i liked these the best. I shot 3 different pellets at grey squirrels to see the difference, the pointed pellets do fly faster, and a little more accurate, but many times they have gone right through and let the squirrel escape, the silver eagle pellets made my velocity higher, but the design did not allow for a good spread, they did not impact deep, and sometimes went in a little then bounced out, but these pellets spread like heck,
By shadow
worth a try
June 11, 2008
hits very hard and they open up a big wound in larger pest and blow through smaller ones like birds they could be more accurate! hard 2 zero them in but they are fun 2 shot so i say worth a try.
By Eric
Pretty good pellet...
May 29, 2008
Pellet is pretty good when it hits it's mark, that is...when it does.

At longer ranges I find this pellet to be wildly inaccurate, but at much closer ranges It causes the most blood loss I have ever seen in a target. Great knock down ability and won't just zip through a target and let it run off to die elsewhere like some other hunting pellets.

Only downside like I said before is its inaccuracy. And it is best used in an extremely powerful air rifle. I would suggest at least 1000FPS. Lower power rifles just cause the pellet to bounce off the target leaving it hurt. I wouldn't put these in an air pistol, that's for sure.

Overall pretty decent if your at a close range with a higher powered rifle.
By chipmunkiller
May 21, 2008
These are the perfest pellets for my gamo big cat 1200. I got the tightest grouping I have gotten so far. I can hit those baby-carrots consistently at about 45 feet. I have not yet seen what they do to game, but I'm looking forward to it. I set them an inch apart in front of a brick and i would shoot at one and they all would toppel. This is a very good sign of the expansion capabilities of this pellet. It is very well priced for its quality.
By squirrely
May 21, 2008
this pellet has great expansion and penetrating capabilities. It send shrapnel everywhere when it hits a hard surface.
By JB F.
Great bird slayers
May 14, 2008
These rock! They hit hard and are deadly out of a RWS 34.
By Alan
.177 Stopping Power
April 13, 2008
I recently shot a few of these little hollow points through my Phantom 1000X. I found them to be accurate and they expand just like they are supposed to. When compared to the Crossman Pointed .177 Pellets, they penetrated a 3-1/2" thick Granger catalog about 1/3 as far as the pointed pellet did. I haven't shot any vermin yet so, can't attest to their ability to kill, but they sure look like they will do the trick on squirrels and such.
Read More Read More
By johnny from N.Y. on December 19, 2011
how many pounds of impact will this deliver if I shot these pellets with a 625 fps pellet gun? (someone anser fast please)

By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 1, 2012

6.85 FPE i.e. pounds of impact.

By bill from canada on February 16, 2012
would these pellets work for a hatsan mod 125
By Staff on February 23, 2012

As long as it is the hatsan 125 .177 cal then yes they would do fine.

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